Top 10 Famous People Who Were Killed in Animal Attacks

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Famous People Who Were Killed in Animal Attacks till 2017. A lot of people before and now are known to have associated themselves with different animal species. This is because many people love watching and interacting with animals, both wild and domestic. Some go to the extent of having wild animals as pets at their homes. The behavior of these animals is sometimes unpredictable and can be dangerously harmful when they pose attacks to human beings. Many people are killed in these kinds of attacks. Although there are many different ways people die, death caused by an animal attack is considered to be among the worst ways to die. You cannot imagine the pain one goes through when attacked by an animal like a bear! There famous people who brutally pass away in this painful way. Here is a list ranking 10 of the most famous people who died in animal attacks till 2017:

List of Top 10 Famous People Who Were Killed in Animal Attacks till 2017

10. Joseph Slowinski

Joseph Slowinski Top Most Popular People Who Were Killed in Animal Attacks 2019

Mr. Slowinski was a Herpetologist from America who specialized extensively in the study of elapid snakes. He was born on 15th November, 1962 in New York. He had graduated after completing his degree in Biology from Kansas university in 1984 and in the year 1991 he graduated with a Ph. D. at Miami University. Apart from being a snake expert, he was also an American author and great professor. There are three snake species that are named after him. He died in 2001 while researching in a small remote area located in Myanmar after being bitten by a venomous Krait. His team tried to save him attempting to give him medical attention but after 29 hours Joseph died.

9. George Hensley


George Went was a Pentecostal Church Minister from America popularly known for his good snake handling skill and practice. Went was born on 2nd May, 1881, in Virginia. According to George, all Christians were commanded to practise snake-handling by the New Testament. He was bitten on his wrist in 1955, something common to him since he claimed he had been bitten hundreds of times before and survived without medical attention. After some time, he became very ill and his arm became discolored. He refused to be treated and died the following morning.

8. Jean Batten


Jean Gardner was born in 1909 on 15th September. She was a very famous aviator from New Zealand. Jean was the first person to ever to make solo international flight from England to her home-country. In 1982, Jean was bitten by a dog in Majorca island. She refused to be treated and died afterwards following infection.

7. Guy Standing

He was born on September, 1st in the year 1873 in London, England. Being a former Royal Navy commander and also film actor made him famous. He took part in the 1st World War Mission in America. A rattle snake bit him in 1937 where he died due to a consequent heart attack.

6. Patricia Wyman

Patricia was an employee at Haliburton Forest and Wildlife Reserve, Ontario, Canada. She was hired as an animal caretaker to take care of wolves in this Reserve. She loved animals so much and took part in educational tours at the same park even before she was employed there. On a day in April, 2006 she went in the wolf enclosure alone without notifying anyone. Her body was later found that afternoon with multiple bite-wounds and clothes ripped of her body. No one knew why she was attacked.

5. Timothy Treadwell

Timothy Treadwell Top 10 Famous People Who Were Killed in Animal Attacks 2017

Also known as Dexter, Timothy was a bear enthusiast and a documentary film maker from America. He is the founder of ‘Grizzly People’ which is an organization that protects bears. He lived with the Katmai Park’s grizzly bears for thirteen seasons. In the 13th and last summer season in the park, he was attacked and killed together with his girlfriend, Amie, by possibly 1 or 2 of the grizzly bears.

4. Jacky Boxberger


Jacky was a French field & track athlete. He was an expert in long-distance racing. He once became set a record in the 1500 m race in the Olympics and Champion of Paris Marathon. In 2001, Boxberger was in Kenya with his family for vacation. An elephant picked him up with its trunk, while he was trying to film it and hit him against a tree causing Jacky to death.

3. Taylor Mitchell


Taylor was a folk singer from Canada. She became pretty famous worldwide for her great album, ‘For Your Consideration’. She decided to become a song writer after graduating from Etobicoke School of Arts. A few days before Taylor’s death, she was nominated for ‘Young Performer of the Year’ title in a Folk Music Award in Canada. She died at the age of 19 years. She had visited a National Park called Cape Breton Highlands where some Coyotes attacked her. She died after losing a lot of blood.

2. Diane Whipple

Diane Alexis was famous in her country, USA, for playing lacrosse. She was also a coach in the same sport and was a very gifted athlete. She was living in San Francisco, when she was attacked by two dogs belonging to her neighbors outside her apartment. Diane died in a hospital after losing a lot of blood.

1. Steve Irwin

Steve Irwin Top Popular People Who Were Killed in Animal Attacks 2018

Steve the ‘Crocodile Hunter’ was one of the most famous naturalists who hosted a documentary film series called ‘The Crocodile Hunter’. His viewers were thrilled by his encounters with venomous snakes, crocodiles and other dangerous creatures. In 2006, he was attacked and stabbed in the heart by a stingray while shooting about dangerous aquatic animals. He was trapped and could not escape, so that is how Irwin died.

So, these were the world’s Famous People Who Were Killed in Animal Attacks till 2017. Animals are great creatures but can be dangerous and harmful at times. Some of these famous people got killed due to their carelessness and ignorance. It is good to be cautious with animals for one’s own safety.