Top 10 Most Terrifying Creatures in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Terrifying Creatures in The World in 2017. What terrifies you? Creepy-crawling creatures of the night squirming and wiggling their way across your unconscious body? Bizarre and unseen spineless yet toothy denizens of the deep swirling beneath the waves as you just float there as vulnerable as a baby in the path of a bronco bull? The earth may be ruled by man, but man is only at the mercy of the creatures that outnumber him by virtue of their patience. When that patience may run dry is anybody’s guess, but when that day arrives you will want to be far away from this list of the top 10 most terrifying creatures in the world.

List of Top 10 Most Terrifying Creatures in The World 2017

10. Brazilian Wandering Spider


This world’s most venomous spider would be even more terrifying if there weren’t a very effective antivenom treatment available. The result of this availability means that the spider that is capable of being a killing machine actually winds up killing very few people. Nevertheless, with a leg span capable of reaching half a foot in length and a big body to match, the sheer size of the Brazilian Wandering Spider easily qualifies it as one of the most terrifying creatures on the planet.

9. Pufferfish


The pufferfish—also known as the blowfish—would be terrifying enough by virtue of its ability to inflate itself to several times its uninflated size. When you add in the fact that this food is one of the most expensive delicacies in the world in restaurants with chiefs who have completed the rigorous training program it takes to prepare it—and that if that preparation is not done correctly it can be fatal—the ability of the pufferfish to terrify increases exponentially.

8. Goliath Tigerfish


This “river monster” is a predator that has on occasion revealed a taste for human pretty. Add to its reputation as an aggressive hunter the fact that its very sharp teeth protrude out from its mouth and you are talking an animal not merely capable of inspiring terror, but one that is pure nightmare fuel.

7. Coconut Crab

Coconut Crab Top Terrifying Creatures in The World 2017

The Coconut Crab is the largest crab in the world. And by large what is really meant is immense. The fact is that anyone stumbling across a three-foot long crab weighing close to ten pounds is forgiven for screaming like spoiled rich kid who just found out his dad lost the family fortune betting against the Globetrotters. Terrifying is not really an appropriate word for the fear that this creature can inspire with their looks, but the good news is that they are relatively harmless. Well, as harmless as anything crab ten pound crab can be.

6. Komodo Dragon


The world’s largest lizard is today the Komodo Dragon. In comparison to dragons of yore and legend, they are rather less than foreboding, but since those dragons were mythical creatures, the Komodo Dragon is even more terrifying. Komodo Dragons are scaly and not exactly the prettiest animals on earth, but the true depth of their terrifying aspect is the sheer volume of verified attacks on humans that almost never end without some very bloody violence going down.

5. Electric Eels


Any animal capable of producing 860 volts of electricity is more than enough to cause terror. When that animal lives in the water—the worst possible place to come into contact with an electrical charge—things get even more horrifying. The cherry on top of this sundae of dread is the appearance of electric eel with its long, snakelike body growing in excess of six feet.

4. King Cobra

King Cobra Top Most Famous Terrifying Creatures in The World 2019

There are bigger snakes in the world. There are more venomous snakes in the world. And there are more geographically abundant snakes in the world. Let’s be honest, however: no snake can quite inspire the kind of terror that the King Cobra rising out of a basket to the sound to the sounds played by snake charmer can stimulate when that cobra suddenly flips up the most sinister hoodie on the planet.

3. Badger

Badger Top 10 Most Terrifying Creatures in The World 2017

Badgers are terrifying precisely because they look so adorable. When a badger is not engaging in a predatory kill or responding with a defensive pose against a threat, badgers can be one of the cutest animals around. This deceptive quality essentially makes them the Jekyll and Hyde of the animal kingdom. Because just when thought these little guys somehow got a reputation they don’t deserve, they can instantly transform. Suddenly, what seemed like a cuter oversized skunk takes on the appearance of a frothing maniac. Terrifying? You don’t want to be around to find out.

2. Hyenas

Hyenas Top Popular Terrifying Creatures in The World 2018

Lots of animals appear to smile, whether it is really a smile or not. Very few animals laugh; even fewer have a laugh that sounds like it should be coming from the Joker in a Batman movie. Hyenas are weird looking and weird-sounding and compound this failure of aesthetics by being especially clever, especially when it comes to stalking and killing their prey. If ever there was a mammal that just might exist on earth not due to evolution, but to being left behind an alien society that wanted to get rid of them, it would be they hyena.

1. Giant Squid

Giant Squid Top Most Popular Terrifying Creatures in The World 2018

Nothing is more terrifying than the unknown. Except what the unknown reveals itself in a terrifying way. The Giant Squid remains one of the most mysterious animals on the planet. The only evidence of its existence comes secondhand or post-mortem. While the sight of a dead giant squid is enough to lend you nightmares, the truly horrifying evidence are the stories of what it just might be capable of doing. Taking down whales for one. Then there is one of the few firsthand accounts of what was most likely a rare human encounter: as the survivors of the sinking of the British ship Brittania clang to life inside their lifeboat, a giant tentacle reached up and swirled around the body of a man, pulling him into the ocean where he was never seen again.

No matter how terrifying to humans the creatures of earth may be, one must accept that they have managed to last as long as they have because natural selection saw fit to keep them around. The problem with animals is that we can never really know for sure just what part they play in the survival of our species. Killing off creatures that terrify through the danger they pose may only seem like logical reasoning, in other words.