Top 10 Most Amazing Monkeys Breeds in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Amazing Monkeys Breeds in The World in 2017. Monkeys are wild animals who are considered to be more intelligent than any other animal. There are approximately 280 species of monkeys who live up to today. In every December, people celebrate the national day for monkeys. This is a perfect day that contemplates the simian relatives. There are two types of monkeys; the old world monkeys and the new world monkeys. Old world monkeys are the monkeys in Asia and in Africa. They also include those from the species of languor baboon and langue. Monkeys from central and south America i.e. the marmoset and wooly monkeys are also the old world monkeys. The new world monkeys evolved from the old world monkeys due to migration during the oligence period.

List of Top 10 Most Amazing Monkeys Breeds in The World 2017

10. Francois Langur

Francois Langur Top 10 Most Amazing Monkeys Breeds 2017

This is the most popular species of monkey who are basically found in south west china and in the north east of Vietnam.These monkey species are unique due to their white .Their hair comes across burnt comes across their ears and they cover the cheeks. Francoise Langur belongs to the Lutung group of monkeys. They are usually found in groups of four. Their weight and size differs according to their sex.The males are taller than the females. Their size ranges from 55 cm to 64 cm while the female have 47cm -59 cm.The weight of the males is between 5.5 kgs -7.2 kgs and that of the female is 5.5 to5.9 kgs.

09. Noisy night monkey

Noisy night monkey Top Popular Amazing Monkeys Breeds 2018

This is amazing monkeys who are active during the night. They are not the members of genus autus.This kind of monkeys have large eyes that aid them to catch the flying insects at night. They also move through the trees and watch the infomercials on TBS in the dark.Autus Vociferous is the best night noisy monkey who keep the neighbors awake. They produce racketing hooting sounds that are really disturbing. They are found in Colombia. Brazil and Peru.

08. Proboscis monkey

Proboscis monkey Top 10 Most Popular Amazing Monkeys Breeds 2018

They are monkeys who are found in South East Asia. They are well known by their long nose. They belong to the old world monkey type. Proboscis monkey are red-brown in color and they have large bellies. This makes them to be called the Monyet Belinda. This name came from the Dutch men due to their appearance. They are found in South Asia near Brunel, Indonesia and Malaysia nations.

07. Japanese Macaque

Japanese Macaque Top Most Famous Amazing Monkeys Breeds 2017

Japanese Macaque is the number 7 amazing monkeys. They are also known as the snow monkey. This is the northern living monkey which is the non-human primate. They are known best because of their intelligence-they wash their food before eating it. This behavior was observed in the year 1953.This group of monkeys have a distinctive eating habits as well as child bearing practices. The male population of these monkeys is more as compared to that of female. Most of their time is spent in volcanic hot springs.

06. Orangutan


Orangutan is among the top amazing monkeys who are the great apes from Asia. They are found currently in the rainforests of Borneo and Sumatra. They are well known by their shaggy thin red-brown hair.Orangutun have strong hands and powerful arms that help them to manipulate tools.

05. Golden snub nosed monkey.


Golden snub-nosed monkeys are the type of old world monkey .They are from the sub family of colobinae.This species is distributed in China.Thier Chinese name which they were given is Sichuan snub-nosed and golden hair monkey.

04. White headed langur


They are monkeys who are also called the golden headed monkeys .It is one of the endangered species of primates in the Asian continent. Their population has decline by 80 % as compared to the past three generations. Those who are remaining in the world are less than 70.

03. Marmoset


Marmosets are among the top amazing monkey breeds 2017 whose length is 6 inches. They are the world’s smallest monkeys. They have an ability to climb 16 feet .All the 22 species of marmoset monkey exhibit germline chimerism.They give birth to fraternal twins. Half of the marmoset in the world has chimeric sperm. If one of the marmosets reproduces, its offspring will have its brother’s DNA.

02. Red shanked Douc


Red shanked douc are monkeys who are also known as costumed ape. They belong to the old world monkey’s type. They look beautiful with their colors. Their legs are red with black feet. Their forearms and hands are white black. Their face is golden in color with powder blue eye lids.

01. The Mandrill

The Mandrill Top Best Amazing Monkeys Breeds 2019

This is the most amazing monkey with a face which is ridged in blue and red colors. They are amazing creatures who can stand on their three .They are the largest monkey species in the world. Not only being colorful, they are quite reclusive. They have huge canines which is a show of their friendly nature. They spend most of their time on the foraging fruits, eating insects and small lizards. Their cheeks have pouches where they store their food for later use. They are unique since in each evening the select a different tree where they sleep. They are the most threatened monkey species because of their colour.They can also be used as bush meat.

Monkeys are the most amazing animals. Human beings are believed to evolve from these primates. These most amazing monkeys breeds 2017 are all amazing and unique in their own ways, Their behaviors show a lot of intelligence that is incomparable.