Top 10 Best Freelance Job Sites in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Freelance Job Sites in The World 2017. With freelancing, you can now make money online anywhere you are. All you need is a computer, working internet connection and excellent writing skills. This business has become so popular today. Many people have decided to concentrate on freelance writing due to limited job opportunities. There are many freelance job sites today. Some are good, giving freelancers opportunity to earn good money for their writing services. Others pay low. We are going to present you with top 10 best freelance job sites 2017 so that you can choose the best.Take a look.

List of Top 10 Best Freelance Job Sites in The World 2017

10. LogoBunny

LogoBunny Top 10 Best Freelance Job Sites

This wonderful freelance site provides an excellent platform for designers to create logos for clients from different parts of the world. However, requirements for becoming a logo designer on this site are very strict. Many applications are often rejected. LogoBanny only works with the best freelancers in the world. This has enabled it to establish a good reputation as one of the best freelance job sites in the world 2017. Highy quality logos are delivered within the specified timeframe.

9. Logoworks


This is an online logo design agency.It works with logo designers from different parts of the world. They choose the best designers. They employ the use of intelligent technology to come up with excellent logos. Designers ensure that they meet set deadlines to prevent delays.

8. VoiceBunny


This site is ideal for projects that require good voice. It uses sophisticated alogorithms to connect clients to the best voice over artists or actors. Voice over artists are accepted if they pass the voice test. They pay nothing. Once connected with clients, they do the voicing and get paid for their services.

7. Article Bunny

Article Bunny Top 10 Best Freelance Job Sites 2017

Article Bunny is an excellent choice because it offers freelance writers with an opportunity to choose their own rates and work on a variety of projects. Such projects include academic writing, blog posts, SEO content, marketing content and many more. For you to join Article Bunny, you must sit for English proficiency test. If you pass, you will be asked to produce an article presented to you. Your article will be evaluated and if you qualify, you will be given chance. This site is still new and you can join in early and build a successful writing career before competition becomes stiff.

6. Voice123


This is a platform where clients post projects that require voice over. Artists audition for different roles. Clients choose the best voice that matches with his project. The site offers two types of membership. One is free membership. Another one is premium membership where you pay $365 per year. There are several advantages of working as a voice over artists on Voice123 site.

5. Scripted


This remarkable site works with professional writers from all over the world. It deals with different projects such as blog posts, travel guides, social posts and many more. Only select few writers work with this excellent writing site. They choose professionals who can deliver high quality content. Rates are high and this encourages writers to produce good work. You can grow your portfolio besides making a considerable amount of income by working here.

4. iFreelance

iFreelance Top Famous Freelance Job Sites 2019

They charge low membership rates. This makes them affordable. The most impressive thing about iFreelance is that they do not charge commission from writer’s earnings. Projects are posted in different categories to enable you choose your favorite. Payment is quite impressive.

3. Contently

Contently Top Popular Freelance Job Sites 2017

If you are a great content creator, this is the right site for you.They work with the best writers to deliver high quality content for organizations. They offer competitive pay. Writers who work here are happy people. For you to work with Contently, you must be highly skilled, flexible and able to adapt to changes. If you want to grow your freelance writing career, this is the best site for you. This is one of the Top 10 Best Freelance Job Sites in The World 2017.

2. Freelancer

Freelancer Top Most Best Freelance Job Sites 2018

It is one of the biggest freelance job sites in the world 2017. It has over 20 million members. Clients post jobs on the site and writers apply. Those who are chosen do the writing. It has different membership plans such as free,intro,basic, standard, plus and premium. Members with lower membership use few bids per month. Therefore you are advised to choose higher membership plans.

1. Guru

Guru Top Most Popular Freelance Job Sites 2018

It is one of the oldest freelance site in the world. They deal in many topics such as IT, marketing, legal, writing, engineering, translation and more. Competition is very high. The quicker you apply for a gig, the better.



The site works on different projects ranging from writing, acting , singing and more. Some gigs are as low as $5. This has made it to receive a lot of criticism from many people. They believe that people with excellent skills should not be doing gigs at such low costs. However,it is a good platform if you want to make extra money.


This multibillion site deals in almost all categories of work. It was formerly referred to as O’Desk. Jobs are posted every second. It has many writers and the competition is very stiff. Freelancers with good portfolios are more likely to be chosen by clients when compared with those that are still struggling to build their portfolios.

Payment depends on your level of expertise and willingness of the client.Writers apply for jobs posted depending on the categories they are good at. The client will look at different application letters together with samples if attached. This helps to pick the right candidate for the job. Some clients may want to interview writers first while others will hire straight away. Payment is usually done on the platform. The site offers many options for withdrawal. For example Skrill, Paypal and more.

To wind up, if you have been wondering which is the best freelance job sites 2017, you now have the answer. Choose the site that matches your needs and become a paid writer today.You are advised to invest the money you get so that you do not become bankrupt in future.