Top 10 Most Beautiful Dangerous Animals in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Beautiful Dangerous Animals in The World 2017. There are a number of beautiful animals in nature. Just because these animals have natural beauty does not mean that a person should get anywhere near them. These 10 amazingly beautiful dangerous animals are also very deadly.

List of Top 10 Most Beautiful Dangerous Animals in the world 2017

10. Wolverine


This animal is cute. It is stocky, muscular, and is covered in fir. It has short legs, a round head, and small eyes. When a person looks at it from a distance the wolverine looks like it can be a small teddy bear all cute and cuddly. This is one creature that should be left alone. The wolverine is aggressive and has powerful jaws with rows of sharp teeth. It also has sharp claws and is not afraid to take on creatures that are twice its size or more.

9. Cassowary

Cassowary Top Beautiful Bangerous Animals 2017

This bird is colorful and has an interesting crest on its head. This bird is a cousin of the ostrich and lives in the rain forest. They usually eat fruit and tend to keep to themselves. There is another side to this bird as well. It is territorial and if another bird or even a person comes into its area the Cassowary can become aggressive. It is able to run at high speeds and jump high. There are sharp claws that the bird uses to tear its enemies apart.

8. Poison Dart Frog

Poison Dart Frog Top 10 Most Beautiful Bangerous Animals

From a distance this frog can look sort of cute. It is blue in color with black spots on its back and even its head. The frog can also come in other bright colors including red and orange. They are often active during daylight hours. This small frog is not something to mess with. This frog is able to give off lipophilic alkaloid toxins through their skin. If a person touches them they can get really sick. While there is not enough poison to kill a human it can kill small animals including pets.

7. Siberian Chipmunks


These little animals are cute to look at. The look cute and cuddly and they have fluffy fur. They are the perfect little critters to cuddle with. While they are only six inches tall they are not as cute or cuddly as they seem. These litter critters are aggressive. They will go right up to a person and take the food out of their hands. They also carry a number of diseases. They have brought lyme disease and rabies to various places in the world. If left untreated these diseases can kill. They are the one of top 10 most beautiful dangerous animals of the world 2017.

6. Swans


These birds are often a symbol of beauty and love. They are graceful and elegant. These swans mate for life and when they put their necks together it looks like they are making the shape of a heart. Swans are often dangerous. They become violent when their young are threatened and will not stop until the threat is dead. They fly, bite, and will even hold a threat underwater. These birds are nice to look at from a distance.

5. Leopard Seal

Leopard Seal Top Most Famous Beautiful Bangerous Animals 2019

This seal is cut. It has a big nose with whiskers, flappers, and lots of fir. The leopard seal is not an animal to mess with. They will go to any lengths to kill their food. While they prefer fish they will kill anything including humans if their main source of food cannot be found.

4. Bottlenose Dolphin

Bottlenose Dolphin Top 10 Most Beautiful Bangerous Animals 2017

Dolphins are intelligent creatures. They are able to communicate and are a great sight to see in the ocean. People love dolphins because they are intelligent and love to have fun. This dolphin can be a vicious killer. Male are often aggressive to humans if there is a female around. Sometimes they even kill their young. They kill porpoises to play with their dead bodies for fun. At one point dolphins were targeting swimmers and are even able to kill them.

3. Raccoons


These creatures are cute and furry. They look like they have a black mask around their eyes. The raccoon is known to be a vicious attacker. They do not fear humans and their claws and teeth can do a lot of damage. Raccoons also carry rabies and this can harm the humans.

2. Dingo

Dingo Top Famous Beautiful Bangerous Animals 2018

A dingo looks like a small dog. They look like they are ready to play and will be as loyal as the domestic pets that they look like. While the dingo is cure they are not domesticated in any way and are wild animals. They are predators and often hunt in packs. A wild pack of dingoes can easily take down a human. Dingoes go for the kill when they are on the attack and will aim for the throat. While they look cute they are not dogs and humans should not attempt to play with them.

1. Chimpanzee

Chimpanzee Top Most Popular Beautiful Bangerous Animals 2018

This is one of the animals that is the closet to humans. The chip is intelligent , can learn to communicate, and uses has a thumb that it can use. They are able to be taught to do a number of tasks and can act in movies. They can make different facial expressions and for animals have a well developed brain. Do not be fooled by the chimp. Chimps have fought with each other to the death and have even been known to turn on humans that have taken care of them. They can break bones and even tear off faces. The chimp is five times stronger than the human making them very dangerous. Tamed chimps can be dangerous but chimps in the wild should be avoided.

These are some of the most beautiful dangerous animals 2017 on Earth. They have grace, intelligence, but they pose a threat to those around them. These animals should be admired from a far and should be respected in nature.

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