Top 10 Most Dangerous Dogs Breeds in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Dangerous Dogs Breeds in The World 2017. Dogs are not born dangerous. Dogs are trained to be dangerous. This idea has caused a lot of debate regarding aggressive dogs. It has not been proven beyond question whether it is nature or nurture that makes some breeds become more aggressive than others. Certain dog breeds have a natural instinct to be fighters and cause more injuries to people or other animals. Based on the number of accidents that have resulted from these dogs attacking have earned them the label of ‘dangerous’. These are the top 10 most dangerous dogs in the world according to those numbers.

List of Top 10 Most Dangerous Dogs Breeds in The World 2017

10. Boxer

Boxer Top 10 Most Dangerous Dogs in The World 2017

In the 1930’s the Boxers were trained and used for both hunting and guarding. With their strong jaw and muscular necks, they have an incredibly powerful bite. This dog does not calm very easily and does not display submission. With their strong will and stubbornness, they make excellent guard dogs. It is important to remember what makes them a good guard dog. Their aggressive and stubborn personality can be dangerous to you as an owner. In 2013 a man was killed by his own boxer when he attempted to stop a fight between the boxer and another animal.

Boxer facts:

• The Boxer although on the dangerous dog list still remains number six on the most popular breed list as well
• This breed is famous for its snoring habit
• The Boxer is easy to train and is very intelligent
• This breed is very loyal to their owners

9. Malamute

Malamute Top 10 Most Dangerous Dogs in The World

Malamute is an Alaskan dog and has been bred mainly to pull sleds and carry freight. This is because they have incredible strength and power and are a favorite in many dogsled races. Their coat is very thick and they look a lot like a wolf. The Malamute can grow to 65cm high and can weigh up to 45kg; to they are a very intimidating animal. These dogs have been bred to withstand the harshest weather conditions and this has made them very resourceful and quite independent. With this independence comes a basic instinct to hunt prey. Within a 14-year time period, they were responsible for five fatal bites.

Malamute facts:

• This is a breed that learns slow and requires a lot of patience
• They shed a lot of hair
• This breed is able to make a variety of sounds asking for what they want. They enjoy human companionship and will want to be around you all the time and will insist you allow them to be part of the family
• They are a very energetic breed and require a lot of exercises

8. Bullmastiff

Bullmastiff Top Most Dangerous Dogs in The World 2017

The Bullmastiff is a formidable opponent with an aggressive attitude. These dogs were bred and trained to be guard dogs originally and much of that instinct remains in them. They can grow to a height of 70cm with a weight of 60kg so they are a large dog that requires proper training. Obedience training is highly recommended with this breed. The Bullmastiff has a natural tendency to be aggressive making them hard to train so they require consistency in order to have a dog that is well-behaved. There have recently been two attacks reported where a Bullmastiff mortally wounded a teenage boy and another killed a boy who was trying to rescue his girlfriend from being attacked by it.

Bullmastiff facts:

• Bullmastiffs are a gentle and affectionate breed
• These are a good family dog with reasonably well-behaved children
• This breed is suspicious of persons outside its family
• The Bullmastiff is an independent dog which can make training challenging

7. German Shepherd

German Shepherd Top Popular Dangerous Dogs in The World 2018

The German Shepard is one of the most common working dogs. They are also excellent guard dogs and are often seen as part of the K9 units in many Police departments. This breed is also known for its outstanding search and rescue efforts and ability to work with the military. The German Shepard is a very intelligent dog so it is easy to train. This breed will pick up on your commands quickly. This dog is also one of the most aggressive and often ferocious breeds out there. They have a bite force of 1060 Newton’s and have shown a tendency to attack and bite smaller breeds. Recently a woman was mortally wounded by a German Shepard her husband owned.

German Shepard facts:

• This breed is very aggressive and has been labeled as dangerous, however; if properly trained they will make a great companion
• They are a very curious dog and love exploring
• The German Shepard is incredibly fast and can stop just as fast
• This breed sheds a lot of hair even if brushed regularly

6. Pit Bull


The Pit Bull has earned the reputation for being the most dangerous dog breed. They were originally bred for dog fighting competitions. This instinct makes them naturally aggressive and quick to attack even when they have not been provoked. In order to consider this dog as a family pet, you must plan on extensive training to make it well-behaved. This breed has the highest number of unprovoked attacks, especially on children. In the past year, the Pit Bull has been responsible for 22 fatalities in the United States alone. This is the one of the Top 10 Most Dangerous Dogs Breeds in The World 2017.

