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Top 10 People Who Survived Horrifying Situations

There are situations you hope to never be in. We all imagine what the worst thing could be and how we would react to it and usually decide we probably wouldn’t survive. There are situations that are referred to as ‘certain death’ as the odds of a person surviving them is so low. These stories are always scary as we couldn’t possibly imagine ourselves pulling through them. They are also inspiring to hear when someone has actually beaten the odds and came out alive. These are the top 10 people who survived horrifying situations that will be those inspiring tales.

10. Holly Dunn

Late on the night of August 29, 1997, Holly Dunn and her boyfriend Chris Maier were spooked when a strange looking man approached them asking for money. The strange looking man, Angel Resendiz was in every way a spooky individual who had already killed six people and would continue on his rampage to kill even more. He found Holly and Chris near a train track where they standing and chatting together after having just left a party a few blocks away. Using an ice pick as a threat, Resendiz managed to subdue the couple, tie them up, and left them lying in a nearby ditch. Resendiz then went back out to make sure no one was around that could have seen him.

He returned to the couple and killed Chris by hitting him on the head with a 50 lb. rock. Resendiz then proceeded to rape Holly, stab her in the neck with the ice pick and beat her so badly she mercifully passed out. When she awoke, Holly found Resendiz had left and was able to drag herself to a nearby house. Holly suffered a shattered eye socket, broken jaw, and numerous other injuries, but did recover and testify against Resendiz. He had earned the reputation as the “Railway Killer” and was convicted of killing more than 15 people. Holly was his only victim that survived.

9. Ken Henderson

In March of 2012, Ken Henderson and his friend Ed Coen left on a fishing trip in the Gulf of Mexico. They were out in the Gulf on a 30-foot boat that suddenly began to fill with water. The men found themselves without cell phone service, no response on the radio, salt-water damaged pump, and no way to get the water out of the boat. They barely had time to grab a couple of life jackets before the boat sunk leaving them floating in the ice-cold water.

The two friends continued to float in the open water for over 30 hours, talking to distract each other and huddling to conserve body heat. When Ken noticed his friend was having serious trouble, he decided to make a last-ditch effort to swim towards a distant oil rig. He almost didn’t make the swim as he became disoriented and began hallucinating about trees surrounding him. It took him two and half days to reach the rig which was more than 50 miles from where the boat had gone down. Ken was later picked up by the Coast Guard but his friend Ed Coen had died while Ken made his valiant swim.

8. Felix

The Mexican Drug Cartel does not place any value on a human life. They have killed thousands of innocent people and countless others have died in the wars between the Gulf and Zeta cartels. Many police departments are helpless against them and in fact side with them just to avoid execution. This is the area where a man named Felix found himself one night. He was picked up by the police as he was walking alone down a road one night and found himself caught in a brutal and long nightmare.

The police dropped Felix off at a safe house with the Zeta cartel where they proceeded to beat, pistol whip, and shocked him repeatedly for the next week. While they were torturing Felix, they were calling his family demanding a ransom for his return. Felix had to witness the murder of several Gulf cartel members as they promised him the same fate if they didn’t get their money. Felix’s family wired them $5000 which they weren’t happy with and demanded that same amount again.

Felix was shuttled around several different safe houses for the next couple of months as he suffered continuous beatings. Finally, the cartel figured they were not going to get any more money from his family so they beat him almost to death and threw him on a roadside. Miraculously, Felix survived and after months of recovery was able to tell his story, unlike countless others who have disappeared and never been seen again.

7. Paul Lessard

Paul Lessard had been snowmobiling out in the Maine wilderness when he found himself trapped underneath his snowmobile. The machine had rolled over pinning Paul under the large, heavy storage rack. There was no way he could free himself without breaking his own neck. Paul was lying half submerged in a freezing creek, pinned by the weight of the machine and the sun was starting to set threatening really cold temperatures.The snow began falling heavily in the area and the rescue team sent out to search for Paul had to quit. Temperatures fell to zero degrees with a wind chill and the rescue couldn’t resume until morning when they planned to get more manpower and a plane. In the morning the owner of a local Arctic Cat dealership spotted Paul’s overturned machine. It had been over 20 hours since he had fallen and laid trapped in this deadly condition. Paul suffered hypothermia and frostbite but did make a full recovery.

