Top 10 Amazing Facts About Animal Intelligence

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Amazing Facts About Animal Intelligence. Animals are lovely and wonderful creatures that are part of the wonderful nature. As humans we have a special kind of affection for animals and we love them to be part of our lives. Animals on the other hand are full of surprises at times. Animals can be pretty smarter than you can imagine at times. They are not as smart as human beings but show intelligent traits and an urge to want to know and learn new things. They amazingly also put into practice what they learn in the past in the present and in future expectations. The gap between animal and human intelligence now is not as big as it was thought to be. Animals are a lot more intelligent than you may know or believe. The following is a list of the Top Ten Amazing Facts About Animal Intelligence that maybe you never knew.

List of Top 10 Amazing Facts About Animal Intelligence

10. Dogs Have a Good Memory.

Dogs Have a Good Memory Top Famous Amazing Facts About Animal Intelligence 2018

Dogs have a smart brain and can learn so many words from human language. They can master up to 165 words which means they hear and understand you when you talk to them even if they cannot talk back. They learn different arithmetic functions like addition and subtraction. They can also detect errors in simple arithmetic like 2+4=7. Dogs intelligence also depend of type of breeds. Some more intelligent dog breed can master more than 200 words/signs.

9. Elephants Mourn Deaths of Their Own.

Elephants Mourn Deaths of Their Own Top Most Popular Amazing Facts About Animal Intelligence 2019

Elephants are so emotional when one of their own dies. They know when another elephant has died and they feel so miserable about it just like the way human beings feel. They have their own death rituals unlike the rest of the other animals. After an elephant has died the other elephants feel bad about it and start mourning them practically. They cover the body of the dead one with branches, twigs and leaves. They gather and hold vigils to mourn over the body of the dead one for about 4 days or more.

8. Crows remember Faces

Crows remember Faces Top Most Amazing Facts About Animal Intelligence 2017

Crows are smarter than we think. Crows have good memory and great skills of communicating to human beings. Crows have a frightening memory of recognizing human faces. They remember your face if they have seen you before. Next time you pass by them they will remember you and maybe communicate to you by crowing. If you troubled them before they will remember you as a bad person and might even attack you if they are angry enough.

7. Parrots Are Smarter Than You Thought


Parrots have been considered to be clever and bright for their skill of mimicking words of human language and singing songs using human language words. Many do not know that parrots are more intelligent than that because they actually understand what the words they mimic mean. A study was done on parrots which shown that these smart parrots ca remember approximately 90% of the words that are told to them.

6. Chimpanzees Love Fashion

Chimpanzees Love Fashion Top 10 Amazing Facts About Animal Intelligence 2017

Chimpanzees have this behavior of initiating and imitating and coming up with fashion trends. They are able of introducing a fashion trend that did not exist. The love to wear clothes and all those types of outfits and be fashionable and trendy like us humans. A female Chimpanzee that was named Julie was poking both her ears with a grass and the rest of the chimpanzees imitated her and started poking theirs too. This shows the urge of Chimps wanting to learn new things and trends.

5. Fruit Flies Think Before Doing Anything

Fruit Flies Think Before Doing Anything Top 10 Amazing Facts About Animal Intelligence

Fruit flies are also smart and some Science Researchers from Oxford University suggest that they fruit flies prove to be intelligent by thinking before making decisions. Fruit flies also think differently according to the type of issue that they are to offer a decision. They take their time to put some thought before they show their reaction. This is amazing and pretty intelligent.

4. Monkeys Are Biased like Human beings at times.


Science researchers from Rochester University have studied different kinds of monkeys and their behaviors. They discovered that monkeys can be superstitious in that they can also be biased. This showed that monkeys behave and think like us human beings to some extent. This proved that monkeys were intelligent in their thinking. Monkeys chose the ripe, sweet and good bananas from a basket and left the bad ones that were spoilt.

3. Dogs Miss Their Owners

Dogs Miss Their Owners Famous Amazing Facts About Animal Intelligence 2018

Dogs are intelligent animals. Perhaps this is the reason that most human beings opt to host dogs as their pets and live with them. It is always better to have a relationship with an intelligent person than a dumb one. Dogs know their owners very well by their voice, smell and face. They miss their owners when they are absent or not around. This is awesome that dogs can also get emotional. Dogs miss their owners to an extent that they start smelling the things, clothes or shoes of their owners when they are not present.

2. Lemurs Can Steal Food People.


Lemurs are so fascinating and intelligent that they are able to understand human beings’ abilities and study our behavior so that they can easily be able to steal from us. They steal when you are not seeing them because it is safer than when you see them. Lemurs have the tendency of acting socially and are socially intelligent.

1.Dolphins are Smart

Dolphins are Smart Top Popular Amazing Facts About Animal Intelligence 2019

Dolphins are very intelligent animals and are the smartest sea animals in the entire world. They are socially intelligent in that they can communicate to each other in their own unique and complex language. Scientists have tried for years to understand this language. Dolphins have good memory. They are also emotional which means they can love or hate and also experience other different kinds of feelings.

These are the Top 10 Amazing Facts About Animal Intelligence. Animals are great creatures and if they can be as intelligent as such then this is just awesome. The above animals are the top most amazing facts about animals intelligence.

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