Top 10 Best Canadian Medical Institutions

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Canadian Medical Institutions 2017. Doctors have become the most needed professionals in the today’s world, as their services are being sought all over. There are has been a recent increase in job openings for highly experienced and qualified doctors in Canada and other countries as well. The growing population and the desire for people to live longer are major indications that this field is expected to grow. If you are planning to develop a medical career in the Canadian medical schools, below is the top 10 best Canadian medical institutions 2017. This article will provide you with the necessary information and the requirements to build this career.

List of Top 10 Best Canadian Medical Institutions 2017

10. University of Ottawa


The Medical school of the University of Ottawa is found to the East of Ottawa, at a campus centered on Roger-Guindon and attached to the general hospital of the campus. The Ottawa’s downtown university campus and the health science complex are built separately.

The University of Ottawa offers an undergraduate MD program that run for a period of four years. The school accepts bout one hundred and sixty students per year with one hundred and sixteen of them in the English stream and the rest in the French stream. Students are allowed to attend any course of their choosing and all courses offered in both French and English. Exams are also done in either language. This undergraduate course has been undergoing major changes, with 2008-2009 being the first year under the new curriculum. Main changes included having one cumulative exam per semester and restricting classes to run from 8am to noon.

One hundred and fifty students are enrolled to this undergraduate MD program annually with joining instructions offered in both French and English. The school has a medical society for the undergraduate that publishes The Pelican Bulletin for the students. This society is called the Aesculapian Society.

9. Western University


The Western University has medical school known as the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry, found in Ontario. The school forms one of the seventeen Canadian medical schools and is among the six medical schools found in Ontario. The medical school and dentistry school were founded in the years 1881 and 1997 respectively in the University of Western Ontario. The schools later merged in 2005 and were given the current name. This school is centered in London. In the year 2008 a new medical campus for undergraduates was established. This campus is found at Windsor University.

8. University of Calgary

University of Calgary Top 10 Best Canadian Medical Institutions

The University of Calgary’s faculty of Medicine was established in the year 1967. This school is among the 2 medical schools of Alberta and one of the seventeen medical schools in found in Canada. The school is regarded a leading medical research facility and has made several achievements in medical science ever since it was established.

The school is linked to various hospitals found in Alberta, including the Calgary Health Region.
Applications made by individual international students are not accepted in this faculty. These seats are limited to only international students from countries institutions that have signed contracts with the Medical faculty.

7. McMaster University

McMaster University Top Most Popular Canadian Medical Institutions 2018

McMaster University has its medicals school known as the Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine. This school is situated in the Hamilton region of Ontario in Canada. The school’s operation is under the McMaster Faculty of Health Sciences. It is considered Canada’s third Top 10 Best Canadian Medical Institutions 2017. This and the medical school of Calgary University re the only medical programs in Canada that run the accelerated 3-year program, replacing the traditional MD program that runs for four years, summer breaks included.

This school held its first classes in the year 1969 after it was established in 1966. The school has used an educational model called the McMaster Model, replacing the traditional lecture-exam model. This model was later renamed Problem Based Learning, which involved the use of case-based methods of learning. This model has made a large impact on medical education globally and has redefined the way learners are taught medicine.

6. Dalhousie University

Dalhousie University Top 10 Best Canadian Medical Institutions 2017

The Dalhousie University has its faculty of medicine called the Dalhousie Medical School. This medical school of Canada is found at Dalhousie University of Halifax, Nova Scotia region of Canada.

This faculty of medicine is considered to be among the oldest Canadian medical schools, after Queen’s, McGill and Laval. This faculty was founded in the year 1868 and has been operating since then.

Sir Charles Tupper Medical Building, a 15-storey high building has been the main teaching place for the school. This building located in the Carleton Campus was opened in the year 1965. The building also serves additional duties such as housing the health sciences, Faculty of Medicine’s administrative offices, lecture theaters, most of the faculty’s basic science laboratories, teaching facilities used in classrooms and the Library for Kellogg Health Sciences as well. The building has a corridor, called the Tupper Link that connects to the clinical research Centre. The CRC acts as the faculty offices and location of staff.

5. University of Alberta

University of Alberta Most Biggest Canadian Medical Institutions 2019

The Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry for the University of Alberta is situated in Edmond of the Alberta region in Canada. This faculty founded in the year 1913 is considered one of the Western Canada’s oldest. This is a research intensive and highly respected faculty. It is regarded one of the best and well-funded medical research facilities across Canada. In the year 2008, the faculty made $189 million from research.

4. Queen’s University

Queen’s University Top Biggest Canadian Medical Institutions 2018

The Queen’s University has a faculty of health sciences known as the Queen’s School of Medicine, responsible for undergraduate and graduate learning and for research in medicine. The school annually admits a total of one hundred students into the medicine program for the first year. Methods used to select the students include autobiographical sketch, their GPA, performance in MCAT and through interview. This is one of Top 10 Best Canadian Medical Institutions 2017.

3. University of British Columbia

University of British Columbia Top Most Famous Canadian Medical Institutions 2019

The Faculty of Medicine in the University of Columbia forms a part of the seventeen medical schools in Canada and is British Columbia’s only medical school. The school enrolls two hundred and eighty eight new medical students annually and is regarded the largest medical school in Canada. The school holds the 2nd largest position in North America.

The UBC’s medical school based in Vancouver was founded in the year 1950. The University has further established 3 new undergraduate campuses.

2. University of Toronto


The university has a medical school known as the faculty of Medicine. The school was established in the year 1843 and considered among the oldest institutions of medical studies in Canada. The faculty is located in the Discovery District of Toronto, together with the faculty’s research institutes and teaching hospitals.

As per the 2010 university ranking done worldwide, the university of Toronto takes the 7th place in the Medicine, pharmacology, Dentistry and Health Sciences Category. Stem cells and Insulin were also discovered in this medical school.

1. McGill University

McGill University Top Largest Canadian Medical Institutions 2017

The Faculty of Medicine of the McGill University was founded in the year 1823 by the name Montreal Medical Institution, making it McGill College’s first faculty, in 1829. The medicals school is known to be Canada’s first medical faculty.

McGill’s first degree and the 1st medical degree of Canada was awarded by the faculty in the year 1833, to William Leslie Logie.

So, these are the Top 10 Best Canadian Medical Institutions 2017. Medicine is a good field considering the high pay. If you have the passion to work in this field then don’t hesitate, go for it! But first, you will need this article to help you get the best university for your career.

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