Top 10 Most Affordable Electric Cars in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 best selling and Most Affordable Electric Cars in The World 2016-2017. With every New Year car manufacturers are manufacturing more and more electric vehicles. And with this increase the prices of these electric vehicles are going down each New Year. Hence the cars are now more affordable. In 2016-2017 new cars have been released and their prices are very friendly to lovers of cars who are updating their car every New Year.

As we approach the end of 2016 we have decided to list to you the most affordable electric cars that will come out handy for your Christmas vacation and New Year celebrations. Below is a list of the top ten most affordable electric cars in the world 2016-2017.

List of Top 10 best selling and Most Affordable Electric Cars in The World 2016-2017

10. Tesla Model 3


The Tesla 3 is a yet to be released electric car that has already been bought even before its official release. It features a small saloon car that will be able to go for 213 miles before going for the next recharge; it also has an autopilot capability but not in full features. It has been estimated to cost only 30,000 Euros. Though many people have bought the car in advance its official date of release is not yet known.

9. Volkswagen e-Golf


This new electric vehicle from a famous manufacturer Volkswagen is one affordable car that should be bought on the next list of cars to buy in 2016. It is very similar to the engine run car of the same model with featuring the same drive capacity and performance. It only goes for 27,150 Euros. It will grant the driver 118 miles of driving before it shows the battery low status.

8. Chevrolet Volt

Chevrolet Volt Most Affordable Electric Cars in The World 2017

Chevrolet has not been left behind in producing electric cars to be on the road in 2016. This is not the ideal electric car for long distant travelers as it can only make to 53 miles on a full charge. Its predecessor had a sitting capacity of 4 persons but this 2017 version has extra sit capacity for one more person, hence if you acquired it last year and a new member has come into your family you should go for the 2017 model of this awesome electric car. It only goes for about 20,000 Euros.

7. Kia Soul

Kia Soul Top Most Popular Affordable Electric Cars in The World 2018

This electric vehicle from Kia by the name Soul is actually the ideal car for Souls that are aware of the importance of keeping our environment free from environmental pollution through gas emissions by diesel and petrol vehicles. It has a very beautiful design on the rear and on the front which will actually be catchy to the eyes of the lovers’ of beauty. It can go up to 130 miles when it is fully charged before going for recharge. Its highest reached speed is 90mph which is also good for safe riding.

6. Mitsubishi-MI

Mitsubishi-MI Top Most Famous Affordable Electric Cars in The World 2019

The Japanese car manufacturers have not been left behind in bringing to the world electric cars. This electric Mitsubishi model has a jellybean style offers the rider with at least 62 miles of drive time which is quite okay driving that short without having an effect on the ozone layer. It is one of the cheapest electric car that goes for only 23,845 US was released in 2016 and will work well for low users who do not need a car to go for long distances.

5. Toyota Prius Plug-In


Toyota have not also been left behind with their electric car being in top 5 of the most affordable electric cars. It has a unique nature where it has a gasoline tank that enable you to go another more mile when the battery runs down hence the name Plug-In. Yah the car is not fully electric but quite affordable for many lovers of electric cars. Although it provides you with an additional mileage, it will only last for 11 miles on the gasoline tank. It only goes for 30,815 Us Dollars. This is one of the Top 10 best selling and Most Affordable Electric Cars in The World 2016-2017.

4. Ford Focus

Ford Focus Top Popular Affordable Electric Cars in The World 2018

This model from Ford is probably one of the cheapest electric car in the car market right now. It has the following features: has standard alloy wheels, a dual automatic climate control, heated seats and the Ford Touch offers the rider a mileage of 76 miles before getting the next recharge. It has a very good room space in the interior that will provide space to carry your shopping on the next shopping trip to the mall next to your home. It only goes for 29,995 Us Dollars.

3. Nissan Leaf

Nissan Leaf Top 10 Most Affordable Electric Cars in The World

It seems that all cars manufacturers are working on producing more electric and affordable cars hence Nissan have not wanted to be seen as backward. The Nissan leaf is a duo car that works on electric charge and also works with some gasoline. It has been on the car market for the past five years and it has not lost the interest it developed in people when it first came to the road.

It offers a mileage of 84 miles which is more distance compared to the cars on the list above it. It only goes for 29,860 Us Dollars which is more affordable.

2. Chevrolet Spark

Chevrolet Spark Top 10 Most Affordable Electric Cars in The World 2017

Another of the Chevrolet model in this list is the Spark electric car model with an excellent pricing. It is a very affordable car although the manufacturers limited it sale to only California and Oregon, but with more sales being made it will extend to other states. It offers a mileage of 82 miles range after it has been recharged for approximately 7 hours.

It has some awesome features like air conditioner, a push button starter and a 7 inch touchscreen with information from Chevrolet’s infotainment system. It only goes for 27,495 Us Dollars.

1. Smart Electric Drive


At number one is the cheapest electric smart car in the market. It has a small price of 25,825 Us Dollar that is just the same as the size of this car. This car is very tiny and can only accommodate at least two passengers, it also has a small space to even accommodate batteries but it will provide the driver a comfortable 68 miles range.

It also provides air conditioning, cruise control and no need for keyless function hence no need for a car to make the car start.

These are the Top 10 Most Affordable Electric Cars in The World 2016-2017. All these electric vehicle are very affordable and this evidenced by the high number of people purchasing and even pre-order the cars even before they have been released to the car markets showing that people are becoming aware of conserving the remaining part of the ozone layer that protect us from the harsh sun.