Top 10 Transparent Animals in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Transparent Animals in The World 2017. Some animals are unique and some are just disgusting but these ten transparent animals will make you wonder if your eyes are playing tricks on you. The fact that they are transparent amazes some people. With them being transparent you sometimes don’t even realize you are near one. If you look closely at one of these animals you can see there insides because they only have transparent skin. Some live in the water and some live in the forest but either way they look pretty amazing to some people and some may say its gross.These transparent animals range from jellyfish to frogs to butterflies.

List of Top 10 Transparent Animals in The World 2017

10.)Glass Frog-

Glass Frog Top Transparent Animals 2017

This amazing frog has a semi-transparent skin, allowing you to see inside its tiny body. Glass frogs live in and among the trees and plants in the mountain forests in Central and South America. The Glass Frog is active at night so that they can hide easier from there predators. When it comes to breeding season they live along rivers and streams where they can lay there eggs on leaves that hang over the water. The weather where they live is becoming more dry so it is making it harder for them to survive.

9.)Transparent Barreleye Fish-


The Barrel eye fish lives in the North Pacific and lives at least 600 to 800 meters under water. This fish has large flat fins which allow them to remain motionless in the water. The pigments in the eyes help block out the sunlight from the sea surface in order for them to see other fish and there prey. The Barrel Eyed fish was known since 1939 but was not found alive till 2004.

8.)Glass winged Butterfly-

Glass winged Butterfly Top Most Transparent Animals 2017

These beautiful glass winged butterflies are found in Central America. The name glass winged came from the fact that there wings are almost completely transparent. Unlike other butterflies these glass winged butterflies use there wings to hide from there predators rather than use colors from there wings. Even though the wings are transparent and look very thin don’t let that fool you, they can travel up to 12 miles in a day and are very strong. The males put out pheromones during mating season so that predators will stay away.

7.)Glass Squid-

Glass Squid Top Best Transparent Animals 2017

There are over 60 different glass squid and all have a unique different look. They are found in the depths of the ocean where the sun light helps them become camouflage. Some have a bio-luminescent light organ on the underside of their eyes. Most squids have a swollen body and short arms.

6.)Transparent Zebra Fish-


The female zebra fish will swim in swarms to the bottom of the ocean floor and lay clutches of hundreds of eggs that are then fertilized by there partners. Within days of the female laying these eggs the fish will be ready to hunt and find their own prey. Scientist have been known to be using these zebra fish for research because of their transparent bodies. The fact that they can be viewed on the inside helps scientist see how certain diseases move through the body and may help with finding cures for certain things.

5.)Transparent Ice fish-

Transparent Ice fish Top Famous Transparent Animals

The ice fish also known as the “white crocodile fish” has large eyes, a long toothed snout, and diaphanous fins. It is scaleless and pale, when cut open the blood is transparent as well. The gills of this fish are soft and white, almost like vanilla yogurt. They are known to be the only vertebrates that lack red blood cells or hemoglobin. Having no red blood cells they had to adapt to there surroundings but they have more energy than most fish.

4.)Transparent Amphipod-

Transparent Amphipod Top Popular Transparent Animals 2018

This tiny and transparent amphipod has two large eyes that looks like a space helmet on their heads. It has 32 retinas, 16 on each helping them see a lot better than other fish in the ocean. They live off the cost of California at the depths of 150 to 500 meters. While it swims its eyes are pointed upward to search for prey.

3.)Transparent Larval Shrimp-

Transparent Larval Shrimp Top Most Famous Transparent Animals 2019

Larval Shrimp go through lots of stages before they become full grown. First the female will lay the eggs, once she releases the eggs the sperm that is attached to her will fertilize them. It only takes 14 to 18 hours for an egg to hatch. Then they go through a stage called nauplii which only takes about 1 to 1 and 1/2 days. They then go through other stages before they are full grown which include, Zoea, Mysis, Post-Larvae. After these stages and about 9 to 14 months later they are fully grown and ready to breed again.

2.)Transparent Salp-


Salp go through waters pumping the water through their bodies.They are more related to humans than jellyfish because of the backbones they have. Some people think because they look like jellyfish that they are related but they are not. There are over 70 species of different salp and they range from 1 to 20 centimeters in length. This is the one of the world’s most amazing Transparent Animals 2017.

1.) Transparent Jellyfish-

Transparent Jellyfish Top Most Popular Transparent Animals 2018

Jellyfish can be as big as a human and as small as a pinhead. You can eat some types of jellyfish. Jellyfish have been on this earth way before the dinosaurs so that makes them older than anything that lives. They have no brains but some have eyes. Jellyfish are only made up of water and protein and a group of them together are called a smack.

So, these are the world’s most amazing Top 10 Transparent Animals 2017. All of these animals are very cool. Some seem dangerous and others you just want to pick up and hold because of how cute they are. If you really think about it most of these animals are transparent because it helps them hide from other animals that could harm them or even kill them. Some seem to be helpful to us humans and some just want to be left alone. If you ever see an animal like this do not touch it without doing your research because you could get hurt or you could hurt them.