Top 10 Smartest Animal Breeds In The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Smartest Animal Breeds In The World 2017. We, as humans, do top the list when it comes to being the most intelligent of all beings on the planet. We don’t just have the ability to learn. We also can think abstractedly, reason, have the ability to solve problems, and are self aware of ourselves. We’re also conscious of the feelings, thoughts, and presence others. We are undoubtedly the highest form of intelligent life. However, when it comes to animals, which ones are the smartest intelligence-wise? What are the 97. top 10 smartest animals breeds in world 2017? Please read on to learn more. You will be very happy that you did. Each of these animal breeds are special for their own reasons and not just for their intelligence alone. Simple as that.

List of Top 10 Smartest Animal Breeds In The World 2017

1. Chimpanzee –

Chimpanzee Top 10 Smartest Animal Breeds In The World 2017

Chimpanzees are very humanlike in a number of ways that is truly amazing. They are creatures that are clearly blessed with lots of gifts and one of them is their intellect. Their intellectual abilities are truly impressive and are something that have proved to fascinate us humans for a very long time. Chimps can make, as well as, know how to use tools. They can also hunt collectively and do know how to do advanced problem solving for themselves. They can learn how to do sign language to communicate with humans and also express a broad range of emotions from caring to mourning that is in association with human behavior. One of the most amazing of all abilities that chimps do have is their use of symbols to represent objects and being able to combine these symbols in sequence to convey complex ideas.

2. Dolphin –

Dolphin Top Most Smartest Animal Breeds In The World 2017

Dolphins are without a doubt, some of the most smartest of all animals on the planet, and that is why they are stars attractions at aquariums. It is because they can perform a wide range of tricks and carry out human commands with no problem at all. Dolphins are animals that are very social in nature and they do openly love to enjoy having fun for themselves. They can be seen traveling schools in the ocean and performing all sorts of wonders from surfing, racing, leaping, spinning, and whistling. Dolphins display acute intelligence that is truly amazing and they have a sophisticated type of language that is distinctly their own as well. Dolphins can learn a lot of behavioral commands from humans with an ease and grace like no other animal can do.

3. Orangutan –

Orangutan Top Popular Smartest Animal Breeds In The World 2018

Great apes are without a doubt, considered to be, the most smartest of all creatures right after humans. It is as simple as that. Why is that? The answer is this. These great apes do have a great intellectual capacity and it is a fact that cannot be denied by anyone. Some of the most gifted in the brains department among the great apes group is no other than the orangutan. The orangutan don’t only have a very strong culture. They also have a system of communication that is very unique and they know how to use tools out in the wild. Orangutans do live in scattered communities and appear to have a very strong social bond. It is this social bond that allowed them to form their own cognitive skills that are advanced and mother orangutans stay with their babies for years to teach them how to survive in the wild.

4. The Elephant –

The Elephant Top Famous Smartest Animal Breeds In The World 2019

Elephants not only have the biggest brain in size when it comes to land animals. The cortex of an elephant’s brain is also, said to have, almost as many neurons as does the human brain. Elephants are also like humans when it comes to learning their environment and their ability to learn about behavior is something that is quite formidable in description. Elephants also do have self awareness that is truly remarkable and they can even recognize themselves in a mirror. They are also known to clean their food and do respond quite well to human commands whenever they are in captivity. They are also known for being caring, compassionate, helpful, and empathetic creatures both to their own kind and other species. The size of an elephant’s ears and memory certainly don’t equal the size of its intellect overall.

5. The Crow –

The Crow Top Most Popular Smartest Animal Breeds In The World 2018

A lot of people may not know this, but crows are legendary for being smart, and for having certain smarts. What are these smarts that do make them highly intelligent creatures? They are as follows. Crows are said to be highly intelligent birds and they may even be far more intelligent than some primates are. This is what some scientists do tend to believe, and it is based on their special smarts, which do include the ability to know that they seem to know not to cross the street until the traffic light has changed. Crows that live in urban areas, and gather nuts from trees, do seem to know if they place them in the street that passing cars will go by and crack the shells open on the nuts for them. They even go so far as to, wait for the street light to change, before they dare go venturing back out in the stree to get their nutty snack. They seem to possess tool-related cognitive abilities that belong to non-human primates. Crows also communicate to each other in special dialects that are population specific. They also play games with each other and tricks as well.

6. The Pig –


Pigs are often thought of as being greedy and dirty creatures. In reality though, they are quite more, and the quite more has plenty to do with their special smarts. What are some of these special smarts? They are no other than the pig’s ability to adapt itself very easily to a wide range of different ecological conditions successfully. Secondly, they are extremely flexible as animals, and are trainable as are dogs and cats. Pigs are also quite clever creatures in their own unique ways and this indicates a high level of intelligence in them.

7. The Squirrel –


Squirrels are also another creature that many do think of as being pests and rodents. However, they are far more, and this far more does apply to their very cunning intellect. They are woodland creatures who have learned to adapt very well. They not only live alongside of man quite good. But they can do a ton of other things that does amaze and some of these things are as follows. Not only do they naturally possess a fine arsenal of every day tricks and strategies that help them to survive, but they also, have managed to adapt to life outside of the woods and do know how to store and cache their food for leaner times. The fact that they can pretend to hide their food to throw off potential thieves of it does attest to their advanced level of cunning and intellect.

8. The Pigeon –


Most people tend to think about pigeons as being pests. They are a whole lot more than that though. They are actually creatures who are very smart in their own unique why? How are they smart? They aren’t only the subject of many scientific experiments by scientists. There is a true wealth of knowledge in existence about their intellectual abilities that would shock many. For instance, pigeons are able to recognize images, and they have the ability to do this even after many years have passed by in time. They can even identify themselves when looking into a mirror and be taught to carry out a specific sequence of movements.

9. The Octopus –

The Octopus Top 10 Smartest Animal Breeds In The World

The octopus is a sea creature that is still most widely misunderstood. However, despite this fact, they do have a lot of truly amazing abilities which scientists are constantly learning about each day. Some of these new and impressive octopus abilities do include playing, solving problems, being able to navigate through mazes, and possessing a remarkable short-term memory. They also have the ability to use strength and skill to screw a lid free from a jar. This is one of the world’s smartest animal breeds 2017.

10. The Rat –


One would never think of rats as being intelligent creatures. But the truth is this, they are very smart, according to scientists that have conducted studies on them with sounds and food. In the experiment, the test rats were taught how to associate a sound with food, and they didn’t just listen to the sounds. They were permitted to provoke the sound themselves. When the rats made the sound themselves, they didn’t go scavenging for food, and this indicates that they know food isn’t associated with the sounds. According to the results of these scientific studies, they are able to understand casual relationships, and this was something that scientists thought was reserved just for humans and other forms of higher primates to understand. The rat is a much maligned creature in most all Western cultures. Nonetheless, they are highly intelligent, and are revered in Chinese culture for their cunningness and resourcefulness.

What makes a lot of these smartest animal breeds tops in the world 2017 isn’t just about their intelligence. They are also special in lots of other ways too. It is all of their special features combined with their obvious smarts that make them truly interesting as animal breeds. The facts do speak for themselves. Some animals are very intelligent. However, at the very same time, they are outstanding just because and that just because is what does clearly separate them from other forms of creatures on the average.

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