Pit Bull facts:

• The Pit Bull is a dedicated companion but without proper training can become incredibly aggressive
• Pit Bulls have a lot of enthusiasm when they are given a task to complete
• This breed has gotten a lot of negative reports due to their use in illegal dog fights
• Over 80% of the American Pit Bulls have passed temperament tests

5. Rottweiler


The Rottweiler is an incredibly imposing and intimidating dog. It has incredible power as well as one of the strongest bite forces of all the dog breeds. During the 90’s this breed was responsible for over half the reported dog bites in the United States. The Rottweiler is a dangerous dog due to its strength and bite force and one that you do not want to make angry. This past year this breed has been responsible for two deaths.

Rottweiler facts:

• Rottweilers are in the ‘working dog breed’ classification
• The breed has a life expectancy of 12 to 14 years
• The Rottweiler is generally unacceptable as a family pet
• One year of a Rottweiler’s life is equal to 16 human years; they reach maturity after their first year

4. Doberman Pinscher

Doberman Pinscher Top Most Popular Dangerous Dogs in The World 2018

The Doberman Pinscher is often thought of as a Police dog. They were a common breed of choice by Police across the nation at one time, but are not used as often currently. The Doberman Pinscher is known for its speed, energy, and aggression. Their temperament, incredible strength, and bulky size make them a potentially dangerous breed. They have been known to be extremely aggressive towards strangers and one reason many people choose them as guard dogs. Recently there was a report of a Doberman Pinscher attacking and killing his elderly owner.

Doberman Pinscher facts:

• This is an intelligent breed and often referred to as, “Dogs with a human brain”. With proper training, these dogs will serve you faithfully
• Reserved with strangers but loyal to their owners
• The Doberman Pinscher can perform self-estimations and without word from you, they will know if you are being threatened
• This breed is very sensitive to sounds and can hear them from up to 250 yards away

3. Husky

Husky Most Dangerous Dogs in The World 2019

The Husky is also an Arctic dog breed. They are a strong animal and very athletic capable of pulling sleds with small freight. These dogs look a lot like the Malamute but have a little less fur and different colors. The Husky was originally bred as a working dog so do not make the best pets as their social skills are not as suitable as other breeds. They are also a ferocious breed and along with their Siberian cousins they are responsible for killing 15 people in the United States within an 18-year span.

Husky facts:

• This breed is ferocious enough to make the list of dangerous breeds, however; if trained properly can be safe in a family and even around children.
• This breed sheds a lot and is not good around people allergic to dogs
• If the Husky is not trained, socialized, or has experienced bad social experiences, they will turn aggressive

2. Wolf Hybrid


The Wolf Hybrid earned its name by its appearance. Due to science and genetics, this breed has been crossbreed using the domestic dog and the wild wolf. This is a risky venture as you may end up with a dog that is wilder and harder to predict than other domestic dog breeds. They will make a fierce dog with behaviors that is hard to control or train. This breed has been banned in several states and over the past 18 years is responsible for 14 deaths.

Wolf Hybrid facts:

• The Wolf Hybrid can be trained but often think of training as a game. They will grow tired of the ‘game’ and stop listening
• This breed can grow to weigh 100 pounds so should be trained properly to ensure it doesn’t become aggressive
• They are very possessive of their belongings so it is not advised that you try to take something away from one
• Having been breed with a wild animal this breed will have a natural prey instinct, meaning they will chase and often harm, cats, other small dogs, and even children

1. Great Dane

Great Dane Top Famous Dangerous Dogs in The World 2019

The Great Dane is one of the largest breeds of dogs. They can grow to a height of 85cm with a weight of 200lb. Due to the size of this breed training is highly recommended and the male is known to be particularly dangerous. A small girl was killed by a Great Dane in 2002 and a recent attack was reported where the Great Dane attacked a man on the set of, “Dog Whisperer”.

Great Dane facts:

• This large breed amazingly can get by with just a half an hour walk a day making it a good fit for apartment life
• This is a fast growing breed and can reach six feet tall with a year
• Great Dane is an incredibly emotionally sensitive dog
• This breed is not a big eater

Any dog that is not properly cared for or trained can become aggressive. Dogs from the large dog classification should especially be trained so they are safe around people, especially families with children. This list of the top 10 most dangerous dog breeds 2017 shows how they can become a threat if not properly cared for.

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