Top 10 Exotic Pets to Own

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Exotic Pets to Own 2017. The word ‘pet’ often has one thinking cat or dog, sometimes perhaps a goldfish or hamster, but seldom do we think about pets being exotic. We have a predictable image when someone tells us they have a pet at home and it seldom if ever creates an image of an exotic creature. An exotic or unique pet can be found in foreign countries and there are some that you can legally own. There is a growth in the popularity of owning exotic pets and animal lovers are beginning to welcome what we know as ‘wild animals‘ into their homes. These top 10 exotic pets to own in 2017 can legally become a pet for you.

List of Top 10 Exotic Pets to Own 2017

10. Wallabies


In Australia, theĀ smaller species of wallabies is becoming quite popular. This is the native country for the wallabies and they make a relatively well-behaved pet. As an owner of one of these unique creatures there are differences you must be prepared for. They will require a large area that is secured so they can run and hide without getting out. They have some peculiar habits unlike the standard pet would have such as; paw-licking, salivating and regurgitating their food. When you own wallabies you need to know the difference in their behavior and understand what is normal and what is troublesome.

9. Skunks


The skunk is only allowed as a pet in 17 states and when domesticated it is de-scented. Pet owners cannot take the risk of being sprayed. The skunk is extremely affectionate, curious, and active. If you leave your pet skunk alone too long, it will use it’s long, sharp claws and become destructive. These pets should be kept indoors as they will not understand how to forage for food and will not be able to find their way home like a cat or dog would if lost. Skunks are often mistakenly feared for an animal that carries rabies when in fact the rate of rabies is higher for a cat or dog.

8. Genets

Genets Top 10 Exotic Pets to Own

The genet is a cat-like animal and has lived in Europe and Africa as pets since the middle ages. They were used for rodent control and have recently experienced an increase in popularity with owners from the United States and Asia. Having been domesticated these animals have become quite good pets as it has made them a very social pet. They have become easy to care for and sweet pets which do not need a lot of room to release their energy. The genets should not, however; be kept in the same home as birds or other small rodents. It has a natural and predatory instinct that would not allow them to occupy the same environment.

7. Degus

Degus Top Popular Exotic Pets to Own 2018

Degus live in South America and are relatives of the guinea pig. These are a smaller creature that will require a lot of stimulation as a domestic pet. They do much better when in a group so anyone choosing a degus for a pet should plan on having more than one to avoid the animal from becoming stressed. The degus should be kept in a cage that contains a lot of toy and structures. They also require digging areas and sand to bath in so they are able to remain content and clean.

6. Serval Cat


The serval cat is found in the grasslands of Africa and while extremely cute, they are a wild animal. They have been domesticated to some degree and can now be found in some homes as pets but can pose as a challenge to those who take them in as a pet. These cats will continue to hunt, climb, jump, and spray while in your home just as they would in the wild. They are not recommended as pets unless you have a lot of experience, patience, and space.

5. Sugar Gliders


The sugar glider can make an affectionate and fun pet. They are from the possum family and will require a permit in order to own as a pet. These pets will require space as they are naturally found in tree hollows so will require an area that is tall and vertical. If you want your sugar glider to be happy, it should be provided with a sleeping box and the room to fly. They are an extremely social animal and if you are considering them as a pet it would be suggested you get two. If the sugar glider is left alone too long it will become violent as it thrives on attention. The sugar glider is also vocal and nocturnal so keeping it in your bedroom might not be a good idea. When proper research and preparation is done before obtaining a sugar glider, you will find they make a silly, loyal and sweet companion. This is one of the Top 10 Exotic Pets to Own 2017.

4. Fennec Foxes

Fennec Foxes Top Most Popular Exotic Pets to Own 2018

The Fennec fox has an adorable face with its bright eyes and big ears. You will fall in love on sight of this incredible cute creature. These are allowed in most areas as pets with the right vaccines and permits. They do, however; retain quite a wild side even when brought into a home as a pet. They are escape artists and love to dig so have to be kept in locked cages when you are not supervising them. The Fennec fox is also a nocturnal animal and can cause a lot of sleepless nights.

3. Axolotls

Axolotls Top 10 Exotic Pets to Own 2017

The Axolotls is becoming quite popular in homes with its strange but incredibly sweet face. They are a salamander type creature found in Mexico and just like the goldfish are meant as an observation pet. The Axolotls has a very delicate skin that cannot tolerate a lot of handling. They should be kept in a large, cool tank with gravel at the bottom. These unique creatures need an owner who is attentive to their water and diet needs. When properly cared for they can live up to 10-15 years. The Axolotls is also able to regenerate limbs and rapidly heal themselves.

2. Capybaras

Capybaras Top Most Exotic Pets to Own 2017

The Capybara is not legal everywhere so it is important to check if you can obtain a permit to own one of these in your state. You have to be very dedicated to bring a Capybara into your home. They are an intelligent, large, and caring rodent that will make a very rewarding pet. They will bring you some costs, however; with their need for food, swimming, and shelter needs. These creatures have only recently become domesticated and still have a lot of natural instincts for survival. The Capybara will bite when it feels threatened and at the same time can be very affectionate with their owner.

1. Fox

Fox Top Famous Exotic Pets to Own 2019

The pet Fox started becoming part of families as far back as 1959 when a Soviet geneticist researched domestic breeding with foxes. Work is continuing in this research and is now several generations into the project. The research is showing the domestic fox has a lot of similarity to the dog. They will need much more work than owning a dog but are possible as a pet. They have a high price tag at $8,000 and you will require permission to own one as a pet.

People, in nature, are always looking for the unique and different. Having a domesticated, wild animal as a pet seems to fulfill this need for many. While it may take a bit more work and some research into habits of these unique creatures you could have one of these top 10 exotic pets to own in 2017 as your next pet.

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