Top 10 Best Companies to Work for in USA

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Companies to Work for in USA 2017. There are so many different companies out there, how do you know which are the best to work for and which are the worst? The best companies offer their employees opportunities to move up through the ranks. They offer competitive wages, outstanding leadership, room to grow, and an excellent benefits package. The best companies to work for in USA in 2017 are companies that go above and beyond the normal benefits packages. They put their employees and customers first. Below, read which companies made the top 10 for 2017.

List of Top 10 Best Companies to Work for in USA 2017

10. Zillow

zillow, Top 10 Best Companies to Work for in USA 2017

Zillow is a Seattle based real estate online marketplace. They offer an excellent company culture and environment and employ great people. Their offices offer amazing views, and Zillow offers free foods and snacks in the office for employees. Working for Zillow, you will have meetings in the treadmill room, host Ping-Pong tournaments, and have fun dressing up for Halloween. Zillow offices have fun events and parties in the office and support a fun, productive work environment for their employees.

9. Nestle Purina Pet Care


Nestle Purina Pet Care is one of the leading pet care companies in the country. Based out of St. Louis, they focus on helping their employees create the ideal work-life balance. They support open communication and a welcoming company culture. This company also offers the rare and unique opportunity to bring your dog to work with you – everyday! They offer a child development center, a business-casual dress code so you can feel comfortable at work, fitness centers to promote health, a company store, a medical center, a dog park, Nescafe coffee bar, cafeteria, mother’s lounge, and much more. On top of all those perks are a comprehensive health care package, 401K match, paid time off, bonuses, and more employee benefits.

8. Google

google, Top 10 Best Companies to Work for in USA 2018

Google offers a unique and different approach to employment. Google has created a fun work environment with the most amazing benefits and rewards. To help create a stress-free and healthy work environment, they offer in office massages and gyms. They celebrate and support diversity in the workplace. They have offices all over the country without that stuffy, gray cubicle, suffocating feel that many offices have. Instead, their offices have a welcoming and inviting, open feel to them. Food, discounts and other perks are offered when you work at Google. They also support family and offer a generous parental leave, onsite healthcare services, on site enrichment classes, and paid time off.

7. Boston Consulting Group


Boston Consulting Group is a management consulting firm based out of Boston. This employer offers a diverse environment and strong value system. Boston Consulting Group has offices scattered all other the United States and around the world. They recruit the top, most accomplished and open-minded college students and employees. When you work for Boston Consulting Group, you are working with a diverse, intellectual team that works together and strives to be the best.

6. LinkedIn

linkedin, Top 10 Best Companies to Work for in USA 2019

Based out of California, LinkedIn is one of the best companies to work for in the United States. This popular company helps people connect and network with others around the world. With office around the globe, LinkedIn offers an impressive benefits, rewards, and employment packages. They offer a multinational culture that supports a work-life balance for their employees. Employees of LinkedIn enjoy a special, unique tradition. They are granted once a month Indays to invest in themselves and the company through a series of connecting, creating, and collaborating events to build culture and value. This is one of the Top 10 Best Companies to Work for in USA 2017.

5. Facebook

facebook, Top 10 Best Companies to Work for in USA 2020

Facebook is the largest social media website that is still growing strong. This modern employer is based out of California and extends some unbelievable benefits to their employees. They have a very generous parental leave and meals prepared by professional chefs. When you work for Facebook, you are working with a collective team that collaborates and works together while embracing your differences in thinking and culture.

4. Hubspot


Hubspot is a leading software company that’s based out of Boston. This innovative company strives to help their employees grow and increase their knowledge databases with master classes, a free books program, management training, and tuition reimbursement. The sky is the limit when you work for Hubspot. They offer a rich and diverse culture, flexibility, vacation time, dinners, and much more.

3. Guidewire

guidewire, Top 10 Best Companies to Work for in USA

Guidewire is a California based software publishing company. They offer a diverse work environment, excellent compensation, and a wealth of opportunities to grow and further our career. With office around the world, Guidewire values their employees, encourages their input, and encourage their employees to succeed.

2. Bain & Company


Bain & Company employees work for a cutting edge, leading company with high impact clients. Employees receive a competitive pay rate and have the opportunity to reach their full, untethered potential. Working at Bain & Company, you will be immersed in a diverse and supportive culture, be rewarded for your hard work, and work with others that are just as intelligent, determined, and focused as you.

1. Airbnb


Based out of San Francisco, Airbnb is a new company that helps travelers find affordable rooms that meet their travelling needs. Workers at Airbnb have only positive things to say about working for this unique and ingenious company. The benefits that are included when working for Airbnb include an impressive parental leave, homemade meals and snacks, paid time off, happy hours, paid time for volunteers, a “world-class” healthcare plan, and much more. Airbnb is the number one company to work for in USA in 2017.

The workplace has changed immensely over the last few decades. Now, there is no need to dread going to work each day. Instead, embrace each new day and look forward to the new adventure you will find. . We spend at least forty hours a week at work, most of us even more. If we are happy at work, we are happy at home and can lead a well balanced and healthy life. Each of the above companies are pioneers that offer rewarding benefits. After all, they are the top 10 best companies to work for In USA in 2017.