Top 10 Best Jobs for Degree Holders in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Jobs for Degree Holders in The World 2017. Being fresh out of college can be exciting but at the same time challenging as one is presented with a whole lot of job opportunities. One may at times get confused on what to go for and which job not to go for. Depending on the amount of pay and the nature of work done, people’s preference may vary. While some are looking for high paying jobs, others may be looking for those that they feel comfortable in and that actually make them happy. Some tend to find those they have always desired to be in since they were kids. To help you with such a dilemma, this article reviews the top 10 best jobs for degree holders in 2017 with all the above different factors put in to consideration.

List of Top 10 Best Jobs for Degree Holders in The World 2017

11. Management consultant

Management consultant Top Most Popular Jobs for Degree Holders 2019

With a few years of working experience and just a college level degree, one could bag the post of a management consultant. The business world comes with huge loads of cash. Once a graduate establishes himself in the business world, he could possibly walk towards landing this mighty job.

10. Radiation therapists


Cancer has become a global threat hence the need for medical practitioners to try and handle the situation. Radiation therapists work together with cancer therapists to try and treat cancer and related ailments in patients. The annual average pay for such a therapists with only a degree is around US$74,000.

9. Public relations manager


The superior management roles in this profession come with hefty salaries and a lot of added bonuses. A graduate public relations manager can climb the professional ladder and finally be able to earn up to US$80,000 each year.

8. Chief Executives

Chief Executives Top Most Jobs for Degree Holders 2018

With just a bachelor’s degree, it is actually possible for one to be a company’s CEO although the chances of this happening are minimal. One could however take his chances and go for the position. Most CEO posts require a minimum of 5 years of working experience.

7. Computer programming

Computer programming Popular Jobs for Degree Holders 2019

They tend to fit in in almost any industry with current trends in technology. Programmers have come to be well paid individuals with them being assured of their job security. A gradate computer programmer could even compete with the big boys in the industry if his skills are good enough even in terms of the salary.

6. Nurse


With a college degree, it may be difficult to spring to higher medical related professions and that is why being a nurse is the best option. The profession is quite lucrative though as statistics show that nurses are among the top best paid employees in the world 2017.

5. Architects

Architects Top Best Jobs for Degree Holders 2017

The role of an architect is mainly to plan and coordinate all architectural related activities. You will therefore hardly miss at least one or two architects in any job that requires construction planning. Getting an architectural job for a graduate architect should therefore be a walk in the park. The pay too is worth the try.

4. Computer and information systems managers

Computer and information systems managers Top Famous Jobs for Degree Holders 2018

ICT is unarguably a constantly developing field and new technical experts are needed each and every time as the professions dynamic. If one is aggressive enough, it shouldn’t be difficult to land this job. The main function of these managers is to implement technology details in an organization and help come up with goals concerning the ICT department. You will therefore find at least a manager in any department. A graduate manager could possibly earn over US$80,000 annually. This is one of Top 10 Best Jobs for Degree Holders in The World 2017.

3. Construction Managers

Construction Managers Top Most Fopular Jobs for Degree Holders 2019

Construction business is obviously thriving as it is at the heart of industrialization and infrastructure development. There are numerous construction management jobs almost anywhere as every country is striving to develop its infrastructure. A graduate construction manager ready for the job market will definitely be overwhelmed with the number of job opportunities waiting for him. The pay too is good with them being able to bag a total of US$83,600 each year.

2. Engineering

Engineering Top 10 Best Jobs for Degree Holders

This profession has managed to consistently be among the top as other professions come and go. The most lucrative of this job is arguably petroleum engineering with recent advancements in the field making is a huge thriving business. Graduate engineers get to pocket much money with the highest paid going home with close to US$100,000 each year. As one climbs the ladder, the salary definitely tends to increase at a high rate. By the time on is a chief or professional engineer, money may seem not to be a problem for them.

1. Accounting

Accounting Top 10 Best Jobs for Degree Holders 20017

A common philosophy with related to this profession is “To get money, one has to work with it”. For this reason and many others, accountants are considered to be among the richest employed people in the world. Apart from the managers and the top dogs in big companies, accountants too manage to go home with fat pockets at the end of the month. This doesn’t only apply to professional and experienced and accountants. Even graduate accountants get the opportunity to dine with the mighty.

These are the Top 10 Best Jobs for Degree Holders in The World 2017. Depending on your line of study and the bachelor degree you hold, you could possibly land a job in one of the above professions. A few would possibly be able to land two or more and get spoilt for choice. The above professions have over the years been known to be among the best and while other have lost their classy touch, most of them have strongly held their ground. We can therefore comfortably conclude that they are stable and one should surely feel comfortable in any one of them.