Top 10 Most Expensive Pets in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Expensive Pets in The World in 2017. Some pets can be loyal and true to their owners and as much as they love affection, it can be returned, like a happy waggle of a tail, a bark, a cat’s meow, and more. Certain types of pets can be really expensive like costing millions of greenbacks. Pets can make a lovely addition to any family home, especially with children. Some of these friendly and expensive pets include birds, monkey’s, cats, dogs, snakes, beetles, lion cubs, cows, horses, donkeys, and the list is really endless.

Domestic pets require a lot of attention and care that includes feeding, bathing, exercise, attention, and love. Some pets make excellent guards for the home and property, children, their owners and more. Pets and animals have even been on the famous list and become known worldwide.

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Pets in The World 2017

10. Toucan-


If you are a bird lover then paying $10,000 for a colorful Toucan should be no problem at all. Toucans are native to Central and South America, the Caribbean, and Southern Mexico. They are lovely with long colorful bills that are attractive and make the bird popular for a pet. There are about 40 different Toucan species. They have very short legs which are strong and sturdy for hold onto branches. Their feathers consist of the colors black with yellow, crimson, and white patches.

9. White Bengal Tiger Cub-


This animal is an endangered species. It may be rare if you get one and they are favored for their beautiful white fur. There is a high demand in the pet market for these beauties and they carry a heft price tag of about $100,000.

8. Hyacinth Macaw-


This lovely bird is a type of parrot that is bright colored with a long beak. It loves a diet of nuts and seeds. This species is the tallest of all parrot species in the world. The American species have feathers that are a beautiful bright blue and they carry a nice price of around $14,000. Parrots that are trained to talk are the most fun, but watch what you say because they can repeat your same words.

7. Stag Beetle-


This is a strange and unique beetle species which makes it have a high price for those willing to purchase one as a pet. The stag beetle has red and blood-like curling mandibles and antlers protruding from its black head. It is only about three inches long and the price for this little creature is about $89,000. Beetles are a type of insect.

6. Tibetan Mastiff-


For dog lovers, this dod type is one of the most expensive breed of dogs you can dream about taking home. The average price is $582,000. Worldwide, this is one of the largest dog species. They are available in a variety of colors that include black, brown, red and gray. If you want a pure white one, good luck they are extremely rare and will cost a few thousand bucks more.

5. Palm Cockatoo-


The feathers of this bird is black and gray and it has a red spot on its head. This is a type of parrot. When the animal feels threatened its cheek changes colors and it has a big bill. The cost of this parrot is $16,000. Birds require special cages with toys, swings, food dispensers and water dispensers.

4. Lavender Albino Ball Python-


This creature has yellow spots on lavender backdrop. It has piercing red eyes and is native to Africa. You can have one for about $40,000. This lovely snake is so rare due to the fact that its color mutation is a recessive genetic trait making it an especially coveted snake collectors’ prized possession. No too many people would like to have a pet snake.

3. Savannah Cats-


Savannah Cats are a crossbreed between a domestic cat and the Serval cats. This is an exotic type of cat. Most Savannah cats have been bred from African Serval cats which are the 5th largest cat in Africa. Savannah Cats are loyal, intelligent, and social and their price tag is a nice $4,000 to $10,000. Cats do make lovely pets and some are great with children.

2. Pacific Bluefin Tuna-


If you are a true fish lover, then paying the nice price of $1.8 million should not make a difference in your wallet. The world has recently been experiencing declining numbers of tuna in the oceans. The Japanese market does not mind selling these Bluefin Tuna for this price. Some people do not mind purchasing them as well. Some restaurants buy Bluefin to serve on their menus.

1. Kentucky Derby Bred Horse-


This is the world’s most expensive horse that was only bred for the races. This horse has a name called Green Monkey. In 2006 alone, the horse was based on a high price of $16 million. This is due to the fact that this horse is a descendent from two Kentucky Derby winners. Horses are loveable and they do make great pets, especially for those who like horseback riding adventures. They are great for riding through all seasons of the year. You should have your horse a nice stall with hay, food, horse feed, and water.

There are pets that are a lot less costly than these are. You can find both expensive pets and inexpensive pets being sold in pet shops, by breeders, and from individual owners. If you purchase a pet online or from another area then be prepared to pay the high cost of having the pet shipped to you. Pets that are shipped require special care and handling, especially if they are shipped on an airline. You can find many great pets in your local area, but if you prefer the most exotic or the most expensive, then shipping costs may finish your wallet off. Most pets are quite affectionate and loveable and you must remember in order to get love from them you must show them how much you care.