Top 10 Most Shocking Animal Attacks on Humans

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Shocking Animal Attacks on Humans. Most individuals think little of interacting with nature, so little in fact that they are taken quite by surprise when animals attack. Whether they are being territorial, are defending their feeding grounds, or somehow feel threatened or are simply curious, animals in both nature and captivity are still wild animals, and are not to be trifled with. Whether they are in cages or in the wild, animals are at all times to be respected and treated as the dangerous beasts they are. This typically means grant them a wide berth and by all means do as little as possible to provoke them. As these accounts of shocking animal attacks on humans prove, there is little true safety when dealing with wild animals.

List of Top 10 Most Shocking Animal Attacks on Humans

10. Kangaroo Goes Berserk

kangaroo goes berserk, Most Shocking Animal Attacks on Humans

During a live television broadcast in Cleveland, OH, the boxing kangaroo known as “Killer Willard” turned on his handlers without warning, kicking and punching without hesitation as he eventually brought one of them to the ground. The reason kangaroos are so deadly is that one kick carries the same force as a heavyweight boxer, and combined with the sharp toenails that protrude from their paws, it can kill outright or disembowel their opponent.

9. Trained Lion Attacks Owner

trained lion attacks owner, Most Shocking Animal Attacks on Humans

Some might say it’s a bad idea to “own” a wild animal even if you’re an expert trainer. In this case the saying is quite accurate as the lion, named Ken, turns on his trainer Joe at the slightest provocation. The instant that Joe turns his back Ken attacks, sinking his fangs into Joe’s leg without hesitation. Whether this attack was caused by nerves on the part of the lion due to his red carpet treatment, or if he had been growing tired of his role as a tamed pet, there was no warning at all before this vicious attack.

8. Hawk Dive-bombs Zookeeper


At a Los Angeles zoo a roaming hawk that was unknowingly allowed out from its hideaway attacked one of the zookeepers while she was attempting to hold a show with another bird. While technically the hawk was after the other bird, this still goes down as one of the most vicious and shocking attacks of an animal on a human as the hawk had no compunction about tearing into the hapless zookeeper, who was desperately attempting to save her feathered companion.

7. Elephant Flips Car


In Kruger National Park, located in South Africa, a bull elephant went rampaging after a
small car carrying a newlywed couple who had no idea what to expect. As the husband drove to
the side of the road the elephant seemed to veer off and lose interest. Upon going around the
bend however they both soon discovered that the bull had only appeared to back off, as he
returned again and this time went so far as to ram the car, piercing the side with a tusk as he quickly flipped the car as though it were a toy. Amazingly the couple was not injured, and was simply astonished that such a thing could have happened.

6. Polar Bear Zoo Attack


Carrying the reputation of being one of the only animals in existence that will actually hunt human beings, the polar bear is without a doubt one of the most majestic and vicious animals alive. As it is seen in this film of a zoo in Anchorage, Alaska, a woman attempting to get a close up shot of a polar bear named “Binky” found out very quickly that even behind bars, some animals are still quite deadly. After having her leg grabbed by Binky’s massive jaws, the woman was lucky to survive without any fatal injuries.

5. Lions Maul Zookeeper


One would think that working with vicious carnivores would make one walk on pins and needles, but at the Wellington Zoo in New Zealand, loyalty and experience don’t mean much when it comes to feeding time. Had the zookeeper kept his footing he might have been alright, but as the two lions responsible for the attack moved closer, he tripped. To a hunting cat bred throughout generations to attack prey in a weakened state, the loss of balance was a signal to kill.

4. Leopard Attack


Even years of experience with hunting cats can culminate into one terrible mistake. An African park ranger found out quickly that jabbing an enraged and no doubt frightened leopard with a pointed stick was a bad idea as the cat raced from her opened cage and proceeded to maul her tormentor with reckless abandon.

3. Elephant Seal Attacks Divers


On land it seems scary enough to tussle with a wild animal, but in the sea, the threat only worsens. This was made quite apparent in the case of Florian Graner and his assistant Seth in the Sea of Cortez as they were attempting to take pictures of sea lions. During their stint they ran across, and eventually afoul, of a particularly aggressive elephant seal, who began to alternate his attacks between the two of them. While seeming to be rather docile most times, elephant seals are quite aggressive and are possessed of several sharp teeth and a crushing bite that could break bone. Added to that the fact that the elephant seal is deadly on land but even more so in the water, this makes them a very real threat despite their otherwise comical appearance.

2. Giant Octopus Attacks Diver


Yet another sea-dwelling creature that is normally quite docile and does not make a habit
of attacking humans, the Pacific octopus is typically quite shy and doesn’t attack humans for no
reason. When a diver encounters a specimen in the waters of British Columbia however he finds
out quickly that despite their essentially harmless and even shy attitude towards humans, these
creatures are quite adept at defending themselves. Considering that an octopuses sucker-lined
tentacles are mostly muscle, it is a small miracle that the diver managed to escape.

1. Double Great White Attack


While tackling any animal in the water is problematic for humans, most will often run or seek another form of evasion. This is not so with the great white shark, which has gained a vicious reputation throughout the years. Despite not hunting humans as a habit, great white sharks will not hesitate to attack anything they perceive as food. In the case of one surfer enjoying his day off the coast of South Africa, the feeding grounds nearly become his final resting place. There are few things scarier than being attacked in open water by a great white shark, but being attacked by two, and surviving, is nothing short of a miracle.

These are the Top 10 Most Shocking Animal Attacks on Humans. Whether they are in a cage or in the wild, animals of any sort are not to be trifled with. As shown in the tales above, it doesn’t matter if the animal is trained, docile, or not typically known to hunt humans, they will not hesitate to attack when provoked.

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