Top 10 Most Dangerous Birds in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Dangerous Birds in The World 2017. It is dawn and a cacophony of bird song can be heard as the day begins. Whilst we listen to the trill of nature, our attention is rarely if ever directed to the dangers they may bring to and cause us. Thinking of birds brings associated thoughts of peace, sunshine, parks and gardens but there are birds worldwide that have the capability to maim, injure and even kill a human being aside from the prey they hunt.
Compiled is a list of 10 of the most dangerous birds in the world 2017, beginning from 10 to 1 and facts that might just leave you gobsmacked.

List of Top 10 Most Dangerous Birds in The World 2017

10. The Red Tailed Hawk

the-red-tailed, Top 10 Most Dangerous Birds in The World 2017

The Red Tailed Hawk is also known as a “chicken hawk” and is partial to young weak or ill animals, reptiles, turkeys and chickens. It is equipped with razor sharp talons and visual abilities that give them scope rare to other species. With a wingspan of approximately 5 feet, it is often seen drifting on the thermals above farmlands and open prairies searching for prey on which it will dive at a speed of up to 120 MPH and collect in it’s massive claws. In the open, it nests and will defend its young without hesitation.

9. African Crowned Eagle

african crowned eagle, Top 10 Most Dangerous Birds in The World 2018

African Crowned Eagle is one of the largest, most powerful eagles in the world. With an ability to feed on monkeys, some of which are heavier than the bird, it dismembers the animal first before carrying the flesh to its nest for consumption. Known also as the crowned-hawk eagle, its territory is the sub-Saharan in Africa and Southern Africa. Although there have been chilling reports of the skulls of human children having been found in an African Crowned Eagle’s nest it has yet to be confirmed. However, they have been known to kill weak calves and will subdue its prey by delivering strong blows, deep wounds or suffocation.

8. Lammergeier

lammergeier, Top 10 Most Dangerous Birds in The World 2019

Lammergeier is German for “lamb vulture”. It is also known as a bearded culture. This vulture-like raptor is partial to ill or dying lambs which they target and aerial drop after which the Lammergeier will, having torn the flesh, focus on the soft marrow inside the shattered bones. If the bones have detached from the body of its prey, the Lammergeier will carry them into the air and drop them on rocks below thereby accessing the marrow. Anecdotal reports of humans having been killed by a Lammergeier is unofficial although they are bound to forage through human refuse.

7. The Harpy Eagle


The Harpy Eagle is powerfully large with a beak among the deadliest on a bird. Large cats have learned to be vigilant when a Harpy Eagle is in their midst and can be seen clearly from distant vantage points. With a wing span of over six feet, this majestic bird is 3 ½ feet in size and can weigh in at 9 kg. Among the worlds largest eagles, its rear talons measure up to 4 inches long. Nesting in green twigs and branches an adult Harpy is built more for a speedy chase and can reach speeds up to 80 kph. Capable of plucking sloths and monkeys from trees another hunting method is to sit and wait which they will do from a roost until their prey comes into view. Strong enough, the eagle will not hesitate to take down a grizzly, a wild cat or a wolf deer, or even a man.

6. Australian Magpie


Australian Magpie a large, predominantly black and white bird is one of Australia’s most territorial birds in spring when it is nesting season. It gainfully attacks cyclists and pedestrians if they’re too close to the nesting grounds and have been known to attack animals and children. Serious head and flesh wounds have been reported each spring, but it is rare for a fatal attack to occur. The magpie is equipped with a sharp pointed beak used to feed on ground-dwelling invertebrates but when threatened, with a wingspan of between 65 and 85 cm, they swoop rapidly and have been known to knock a cyclist of his bike and inflict gruesome injuries as it pecks chunks of flesh from any exposed area. Being vigilant during nesting season is the main goal in Australia and keep watch on the bird, for the magpie is unlikely to swoop during eye contact.

5. Snowy Owl


Snowy Owl A northern territorial bird of prey, the Snowy Owl breeds in and around the Arctic Circle and can survive the lowest of low temperatures. Weighing in at just over 6 pounds, it can reach a height of approximately 18 inches with a wingspan of 4 feet. It possesses razor sharp talons and attacks its prey with a precise strategic appearance, like an oversized snow drop, confronting then attacking. Mostly white as snow, the owl is sprinkled with brown bars and spots across its plumage while its legs, toes, and claws are shrouded by a thick covering of feathers. Its bill is short and strong with a sharp point on the end for easy tearing of flesh. Unlike other owls, the Snowy hunts in the daytime and are known to aggressively defend their nests, hence will not hesitate to attack if their young are threatened.

4. The Swan


The Swan known for its gliding grace, the swan is generally found in temperate climates but is rarely seen in the tropics. During the spring nesting season, the males are fierce and will become extremely dangerous and aggressive if its nest is approached or threatened. There is a display of extreme wing flapping and hissing which if not heeded, will cause the upset bird to attack with a thump. Mute swans defend in pairs and will attempt to ward off fowl, land mammals and humans with an aggressively rapid swimming approach accompanied by hissing and busking which is threat display when the swan curves its neck back and raises its wings half-mast. The mute swan will use it’s wing power to attack rather than its beak and will inflict major damage if its warning is not heeded. This is one of the Top 10 Most Dangerous Birds in The World 2017.

3. The Peregrine Falcon


The Peregrine Falcon is an exceptional hunter whose main diet is rodents and small animals but even humans have not fared well in the company of a territorial falcon. With remarkable agility, the falcon has been known to inflict the most heinous attack severing the nerves in the human body and have attacked the eyes if a human preventing it from reaching their prey. The falcon is equipped with powerful wings, incredibly razor sharp, hooked beaks, a visual prowess that makes them one of the most dangerous birds 2017 on earth and a flying speed of 320 km/h.

2. Ostrich


This flightless bird is the largest in the world and is also one of the fastest sprinters when startled. It will reach speeds up to 43 MPH and if terrain and circumstance permits, will flatten itself on the ground to camouflage. If it or its young are threatened, it becomes a deadly killing machine with enough kick in their powerful legs that will deliver a slash on the flesh from its long talon-like claws. Known to disembowel its quarry, it will batter to death or kill in an instant. Measuring from head to foot as tall as 7 feet, its weight averages around 240 pounds and has a comical appearance that with its long eyelashes and broad bill, can almost endear. However, it is by and large a dangerous encounter and best left to view from a distance.

1. The Southern Cassowary


The Southern Cassowary is reputed as being the most dangerous bird in the world, it can also be the most deadly. The Cassowary is native to the tropical forests of Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and north eastern Australia. The Cassowary can grow as tall as a man and with one powerful kick, can break his bones or even kill him. They weigh up to 58 kilograms and forage through thick bushlands and forests for food. They possess long talons on their legs which will in one fell swipe, sever a man’s arm. Historical records have told of natives being killed by the Cassowary after having had his abdomen eviscerated. The Southern Cassowary dwells throughout forests and has beautiful black plumage with blue patches. A remarkable bird with a peaceful disposition, it eats plant and arthropods from the forest floor but if pursued, is fiercely territorial and will fight intruders without hesitation. Many reports have warned of the dangers of these birds that with their razor sharp spurs and a kick, will disembowel and instantly kill any threat, humans included.

These are the world’s Top 10 Most Dangerous Birds 2017. Every bird in nature has its right to be there whether or not they are drawn to defending their territory or their young. Each has its place in our world and each in its own right has brought pleasure either by the very sight of it or its voice. Not one bird has ever been reported to harm, injure or kill a human being out of sheer spite. If ever an act of violence did occur it was simply because the bird was seeking defense.