Top 10 Most Dangerous Fish Species in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Dangerous Fish Species in The World in 2017. There are truly some beautiful creations when it comes to nature and marine life is certainly one of them. There many different fish species who live in underwater in oceans, rivers, streams, lakes, and other bodies of water. There are certain species of fish that make excellent home pets and live in freshwater aquariums, property owners ponds, salt water aquariums, and more. There are those fish that live in the ocean when you visit the white sandy beaches and get stung, like a jellyfish. There are beautiful fish that glow in the dark on the deepest ocean floor.

You should not be surprised that there are quite a few dangerous fish species in the world as well. Some of these dangerous fish species have been known to eat humans offshore. Some are so majestic they have toppled over large boats. We as humans rely on fish as a natural source of food from the sea, but there are times when humans have become fish food.

List of Top 10 Most Dangerous Fish Species in The World 2017

10. The Electric Eel-


This is a species of fish known to exhibit powerful electric shock of 600 powerful volts of electric current. This fish is also called a knifefish. These electric eels are native to the Amazon and Orinoco River basins in South America, in floodplains, swamps, creeks, small rivers, and coastal plains and they love muddy bottoms and stagnant waters.

9. Great White Shark-


This fish is also called great death. Its diet consists of fish, sea birds, and other marine life. This is the only species of shark in the world that ranks first in having the most recorded shark bite incidents on humans. Some of their attacks on humans have been fatal. These sharks are found in oceans across the globe.

8. Goonch fish-

Goonch fish Top Dangerous Fish Species 2017

A member of the catfish family. These fish are native to the Kali River running between India and Nepal. They are quite large in size, in fact, about seven feet long. There have been alarming number of human disappearances and drownings in the Kali River and all of them are attributed to this giant man-eating fish. One catch of this fish can probably feed a whole village, but you should not even make an attempt in catching one at all.

7. The Stonefish-


This is one of the weirdest sea creatures and most dangerous. It is similar to the appearance of stone. Don’t make the mistake and step on one because it is known to be the most poisonous fish on the living earth. It has an incurable sting. It’s poison can kill a human within two hours.

6. Piranha-

Piranha Top Famous Dangerous Fish Species 2018

This is a species of fish that are famous for their taste of meat and razor-sharp triangular teeth. They are native to the South American rivers. They have been known to crush large animals in just a few minutes. Their diet consists of carrion, fish, crustaceans and seeds. It is really impossible to escape from the group attack of piranhas. In the Amazon basin, there have been numerous reported attacks on humans.

5. Bull Shark-


Living in the warm oceans around the world are Bull Sharks. Their short blunt snout is what gives these sharks their name. These sharks can live in fresh waters as well. They can be found in rivers and lakes and chances of attack on humans are much more higher than from other sharks who only live in the salt water oceans. These are very fast and aggressive fish and their diet consist of turtles, mollusks, birds, crustaceans and dolphins.

4. Puffer Fish-


These are poisonous fish who live in tropical and subtropical ocean waters around the world. The poison these fish contain is called tetrodotoxin. When they feel threatened, they expand their body to round shape. Their poison is known to kill an adult human in just a few minutes. If you are bitten by one, be aware that there is no antidote for puffer fish poison. In some countries around the globe, the puffer is a specialty dish and are served in special dishes in Japan, Korea and China. Fugu is the cuisine created by puffer fish and it is only served by licensed chefs in Japanese restaurants.

3. Box Jelly Fish-

Box Jelly Fish Top Most Dangerous Fish Species 2017

These fish have a cube shaped body which gives them their name. Researchers say these fish are the most venomous creatures on Earth. This is because their poison affects the heart the nervous system. If a human is bitten, they will likely die before the reach shore. At some beaches, during the summer months, signs are posted to warn swimmers of marine stingers such as these. They are native to Australia, Japan, and Hawaii.

2. Snakehead Fish-

Snakehead Fish Top Most Popular Dangerous Fish Species 2018

These are an invasive species of fish in the West. They like to live in freshwater ponds in North America where they are now cause havoc to the ecosystems. They grow to a length of three feet. Their diet consists of frogs and smaller fish. These fish are like a snake because they are able to breathe air and live out of the water for 4 days. They burrow into mud and live longer during periods of drought. Some are native to Asia where the are caught and consumed. Sometimes they are favored as aquarium fish and are noted for their aggressive behavior.

1. Tiger Fish-


There are a few fish species of tiger fish and some include the African tigerfish and the goliath tigerfish. The African species is found in the rivers and lakes in Africa, and the goliath is found in Congo River system and Lake Tanganyika. Another species is simply tigerfish and it is also found in Africa. In Africa, these fish are called tigers of rivers. Some are native to Lake Malawi in Africa. They have prominent teeth, and they are known to attack humans.

Now you have learned that there are as many ugly fish in the world as the beautiful ones. They display ugly behaviors by biting and eating humans. Some are quite large enough to swallow a human whole.

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