Top 10 Fastest Formula 1 Cars in the World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Fastest Formula 1 Cars in the World 2017. A formula one car is one that has been designed with a single seat in the driving section that gives the driver a perfect way of controlling the car fully. But are you aware that it has been a long journey in the making of these cars? When these cars go into a championship, there are rules and principles that govern their race but be warned that the cars always move with speed and will never leave anything for granted when the driver want to be the winner. Here is also one thing that you have never known, the cars are only made by the racing teams themselves but the design and manufacture of the cars can be outsourced from other places.

List of Top 10 Fastest Formula 1 Cars in the World 2017

10. Force India VJM06

Force India VJM06 Top Super Fastest Formula 1 Cars 2017

This is a car that was designed to be a star in the racing industry. The first time that it took to the stage to run off was in the year 2016 after designed by the Force Indian team and then drove by Paul di Resta and Adrian Sutil. It is a complete redesign of the previous models that were design for racing. It has been made with a carbon fiber that has been encrypted with zylon panels that will never give hard time to use or drive. This is a 7-speed car that only weighs up to 642kg only.

9. Toro Rosso STR8


What makes us talk about this car is that it has a unique make and if it finds a driver that is worth to go into a race, then it is a car that is going to take you places and wins. Only weighs 642 kgs and uses a 7-speed that has a hydraulic semi-automatic paddle shift that makes it an easier but faster car to drive out there. It has also the best suspension system in the market as it has an upper and lower carbon wishbones and also torsion bar springs that will always make sure that the car is stable and on the move when it is needed.

8. McLaren MP4-28

McLaren MP4-28 Top Most Fastest Formula 1 Cars 2019

The car that we are offering you here is one that has done a lot in ensuring that any driver that uses it gets the best out of it at all times. The team that was involved in driving always faced challenges and the one that is best recorded by them is the one that was in Canada where the competition was tough and finished in 10th and 11th positions. The car has an incredible sped and that is why in is test drives, it always emerged that if the car found or fell in the right hands, then you are ready to get a speed that most people have failed to achieve due to fear.

7. Williams FW35


After the make of this car, it had to go for further revision as it was later discovered that there was a problem in its exhaust system. The revised car that was introduced into the market had better features and always shown progressive record in the tracks. The transmission that the car has been given is one that uses a seven speed system that also has a semi-automatic shift and also uses reverse gears. It also uses a better fuel system that ensures that fuel usage is not going to be tampered with as you drive along the tracks.

6. Marussia MR02

Marussia MR02 Top Famous Fastest Formula 1 Cars 2018

Look here, we are introducing the first car in the world that uses the kinetic energy recovery system after they were reinforced in the year 2011. It also uses a unique exhaust system that is a partial Coanda effect, a concept that was developed over the 2012 season. The system uses a curved body work so that it is able to direct the flow of all the gases from the exhaust chamber over the rear diffuser.

5. Mercedes F1 W04

Mercedes F1 W04 Top Most Popular Fastest Formula 1 Cars 2019

W04 race car was designed and constructed by Mercedes team. It was designed to be used in 2013 season. After Michael Schumacher’s retirement, Lewis Hamilton joined the team. Nico Rosberg is reported to remain in this team for up to fourth season. Ross Brawn assisted the Mercedes team in the extensive arrays of changes. The group encountered hard start to its season. Their car is known for its notoriously harsh when it comes to tyres. This formula has managed to achieve second front row in several races. There was a time when this group managed to fist first in Hungary and never experience in trouble.

4. Sauber C32


C32 has different narrow sidepods that were inspired by Sergio Perez who is a former driver and the company investigated it whether it can be possible from them to incorporate narrow sidepod into next season design. Stepped nose concept which was used in 2012 was abandoned and the team decided to model the nose to give their race car smooth profile. In the first race for this car, they managed to qualify in 11th position but it was hard to take the start because of the leak in fuel system.

3. Lotus E21

Lotus E21 Top Popular Fastest Formula 1 Cars 2018

The company that constructed this race experience perpetual troubles with passive drag reduction system but that is the end of hopes, the E21managed to be launched with passive DRS unit of itself. The visible step which is found in design of the nose makes this car receive criticism and in 2013, the team was allowed to use modesty panel to cover the nose for the sake of aesthetic purpose. E21 was still launched to be used in 2013 season without that modesty panel and the group says that it doesn’t offer any aerodynamic benefit. This is one of the most fastest formula 1 cars 2017.

2. Ferrari F138

Ferrari F138 Top 10 Fastest Formula 1 Cars 2017

This race car proof to be better than F2012 during the winter testing and it features better race pace. In Bahrain, this device got more improvement and in Spain, it proof to be highly competitive. Scuderia Ferrari built and designs this car and his teammate Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa drove it in 2013 Formula 1 season. It features sturdy construction and its name F138 is known to be the car’s chassis name and it represents 2013 which was the year the race car was constructed to be raced. It is determined to won and remains in industry.

1. Red Bull RB9

Red Bull RB9 Top Most Famous Fastest Formula 1 Cars

It was designed by Red Bull racing and it is a racing group which is known to be in the reigning champion. In 1013 Formula 1 season, Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber who are team mates drove this vehicle throughout the race during which it was four-time world champion. The chassis features carbon fibre composite monocoque. The front and rear suspension has aluminum alloy uprights and carbon composite double wishbone coupled with spring and anti-roll bar. It has seven-speed semi-automatic hydraulic paddle shift gear box which includes reverse.

So, these are the world’s Top 10 Fastest Formula 1 Cars 2017. When it comes to being fast in the track, the speed is going to be very important but the machine that you are going to use for driving is also going to matter a lot. The Formula one cars that you have seen above are rated as the best when it comes to racing. As driver, you are required to really be confident in your career as they will take you to limits that you have never been. All the companies that have been involved in making them say that they believe that they are super products that need to be in every competition.

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