Top 10 Hottest Most Popular YouTube Videos

Most Extreme Hot YouTube Videos in 2017, Most Popular and hottest YouTube Videos.

Get the top super sexy YouTube videos in 2017: You must be a fan of you tube videos and must have watched enough of the videos online. The major thing that you must check out there is the sexiest videos. We will present you the list of the top videos of recent time that has been liked and followed by most of the fans in the world. In today’s world almost everyone visit the world of YouTube for various reasons and so this world turned out to be one of the prime zones for entertainment across globe. You can get to see videos on almost every subject available in the world here in YouTube.

Presenting the list of most popular as well as most hottest YouTube Videos so far for year 2017

The most important thing that you can get from the article is the details of the songs and the videos. All the videos in the top list are liked by millions and they are ranked accordingly. Thus just get through them and check whether you have watched them or not. If not, then open the net and get through them today as they are really hot and worthy to be watched.

1. I just know what to do with myself – This has been a wonderful feat from The white stripes. The popularity of the band is nothing to be mentioned as you all know about them very well. The video song has got millions of viewers and that is why it has got the place in the top position.

I just know what to do with myself, Hottest Most Popular YouTube Videos

2. Blurred lines – The Robin thicke feat has been getting into the nerves of the teens of US. They are found to mesmerizing for the song and the records say that millions of users have viewed them on the YouTube. The video has been so popular that millions of people have visited the video and the count is still increasing at a rapid pace.

3. Girls on film – This is a perfect hot video and the video watchers just love the way Duran Duran has been choreographed. The song has been one of the most popular one among the teens and they just loved the dancing feat with the sexy choreography. The love song has been liked by the fans so much that it has got millions of viewers.

4. Call on me – The beautiful song has been a great feat from the Eric Prydz. The great song has been liked by many. The most important thing is that the song of this album has been so popular that the US teens have got through them in many of the functions of the schools and colleges.

5. Trading places – A perfect hot track for the teens has been made by Usher. The super song has been one of the top hit video on the YouTube. The followers of Usher have followed the video so much that the viewer’s number is near about 800 millions till date.

6. I’m slave for you – There is nothing new to say about Britney Spears. You all know how beautiful she is and how hot she appears on the videos. This video has been another sensational one from her and the same appeal is again found in this video. There are millions of viewers of this video and they are doing almost everything to take this score to the top most position.

7. Satisfaction – This is yet another lovely feat from Benny Benassi. The song has been liked by many, but the hot video has been liked by millions. The lovely appearance and super hot scenes has made the teens mad about it.

8. Dirty – The super hot Christina Aguilera feat featured Redman and is one of the best videos that YouTube has ever found. The viewers of this video have crossed all the limits and thus it is placed at the third position in the list.

9. Wicked Game – This is in the second position and the beautiful appearance of Chris Isaak in the feat has made the fans get crazy for him. The beautiful song has been featured in black white and still the clicks and the viewers’ amount is moiré than millions.

10. Lapdance  – Undoubtedly this colorful feat from Nerd has broken all the records. The most important thing about the video is the colorful appearance and the super items inclusion. This made the teens get fond of it and the viewers’ record has broken all the past records to place it at the top.

All the videos are super popular and that is why they are placed in the top list by YouTube alone. Just check them out and see whether you have missed one of these feats. If you have missed it, get to the YouTube and find it now.