Top 10 Best Paying Jobs For Fresh Graduates in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Paying Jobs For Fresh Graduates in The World 2017. As the saying goes, education is the key to success. The success in topic is not necessarily personal. The education you gain is also for the welfare and improvement of the community and economy as a whole. The more learned you are the better your chances of securing a job. Securing a job also depends on the course that you will have chosen. Some careers have ready markets for jobs for example in medicine. The medical practitioners are few and as a result are the crème of the society. Most people though choose career paths based on the cash that they will earn. The factor for how readily the job they are looking for is also put in thought. As a result here is a list of some of the top 10 best paying jobs 2017.

List of Top 10 Best Paying Jobs For Fresh Graduates in The World 2017

1: Information Technology and software development.


In the current world that we are living in, the world is moving to a more digital state and as a result most or all of the things that are being developed, are all software based. This is making work easier, cheaper and more efficient since it reduces the human error aspect. As such, the people with this know how are well paid by others to install and make software’s that best suit the work or the environment that they work in. As a result the pay that they ask for is high and as a result have very good pays.

2: Engineering

Engineering Top Most Paying Jobs For Fresh Graduate 2017

Similar to the IT environment, these two work hand in hand since the software developed by the IT people needs a hardware so that it can be able to perform. As such most of the engineers have both the know-how for software as well as Hardware. Using this knowledge, they are able to come up with complex machines for different reasons. On the other hand, Civil engineers have to make either buildings or general infrastructure to match the current world. Doing this is also tedious and time consuming and as a result you have to give a good pay for the services.

3: Legal

Legal Top Most Popular Paying Jobs For Fresh Graduate 2018

They are in other words known as the Lawyers. They work to make sure that they protect the rights of their clients as well as to ensure that they do not go to jail or serve terms. They also sign in on most of the documents from those of property to even the most personal like school admission forms. Thus they are needed all round in one’s life. As a result, in order for you to get the best legal personnel, you have to dig in deeper to acquire their services. In most instances the cash you offer is their salary.

4: Actuary

Actuary Top 10 Best Paying Jobs For Fresh Graduate 2017

In this field the work that is done is through numbers. Here there are a number of statistics or numerical figures that are collected. These are then analysed and used to establish whether an event will happen or even what the consequences of a certain event are going to be. This is mostly employed in the insurance or the financial industry. Since it has a lot of reading and investment in books less people undertake the course and due to the shortage of personnel, they enjoy the cash involved.

5: Finance and accounting

Finance and accounting Top Popular Paying Jobs For Fresh Graduate 2018

The major aspect of working according to many people S for gaining profits. These profits are in most times measured using cash as the main aspect. Thus there is need for people who handle the financial aspect of a business. This career has different paths that one can follow including banking and many others. This also have good pays since just a small error can cause a very big problem in a very big institution. This is one of Top 10 Best Paying Jobs For Fresh Graduates in The World 2017.

6: Medical practitioners.

Medical practitioners Top 10 Best Paying Jobs For Fresh Graduate

This is one of the top careers that is taught in the universities. This has a ready market as one just leaves campus and there is normally an opening awaiting them. But the paying part, is tricky since in this industry the experience that you have is what makes you better at what you do. And as a result your pay increases as you stay longer in the market rather than if you are fresh off school like many other careers.

7: Property management.


For many people after going to work, there is need to look for a place to rest. This should be where you store all your property and it should be privately owned. This causes need for people who sell, rent out and even show the tenants this houses so that they can be able to choose houses that please them. They also have to make sure that the houses are in the best conditions at all times so that they may be able to attract bigger crowds.

8: Research and development.


As we are moving on in this world, new inventions occur in all the life aspects. Thus there is need to come up with new measures that match the current changes that are happening. The people to come up with the changes are mostly the researchers. They make sure that harmful things are curable and that there are better services and products in the market that make sure that life is easier or even safer to us. The more you stay in the field, the higher experience you gain and also a good pay.

9: Marketing and sales.


Most of the inventions that are created, have to be introduced into the market so that they can be sold for a profit. This makes it possible to have a marketing and sales department in any organisation. These people make sure that they advertise and also bargain the prices with the client’s that they have at hand. As a result as long as you can be able to sweet talk people to closing deals, you may choose this path since it also have a very good pay attached to it.

10: Production

Production Top Famous Paying Jobs For Fresh Graduate 2019


This is the conversion of raw materials to finished goods. This industry for people who have recently graduated is prominent depending on which product you are making. Thus it is also really good to venture to this industry.

These are the Top 10 Best Paying Jobs For Fresh Graduates in The World 2017. The amount of cash that you receive is also dependent on the grade that you attained in the whole course. Thus it is good to work hard to be able to gain better results.