Top 10 Most Bizarre Cat Breeds in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Bizarre Cat Breeds in The World in 2016-2017. There are breeders all over the world who enjoy giving uncommon breeds of cat a chance to have its moment in the lime light and there are breeders who, over several decades have produced some of the most adored cats breeds as we know them today. Many are bred for their unique talents, their sweet natures, or behaviours and characteristics that suit different families. Compiled in descending order is a collection of some of the worlds most bizarre cat breeds ever introduced.

List of Top 10 Most Bizarre Cat Breeds in The World 2016-2017

10. Munchkin


The Munchkin, aptly named for its genetic defect known as ‘Achondroplasia’ a condition that causes deformations of the spine, has abnormally stumpy legs. Regardless of its stance, the Munchkin can do what other cats can do and is considered one of the sweetest natured breeds in the cat kingdom. Aside from their intelligence, they are playful and enjoy being handled. Sadly, kittens that have two copies of the genetic disease will not survive due to the predisposed sunken chests and spinal deformities. A Munchkin looks almost like an elongated Dachshund except for it’s rather large head in comparison to it’s long body and wee legs.

9. Manx

manx, Top 10 Most Bizarre Cat Breeds in The World 2017

The Manx is a handsome breed of cat that sports no tail as such but rather displays a bump where it might be. The Manx has long hind legs that allow it to hop and with this ability, it is often the farmer who seeks this breed to help him control rodents. This breed has been on the planet for hundreds of years and comes from the Isle of Man. The true ‘rumpy’ Manx has a small hollow where the tail would have been and again, with this breed, when two tailless ‘rumpies’ are mated, the offspring is usually born dead or will die shortly after birth. This breed is very susceptible to vertebrae problems wherein sometimes the lower parts of the spine fuse together. Despite its skeletal challenges, it is a cat that is accepted and adored by people and breeders worldwide.

8. Peterbald

peterbald, Top 10 Most Beautiful Bizarre Cat Breeds in The World 2018

The Peterbald is a rather ugly looking fellow but this is eclipsed by his affectionate and adventurous nature. He grows very attached to his owners and will often follow them around the house. Peterbalds are generally great with other pets and children but are totally dependent on their humans. Slim and elegantly built they are a hairless breed with the texture of a peach. With almond-shaped eyes this cat, because of a hair-loss gene, does not have any eyebrows or whiskers, however, not to be outdone, it has an impressive body with a broad chest and prominent shoulders. It is a talkative breed and loves attention.

7. Scottish Fold


The Scottish Fold is a breed of cat that descended from the original Scottish Fold who was a white barn cat named Susie. She lived on a farm in Perthshire, Scotland and being a limited breed all Scottish Fold cats share a common ancestry to Susie. With a natural dominant-gene mutation that causes its ears to fold toward the front of its head, in some cases there may be up to two or three folds. These cats are playful and affectionate and with happy personalities are a highly sought pet. At birth, the ears appear straight but begin to fold at about 21 days. They’re cuddly and get along well with other pets and when they sleep, they look like little ‘Buddhas’ with their legs straight out in front of them.

6. Maine Coon


One of the most beautiful cats ever bred is the Maine Coon. It has a massive furry tail, an incredibly expressive face and eyes that are almost hypnotic. Native to the state of Maine, it is one of the oldest natural breeds in North America. Deemed as one of the largest breeds, a male Coon can weigh in at 11 kg with a proportionate length of 40 inches including his glorious tail. They take a while to grow and won’t reach their full size until they’re about four years old. Growing up doesn’t come too quickly with these cats either. They do not reach their full size until they are around three or four years old. They have a fascination with water, possess incredible mousing talents and are sturdy on tufted paws. Although they are large, they’re also known as ‘Gentle Giants’ but are kind and loving, particularly with children.

5. Sphynx


The Sphynx isn’t actually hairless. Covered in very soft, short fur, it feels like the fuzz of a peach under the touch and unlike the Peterbald, for this breed, it is possible to grow whiskers and eyebrows. An extrovert, this cat is a ball of energy and is very affectionate toward its owners. He will require regular weekly bathing to remove the excess oils that are naturally produced and build up on the skin and become odorous. This breed is susceptible to heat and cold and is also very prone to sunburn.

4. Savannah


Savannahs are the product of a domestic cat that was mated with a serval, a wild African cat. Considered a rare and exotic breed by appearance and nature, it greets his owners with a head butt however, regardless of its origins, it is domesticated and extremely intelligent and loves to walk on a leash. Easily trained to play fetch, the Savannah are affectionate and very loving toward people. Redolent of a leopard, cheetah and a bob cat with intricate spots, tear stripes and large elongated ears, they are master jumpers, love water and enjoy a frolic. It should be noted however, some countries do not allow this breed to be imported.

3. Selkirk Rex


The Selkirk Rex is Curly Sue’s sister. Even it’s whiskers and eye brows are curled. With fur as soft as down, the Selkirk comes from Montana with a patient demeanour. A usually healthy cat, they love people and are affectionate to a tee. They are also very curious and sociable and have a preferred person with whom they like to spend time. They get on extremely well with children and other companion animals therefore are not well suited to isolation or to being left alone for long periods. They love fun, they’re playful and retain their kittenish behaviour well into adulthood.

2. Devon Rex


The Devon Rex does not have any guard hairs, a protective top coat, so is covered in ‘down’ fur so soft it is prone to be curly and as the cat matures, the coat becomes a mass of ripples and waves. This breed has an impish face with wide cheeks and large eyes and loves to sit on his human’s shoulder like a parrot. Active and playful, the Devon Rex is friendly and very intelligent and enjoys being trained. With training they can be taught to perform tricks and will also enjoy a walk on a leash.

1. Teacup Persian


These delightfully cute cats are tiny versions of the Persian breed and grow to a maximum weight of 7 pounds. Small through genetic mutation, it is unfortunate that this breed seems to face a host of health challenges that range from enlarged hearts and heart murmurs to soft bones. With any alteration of natures own journey, growth retardation and slow muscle growth in an animal will cause seizures, bowed legs and very short life spans. In many cases, these tiny cats possess underdeveloped reproductive organs and skulls.

Whatever the breed, the cat remains a popular choice of pet. It will remain the most exotic, the most complex, the most social and the most loved of domestic animals on which humans have come to rely. They are treasured for their companionship, their love of engaging conversation and the opportunities to play a multitude of games that get those dopamine levels sky rocketing. The impact a cat has on the relationship with its human will be one that like a marked territory, will never be lost.