Top 10 Most Beautiful Fishes in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Beautiful Fishes in The World 2017. One of the reasons why people will spend their time, money, effort and space to set up aquariums is due to the beauty of the fish. You can set up the aquarium at any place to add up to the look of the place. It can be in your office, at home or any other place you feel an aquarium can be. The beauty of the fish swimming in your room will give you a good feeling.

Were it not for the not for the wonderful fish spices, I think that aquariums could not be existing. The beauty of the fish made one genius person discover the beauty of a fish in your room swimming all the time. If you are planning on setting up one, I will advise you on the most beautiful fish spices in the world. Below is the order of the most beautiful fish in the world 2017:

List of Top 10 Most Beautiful Fishes in The World 2017

1. Mandarin fish


This fish spice is also known as Mandarin Dragonet. It has a blue-green color with and has orange lines. Commonly found in the region of North Australia in the Southeast Pacific. Mandarin is the most beautiful due to its bright coloring and its plumes. The worth of the fish is very high because of its beauty. If you have plans of keeping Mandarin fish in your Aquarium, you can start saving as early as now.

The main issue concerning this fish is that it eats live food only. But if you can get this for the fish you can get. The fish is breathtaking and its death can be very hurting, so if you can’t put up with the fish, you can go for other species that are beautiful too.

2. Discus Fish

Discus Fish Top Most Popular Fishes in The World 2018

It is also known as Pompadour Fish named after French King Louis XV Madame Pompadour. Discus Fish is the second most beautiful fishes species in the world 2017. It is a fish from Amazon River Basin and kind of cichlid. There are various colors of the fish in the water bodies. Some of the colors are brown, green, reddish, golden and blue. In most cases in the ocean, commonly found in the areas where there are coral reefs and rocky areas. Due to the bright color its prey gets it quickly.

It is the most popular fish that many people use in their aquarium. It is affordable hence making many people use it. Its cost ranges from $50 to $80 one piece.

3. Clown Fish

Clown Fish Top Beautiful Fishes in The World 2018

The color of the clown fish will definitely be appealing to any human being even to the color blind. Found in the coral reefs where they can easily hide from their predators. There are different species of this fish in total. They are nearly 28 different species of the clown fish.

The body of the clown fish covered with very attractive orange color and white bars. The funny thing about this fish is that they are all born male but as they grow they transform and become female. They swim in an attractive way and the move very fast.

4. Juvenile Emperor AngelFish

Juvenile Emperor AngelFish Top Most Popular Beautiful Fishes in The World 2019

Juvenile fish is also a fascinating fish species in the water bodies because of its nature of light blue electrifying dark patterns. It has an amazing color of dark blue and a combination of white fins. As these fish grow the color of its body changes and the white color turn to be yellow and the blue stripes.

The fish can take up to four years before maturing into adulthood. The length of its body is proximately 40 cm long. Spotting this fish in the water bodies is not that easy. If you want to see the fish you have to hassle a lot before having a glance at it.

5. Lion Fish

Lion Fish Most Beautiful Fishes in The World

Despite being in the list of the most beautiful fish species in the world, the fish is also poisonous. The poison in the fish acts as its way of keeping off its enemies. This is the best way to protect its beauty. The fish has white and red stripes covering its body. Its origin is Indo-Pacific region, but they are found in different color.

The fish has fin-like protruding on the body that helps it propel faster in water and get its prey. The length of the fish ranges from 10 and 15 inches. It can also weigh up to 1.5 kilogram’s. You can use this fish in the aquarium.

6. Trigger Fish


The triggerfish commonly found in the subtropical and tropical areas in the water bodies. There is the most interesting type found in the Pacific Ocean. 40 different fish species of the triggerfish belong to the Balistidae family. Different species found with different lines and spots covering their bodies.

They like staying in shallow areas close to the coastal regions, and you can easily spot them in their breeding areas and diving. Their breathtaking beauty can make you spend your entire day staring at them.

7. Banggai Cardinal Fish

Banggai Cardinal Fish Top 10 Most Beautiful Fishes in The World 2017

Banggai fish commonly spotted at the Banggai Island in Indonesia. It is one of the most peaceful fish that you can rear in your aquarium. They are in their habitats in the shallow waters on the island. They are 8 cm in length making them tiny as compared to other fish species.

Their body has a planned pattern of black and has white bars that run across the body. The only way you can differentiate a male fish and the female fish is the oral cavity. The male has an enlarged oral cavity and feeds on copepods and planktons.

8. Moorish Idol


Moorish fish is one of the smallest fish in the water. Even at its adulthood, the size of this fish is still tiny. You can find it in South Africa, Indian Ocean and in Japan. The body covered with black bar-like ribbons and yellow color. They move in large numbers in the coral reefs and can spend most of their time on the surface.

Moorish is the is the 8th most beautiful fishes species in the world 2017. Despite the popularity of this fish, it is very cunning to keep it in the aquarium for the reason that it has a short lifespan. The name was from the Moorish people from Africa who believed that the fish was a sign of good luck.

9. Blue-face Angel Fish

Blue-face Angel Fish Most Beautiful Fishes in The World 2017

Blue-face angle fish is also known as yellow-face angle fish. The name of the fish is the color of the fish. The most unusual thing about this fish is the color of the head that is brighter than the other part of the body. Found in many areas of the ocean such as Australia, Micronesia and Indian Ocean.

The lifespan of the fish is prolonged because it can stay for up to 10 years. The length is up to 14 inches.

10. Nudibranch fish


Nudibranch fish is from the taxonomic clade. They have known as the sea slugs because of their uneven and slimy appearance. You should note that not all the sea slugs are Nudibranchs. The species of the fish are appealing because their body is multi-colored with dazzling colors. They glow like neon hence making them attractive on your eyes.

Estimation shows that 73% of the earth is covered by water. Fish live in water. Hence more species of fish has been discovered. The most interesting thing is that the number of more beautiful fishes 2017 is still cropping up. Fishes are interesting species and the most appealing in the eyes of everybody.

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