6. Timothy Brown

An HIV diagnosis in the 80’s and 90’s was a death sentence. There were drugs to slow the disease, but none that could cure it. Timothy Brown was diagnosed with the deadly disease in 1995 when drugs were said to extend life but not indefinitely. He responded well to the medications, but in 2005 became ill and diagnosed with leukemia.

Timothy’s immune system was already compromised by the HIV and the chemotherapy needed to battle leukemia, made him even more susceptible to infection. During his first round of treatments, Timothy came down with pneumonia and during the second round, he fought a bout with sepis. The doctors felt these treatments were going to kill Timothy so decided to try a new, never tried before procedure.

Timothy received a stem cell transplant from a special quality known as CCR5 mutation that was known for making cells resistant to HIV. The transplant took and not only did Timothy beat leukemia, he was also cured of his HIV.

5. Jake Finkbonner

Jake Finkbonner was five years old in February of 2006 when he was playing Pee-Wee League basketball. During the last game of the season, Jake was pushed into the base of the basketball hoop where he split his bottom lip open. What made this more than just a fat lip incident is the surface of that hoop contained a deadly bacteria, Strep A. Jake’s parents were horrified a few days later when doctors told them their son was likely going to die.

Strep A is a flesh-eating bacterium. It entered Jake’s face through his cut lip and literally began to eat the flesh from his face. Jake’s family are strong Catholics and had last rite administered to their son as they asked friends and family to pray for him.

Unbelievably the infection began to slow and then stopped. Jake has had to undergo numerous skin grafts and surgical procedures to restore his face but he has survived a disease that normally kills patients within 24 hours.

4. Bahia Bakari

Bahia Bakari was aboard the Yemenia Flight 626 when it plunged into the Indian Ocean on June 30, 2009. She was ejected from the plane without a life jacket and managed to cling on to a piece of debris from the plane’s fuselage. Bahia was not a good swimmer and she clung to this piece of debris until nine hours later she was rescued by a civilian vessel. She suffered a broken pelvis and collarbone but was the only one to survive a crash 152 others did not.

3. Richard Moyer

Richard Moyer left his dog, Brindy outside on the morning of October 3, 2011 just like he did every morning. The difference this day was Brindy’s quick return to the house with a gigantic black bear right behind him. The closed door Richard slammed in the bear’s face made no difference as he merely broke it right down in its pursuit of Brindy.

The bear turned its attack on Richard once in the house which woke his wife, Angela. She tried to intervene which only made the bear turn on her. Brindy came to the rescue of Angela when Richard decided he had to do something. Leaping at the bear with his head down, Richard attacked the bear. The bear managed to maul the heck out of him and even chewed on his head for a bit, then suddenly stopped and left the house. Richard required 37 staples to reclose the wounds on his head but was home from the hospital that same day.

2. Alcides Moreno

In December of 2007 two Manhattan window washers were working together on a high rise cleaning windows. The two were brothers, Alcides and Edgar Moreno and they had been working together for years doing this same type of work. On this day, however; the rig they were working on became disengaged, sending the two brothers almost 500 feet down into an alleyway. Edgar did not survive the fall but Alcides was found alive, conscious, and sitting up when firefighters arrived at the scene.
Alcides suffered injuries to his spine and brain, shattered limbs, and fractured ribs but made a full recovery after a year of therapy. Doctors say it is incredible he survived a fall from 47 stories high when most do not survive one from 3 floors.

1. Michelina Lewandoska

Marcin Kasprzak fiance of Michelina Lewandoska became bored with his relationship. He convinced a friend of his, Patryk Borys to help him get rid of her. Marcin attacked Michelina with a stun gun to force her to the ground and then tied her wrists and ankles together. They left her lay for hours trying to decide what to do with her when they finally stuffed her into a cardboard box and drove off towards to the wilderness. The two men then buried her inside this box under four inches of dirt and a 90 lb. tree branch.

Left lying alive inside this box under the dirt, Michelina managed to use her engagement ring from Marcin to cut her bonds loose. She was then able to claw her way to the surface. Michelina suffered for weeks with her breathing and walking but did make a full recovery. Her testimony against the two put them in prison for 20 years.

Amazing stories of survival are always great to hear. Justice against those who cause harm is also good to know. These top 10 people who survived horrifying situations are incredibly strong and brave people who inspire us all.