Top 10 Most Dangerous Snake Species in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Dangerous Snake Species in The World 2017. There is a reason that Indiana Jones does not like snakes. They are dangerous. That being said, it is rare, to be bitten by a snake and die from it; at least when compared to dying of auto accident, cancer, or heart disease. Some snakes have venom, but it is not deadly Some do not have any venom at all, but it is the way the snake wraps itself around you and tightens its grip until it kills you. Tropical areas are the best place to find a lot of these snakes. Here is my top ten list of the most dangerous snake species in the world 2017.

List of the world’s Top 10 Most Dangerous Snake Species 2017

10. Copperhead

Copperhead Top Popular Dangerous Snake Species 2018

A moderately sized snake, less than three feet long on average, some can get up to four feet. The copperhead weighs anywhere from eight to twelve ounces. The venom is fairly painful. Hides itself with its camouflage and strikes when a human steps on it.

9. Common Death Adder

Common Death Adder Top Dangerous Snake Species 2017

Highly venomous, if left untreated the mortality rate is around fifty to sixty percent. They can get set to strike, strike and back to its strike position in less than .15 seconds. The venom per bite can be as little as seventy milligrams and as high as 236 milligrams. They hide in wait, when they hear humans coming, to strike; this increases their risk of being stepped on, but they are much more dangerous to strike.

8. Cottonmouth

Cottonmouth Top Most Famous Dangerous Snake Species 2019

Also referred to as the water moccasin, the bite is more harmful and deadly than that of the copperhead, but does not lead to death. That much, anyway. It is more aggressive than the copperhead, but only bites when it is touched. More aggressive reputation and strikes a ready to bite pose. The snake can get up to six feet long.

7. Common krait

Common krait Top Most Popular Dangerous Snake Species 2018

Often considered India’s most dangerous snake. The venom contains highly powerful neurotoxins which cause the muscles to become paralyzed. It has two kinds of neurotoxins (postsynaptic and presynaptic) that usually affect the nerve endings located close to the synaptic cleft of the brain.

6. Inland Taipan

Inland Taipan Top 10 Most Dangerous Snake Species

This snake has the most venom, more than any other snake in the world. If left untreated, the death rate from a bite from this snake is eighty percent. That being said, this snake does not usually bite, is actually easy going, and stays away from confrontation.

5. Saw Scaled Viper


The Saw-scaled viper is responsible for five thousand deaths, in India alone. This snake causes more fatalities due to the fact that it is found in several countries in Asia, Middle East, and Africa.

4. Indian Cobra

Indian Cobra Top Famous Dangerous Snake Species 2019

Top 10 Most famous Dangerous Snake Species in The World 2017. The venom is a fast acting venom, which makes up for the fact that the venom is moderate. You must get the bites treated, making the amount of deaths much smaller when proper treatment is given. Death rate, which depends on the case, can be as high as twenty percent. The Indian cobra kills about fifteen thousand people per year, and bites as many as 150,000 people a year.

3. Russell’s Viper


When bitten by a Russell’s Viper, it is the most excruciatingly painful bite of all the venomous snakes. It can cause necrosis, internal bleeding, blistering, and bruising; these things can appear pretty fast too. This snake is irritable, aggressive, and short-tempered. A lethal dose, for humans, is forty to seventy milligrams, but an adult snake can be as high as 268 milligrams.

2. Rattlesnake


This snake makes itself known by the rattle on the end of the tail. Without the rattle, it is probably just a bull snake. Part of the Pit Viper family and can strike from two-thirds of its body length away. The juveniles, surprisingly, are more dangerous than the adults are. This is one of the world’s most dangerous snake species 2017.

1. Black Mamba

Black Mamba Top 10 Most Dangerous Snake Species 2017

The Black Mamba is deadly precise when it strikes and is very aggressive. The snake can be found throughout all of Africa. It is the fastest snake in the world, and can reach twenty kilometers per hour. The snake can strike up to twelve times in a row. One bite from one can kill up to 25 adults, and has very fast acting neurotoxin.

I did not realize before writing this article that there were so many Mambas, Rattlesnakes, Cobras, Diamondbacks, and Kraits out there. I just thought there was about one each, that there were not different colors. That was my top ten list of the most dangerous snake species in the world 2017.