Top 10 Best and Most Interesting Languages in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best and Most Interesting Languages in The World in 2017. Without languages, communication would be an impossible thing. Even sign language at some point has to rely on some elements of the written language in order to pass a message. What is interesting about languages is the manner in which it gets so incepted into the daily lives of those who speak it till it becomes more of an art, and a very creative art for that matter. Along with the many accents and dialects that are associated with each language lies a very beautiful form of expression, with which every country or continent gets to identify themselves with. While there are so many languages in the world, there are those which are more superior to others and whose use on a global scope is quite massive. Below are ten of the most preferred and interesting languages in the world 2017, ranked according to their usage:

List of Top 10 Best and Most Interesting Languages in The World 2017

10. Mandarin


Mandarin is a particularly interesting language, and one which earns those who speak it a lot of admiration. While its origin can be traced back to the United States of America, it is also spoken in other parts of the world, by those who have paid some interest in learning it. Chinese use Mandarin as their native language and more than 900 million people speak using this language. The quite is however particularly difficult to learn, hence requires one to invest more time learning it, but the end result will pay off anyway. The native Chinese speakers should find it easy to learn Mandarin. The non-natives have a hard time getting fluent with this language.

9. Japanese


Being the national language in Japan, the Japanese language is one of the most interesting languages there has been in the world. Based on the fact that Japan is one of the most developed countries in the world, the use of Japanese makes one be fit to tour the super power and get on with their living without struggles. Quite a good number of non-native Japanese citizens have taken interest in learning the language and are already fluent in using it to communicate.

8. Hindi


The Hindi language is very musical in nature. Speaking the language could almost be compared to making some sweet melodies. It is however difficult to learn the written version of it. Being the major language spoken in India, anyone planning to visit the Middle East country should plan on taking lessons on the language just to ensure that they can communicate with the Indians. Due to its popularity, the use of Hindi has spread root to many other countries in the world and continues to grow by the day.

7. Russian


The Russian language is characterized by mysterious sounds and very flexible word orders. It may appear difficult on the first thought or impulse, and yes it may prove difficult to learn, but you will have rewarded yourself in a million ways just by getting to learn the language. Russia is a superpower in the world, thus learning a language associated with a superpower is something one would definitely pride themselves in.

6. Italian


The Italian language is the sensual language. With the erotic and sensual bit of the language coupling up to form something very artistic and which can be used in the expression of deep feelings, Italian is just the language to learn if you are to get him or her to love you. The accent associated with this language that has its origin in Italy is very cool and most people in the world are already parting with some cash just to learn the language in length.

5. Portuguese


Brazilians are possibly the biggest users of the Portuguese language. There is also the Portuguese version from Portugal which is perceived as better and more poetic. The Brazilian version of the language is majorly associated with fun. It also termed as a language of openness and freeness. With quite a number of sporting activities being held in Brazil, it is quite crucial to learn the language if one if to enjoy their stay there during any of those events. This is one of the world’s best and Most Interesting Languages 2017.

4. Spanish


You would possibly not think about the word passion without Spanish coming to your mind. The Spanish language is very precise in nature and basically has no extreme vocabulary or word order. These two facts make it easy to understand and learn, and eventually to communicate with other people who already use the language. It is popular in Spain, but it has also spread to quite a number of nations in the world.

3. German


German can be perceived as one of the most widely languages used in the Europe continent. Being native to the Germans, it stands as the local and business language in Germany. The people living in the country therefore rely on the German language for communication and will rarely learn an additional language for use in communication. It is therefore crucial for anyone travelling to Germany to make it a point for themselves to learn German, for their assured survival as far as communication is concerned.

2. French


French is artistic in every form. It’s the perfect beauty when it comes to the use of languages. It has taken quite a number of descriptions to match up its superiority amongst the other languages. From the language of love to the language of elegance and the language of culture, French is basically a must learn language for everyone in a position to learn another language. French is actually the second most language after English, and is therefore unique in its own ways.

1. English


English is the Lingua Franca in the world. Without a good understanding and fluency in the language you will find yourself not able to communicate with many people around the globe. Many learn the English language as a second language due to its demand. It is the language used the world’s largest and most powerful continent, the United States of America, and in Great Britain, which is also a global economic power. English is not very difficult to learn, and is a rather cool language to learn. You will easily create your identity amongst many people by speaking in English.

So, these are the Top 10 Best and Most Interesting Languages in The World 2017. Learning to communicate is vital, and learning a language is elementary. Learning one or a number of languages is something that you will find very rewarding if you take the right steps towards achieving that goal. Language is power.

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