Top 10 Most Popular Ford Cars of All Time

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Popular Ford Cars of All Time till 2017. Driving anywhere in style is something that everyone yearns for. This makes the urgency for everyone to try as much as possible to acquire that new stylish car that they have always had the urge to get. The different car companies have also tried as much as possible to always be on the forefront when it comes to production depending on the current market. Ford is one among the many car companies. It is located in the current day United States of America. Its headquarters is in the state of Dearborn in Michigan. This company was debuted in the year 1903 and since has been on the lime light trying to produce up to date cars. The cars they produce have always been really good in the market and successful. Here is a list of the top 10 most popular ford cars.

List of Top 10 Most Popular Ford Cars of All Time till 2017

10: Fourth Generation Lincoln Continental

Fourth Generation Lincoln Continental Top Most Famous Ford Cars of All Time 2019

This cars were produced from the year 1961 to the year 1969. The cars were designed and styled by the assistant president in the department of design from the company called Ford. This model was very peculiar to all the rest as it was the smallest of all the other continentals. The car also was the first to have rear hinged doors that made it easier for the passengers to alight since they didn’t hit their legs on the doors. The cars sold in 1961 were all sold with a two year deal for warranty.

9: Ford Taunus

Ford Taunus Top Most Popular Ford Cars of All Time 2018

The years for production that were associated with this model was from the year 1967 to the year 1971. This was the third generation for the Ford Taunus. The best thing about the car is that it was made in Germany. The cars came with a v4 engine. All the cars had different fuel tanks that were ranging from 1.5 to 1.7 litres tanks. The different fuel tanks meant that the two models had different power generation capabilities, the 1.5 litre one generated 60hp and attained a top speed of 140 km/h while the 1.7 litres attained a total of 65hp and a top speed of 145 km/h.

8: Shelby GT350


This car was built between the years 1962 to the year 1972. The car was at first built by a company that is called Shelby but was later taken over by the company Ford. This was the car that was lightest as well as the smallest that was built by Ford. The nickname that was given to this car was the Cobra. Initially the car was built for the sole purpose of racing and not for luxury. All the later models were then modified to be luxurious in a sense.

7: Ford V-8

Ford V-8 Top Famous Ford Cars of All Time 2018

This car was produced in the year 1932. The cars were the first cars that possessed V8 engines and were cheapest. The designer for the model was the owner’s son who was called Edsel Ford. This model stayed in the market for just a year. On the same year there was another model that gave the V8 some competition making it not that prosperous in the market. This was the Model B that was a little bit cheaper than the V8.

6: Escort


The model discussed above was first debuted in the world in the year 1968. It has since been in the production and has seen bigger and greater improvements. The car was first made by the Ford Company that is based in Europe in the year indicated above. The North American company took over the production in the year 1981 and has also been producing and advancing the car. This car acme as a replacement for the successful Anglia. The main features that differentiated this car was that it was generally rear wheel drive.

5: F-100


The designer to this car that was first debuted in the year 1953 was none other but Ford. The car had an engine that could dissipate a power that was about 101hp. The car was too heavy as it was a truck in nature. The first model measured a total of half ton. The shape of the exterior of the car was changed in the year 1955 from the initial shape that was generally angled windshield such that the new style was slopped windshields. This is one of the Top 10 Most Popular Ford Cars of All Time till 2017.

4: Ford Custom

Ford Custom Top 10 Most Popular Ford Cars of All Time 2017

This was a car that was developed in the year 1949. This was immediately after the Second World War and as a result was the remains of the unfinished works that they had done before the outbreak of the world war. The most notable things about the model are that the engine was taken to the front so that there was room created for the passenger’s compartment. There were two models created that had a difference of 10hp in the power that they dissipated.

3: Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang Top 10 Most Popular Ford Cars of All Time

The model that we are going to keep in mind is the 1965 model. This was the first model in the Ford mustang family. Depending on the model that you chose, there were different cars that had different consumption capabilities and as a result the power that they produced varied proportionally. The smaller the consumption the lower the power produced and vice versa.

2: GT40


This is a model for Ford that was built from the year 1964 to recently. The car was specifically built for racing and was a speed car. The designers never meant it to be a luxurious model at any point. The car was built in the United States and also in the modern day Europe. The different models built all have had different years where they have held the top speeds since there are different advancements that are done to them after manufacture.

1: Model T


This is among the first cars produced by Ford after it was debuted. The years that there was production for this model was between 1909 to the year 1927. The car was generally and fairly affordable to the middle class citizens. The power dissipated by the engine was 20hp and could get the car to a top speed of about 40 to 45 km/h. initially the car was a two seater but later the space was improved.

These are the Top 10 Most Popular Ford Cars of All Time till 2017. In the current market, Ford is also making new models of cars but mostly the current production is just an advancement for most of the older models. The cars are generally classy and cheap. The assembling points have also increased.