Top 10 Cutest Cat Breeds in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Cutest Cat Breeds in The World 2017. Cats are adorable pets that many people love. They are furry, cute, cuddly and so much fun to have around. People really love the sophisticated and stylish cat breeds because they are very handsome and pretty felines.

If you are a cat lover that really enjoys how these pets look then the following information is for you. Here is a list of the top cutest cat breeds in the world in 2017. All of the cats on this list are very attractive four-legged moggies that cuteness to a whole other level.

List of Top 10 Cutest Cat Breeds in The World 2017

10. Maine Coon Cats

Maine Coon Cats Top Most Popular Cutest Cat Breeds in the World 2018

Just because something is big and hardy does not mean that it cannot be attractive. The Main Coon Cat is a feline breed that has a big size but an adorable appearance. These cats can weigh as much as 10 kg and has a length of 110 cm. These cats are extremely independent and but they are very loyal. They are a great pet to have around because they pay attention to their owners and they liked to be stroked.

9. Persian Cats

Persian Cats Top 10 Cutest Cat Breeds in the World

Persian cats are big on fur and big on fun. These cats are playful and silly. They are also very slothful. They usually just like to hang out in one spot and lounge around. Persian cats have some of the softest fur from out of all the cat breeds. One of the reasons why they are so attractive is because of their unique look. They love to clean and groom themselves. If you want a pet that enjoys looking like a star, then this is your cat.

8. Turkish Angora Cats


Cats generally have different fur colors which gives them a unique look. However, when it comes to the Turkish Angora Cat these felines come in really amazing hues. They can be blue, red and even a classic color such as black. These moggy’s will not constantly groom themselves and that job will be left up to their owners. While the Angora Cat might be high maintenance, cat owners will simply overlook this annoyance because they are so nice-looking.

7. Abyssinian Cats

Abyssinian Cats Top 10 Cutest Cat Breeds in the World 2017

Cats were big in ancient Egypt. They were often associated with royalty and many people worshipped them like gods. Truthfully, no one should be bowing down to their pet, regardless of how cute it is. The Abyssinian cat was considered a great breed during ancient Egyptian times and even today. Many people like this cat breed because they adorable. This is the type of cute cat that any feline lover would want at their side.

6. Himalayan Cats

Himalayan Cats Top Popular Cutest Cat Breeds in the World 2018

If you are into cats with big round eyes, vibrant colors and an amazingly gorgeous exterior then the Himalayan cat might be for you. Yes, you will have to spend a lot of time grooming these cute little fur balls if you want to maintain their cuteness factor. These moggies are among the most stylish looking cats on the planet. They are calm kittens who are sensitive and delicate. They also have very short legs. This cat breed rates high on the cuteness factor.

5. Munchkin Cats


Munchkin cats might as well be real life children because they behave like them. They love to scrap and play and they usually have amazing personalities. The cats make it a point to snuggle and cuddle. This means that you better like this activity as much as them if you want to get this breed. Also, they have a very attractive appearance, just like most children do. The Munchkin cat is truly one good looking animal. This is one of the Top 10 Cutest Cat Breeds in The World 2017.

4. Siamese Cats


The Siamese cat is a well-known feline. It has colorful eyes and a friendly nature. These cats to love to bond with their owners. Not only do these cats look like a million bucks they are very smart. They can be taught to do tricks which means they can also be talented and charming as well as handsome.

3. Manx Cats

Manx Cats Top Famous Cutest Cat Breeds in the World 2019

Manx cats love to be by themselves and this is a pretty good quality for this breed. This type of moggy is active and will spend time with their owners when needed. The Manx is a handsome little fur-ball that does not have a standard cat tail. That is okay, too. Their pretty ways make up for any defect they might have. That is a blessing of beauty.

2. Ragdoll Cats


This is a big, big cat with a soft, soft body. The Ragdoll cat can way as much as 20 pounds. That is bigger than a lot of dogs. Moggies who are that big probably should be feared. However, the Ragdoll is not a mean cat. Who has time for an attitude when they have such an appealing appearance? Ragdoll cats are good looking cat to walk on a leash out in public.

1. Bengal Cats

Bengal Cats Top Most Cutest Cat Breeds in the World 2017

Bengal cats look like baby leopards but thank God they are not wild undomesticated animals. There spots help them to stand out from the other breeds and it makes them look really amazing. They are not only stylish and loveable on the outside; they are also very energetic. They will play with their owners and kids for many hours nonstop. This cat breed is truly the pageant winner of the cat world.

These are the Top 10 Cutest Cat Breeds in The World 2017. There you have it. The best looking cat breeds on Earth. While all cat breeds might look good simply because they are cats, these cats are truly the pick of the litter. They are all just so adorable.

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