Top 10 Magicians Killed While Performing Magic Tricks

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Magicians Killed While Performing Magic Tricks of all time until 2017. People have long been fascinated by magicians and their performances. Still to this day, we are entranced by magic tricks. The hit show The Carbonaro Effect on truTV is a perfect example. Other shows in recent years have included Criss Angel BeLIEve and David Blaine’s various television performances. Magicians like David Copperfield and acts like Siegfried and Roy have long captivated audiences in Las Vegas, and no one will ever forget the immortal Harry Houdini. These magicians have performed risky tricks and sometimes even put themselves in real danger. What about magicians that have died during their performances? In this list, we’ll look at 10 magicians who died performing magic tricks.

List of Top 10 Magicians Killed While Performing Magic Tricks

10. Madame Delinsky

madame delinsky, Top 10 Magicians Killed While Performing Magic Tricks

Madame Delinsky was part of a magic act with her husband. They were performing in front of a German prince and had decided to do the ever-famous bullet catch. Typically, this involves a magician being shot at point blank range, only to escape death and reveal that he or she has caught the bullet in his or her teeth. During their trick, they used several soldiers who were supposed to load blanks into their rifles before shooting. One of the soldiers had a bit of stage fright and accidentally loaded real bullets. Madame Delinsky was pregnant at the time and her husband watched in horror as she was shot in the stomach. She lost her baby and, two days later, her own life.

9. Dr. Vivian Hensley


Vivian Hensley was an Australian dentist who died after attempting to amuse his family with a sleight-of-hand trick. He would pass a razor blade in front of his mouth and slip it into his shirtsleeve while he pretended it went into his mouth. Normally, he would chew vigorously and swallow and then produce the blade from his hand. This time, however, Hensley accidentally threw the blade into the back of his throat, causing him to swallow involuntarily. He was rushed to the doctor who had him swallow cotton and wool and sent him to the hospital. At the hospital they performed surgery after locating the blade via x-ray, but were ultimately unable to find the blade. Hensley died from complications of this incident.

8. Janaka Basnayake

Janaka Basnayake Top 10 Magicians Killed While Performing Magic Tricks

Janaka Basnayake was a Sri Lankan man who loved magic. In 2012, he attempted to break the record for the longest time spent buried alive. Instead of breaking the record, he died in his attempt. Basnayake was buried in a grave three meters deep at around 9:30am. At 4pm he was dug up and found to be unconscious. He was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead upon arrival.

7. The Great Lafayette


The Great Lafayette was originally known as Sigmund Newburger. He was a German who immigrated to America at the age of 19 in 1890. Newburger assumed the name the Great Lafayette when he began performing in vaudeville. He became one of the highest paid performers, earning roughly 3.6 million pounds in 2014 prices. During a performance of his signature trick, the Lion’s Bride, a theater caught fire due to an accident. The audience thought it was part of the trick and didn’t start evacuating until the orchestra played “God Save the Queen.” Lafayette escaped, but went back to save his horse. He then perished. After the fire, his body was discovered and sent to be cremated. While digging through the rubble, a body dressed exactly like Lafayette was found. It turned out that the first body had been his body double.

6. Austin Graham Egan


The newspaper clipping from The Advertiser (an Adelaide newspaper) on Friday, June 5, 1953 reads, “Austin Graham Egan, 13, accidentally hanged himself while practicing conjuring tricks at his home at Bankstown tonight. He was found by his father hanging on a door with a knotted rope around his neck. Police said that the boy was in the habit of practicing conjuring tricks.” It seems that Egan was trying to imitate a trick that Houdini was famous for and met his death in the process.

5. James Keller


Another young fan of Houdini, James Keller was only 9 when he received his first pair of handcuffs from his parents. Because James’s father was afraid that James might hurt himself with the cuffs, he took them away. James found them and attempted an escape trick where he locked himself in the handcuffs and then climbed inside the dryer. He was unable to escape and died of asphyxiation.

4. John Miller


John Miller was a Swedish immigrant who went by the name Balabrega. Gaining fame as a magician, he went on a tour to Brazil to showcase his magical talents. He had purchased a fancy vanishing trick from one of his fellow magicians, Harry Rouclere. During the illusion, while he was on stage, one of the gasbags exploded. He and his assistant were killed immediately.

3. Chung Ling Soo


Contrary to what his name would make you believe, Chung Ling Soo was actually an American of Scottish descent. His name was William Ellsworth Robinson. He performed under several names, including James Campbell, H.J. Campbell, and Professor Campbell. He was performing a bullet catch in a theater in London when he was accidentally shot through the lung. Known for not speaking on stage, he immediately said, “Oh my God. Something’s happened. Lower the curtain.” Chung Ling Soo was rushed to the hospital and died the following morning from complications of the bullet wound.

2. Charles Rowan


Charles Rowan was a South African magician in the 1920s. He regularly performed an escape trick where he would be locked in a straightjacket and then a speeding card would hurtle toward him. He had to escape from the straightjacket before the car hit him. It only took this trick going wrong one time for Rowan’s life to end. In 1930, in front of a packed crowd, the driver ran right over Rowan when he failed to escape in time. It nearly severed his leg clean off. Rowan died as a result of his injuries.

1. Harry Houdini


Perhaps the most famous magician on this list, Harry Houdini died as a result of performing a magic trick. While in his dressing room in 1926, Houdini was approached by a student of McGill University. They asked if it was true that he could withstand any punch to the abdomen. While Houdini was reclining on his couch, J. Gordon Whitehead struck him violently several times. Houdini stopped him and told him that if he could stand (his ankle was broken at the time) he could better prepare himself. Houdini’s appendix had ruptured and he went to the hospital. He later died as a result of the attack.

Even though magic can be very dangerous, people are still fascinated with it. Perhaps that’s part of its appeal – a performer could die at any moment if something in the trick goes wrong. From vaudeville to the suburbs, these 10 magicians represent those who died while pursuing the dream of magic.

Top 10 Most Amazing Facts About Antarctica

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Amazing Facts About Antarctica. Antarctica is one of the coldest places on earth. Despite the continent being very cold, there are animals that comfortably live there. They have certain adaptations which enable them to live in such environment. Scientists and geologists do a lot of research on this cold continent. There are facts about Antarctica that you probably don’t know. They are not only interesting but also amazing. Here are top 10 most amazing facts about Antarctica that many people are not aware.

List of Top 10 Most Amazing Facts About Antarctica

10. Presence of Meteorites


Meteorites are heavenly bodies which fall from space to the surface of the earth. Scientists discovered meteorites on this continent.They go there to do research about this heavenly objects. It helps them to gain a better understanding of the universe.If you want to know how a meteorite looks like, you should visit Antarctica.

9. Amazing Creatures

Amazing Creatures Top Most Amazing Facts About Antarctica 2017

Antarctica has amazing creatures which will make you appreciate nature. It has rare species of penguins, whales, snow petrel and more.These creatures have adaptations which enable them to live in the cold environment.They are beautiful and attractive.Tourists travel here just to have a look at the beautiful creatures.

8. No Government

No Government Top 10 Most Amazing Facts About Antarctica

There is no ruling government in Antarctica. There are no laws to govern your conduct. You just need to behave yourself and do what is right. Besides, you don’t need passport to travel to Antarctica. Anybody can go.Researchers, journalists and other persons travel here throughout the year.There are no entry charges.What a wonderful place to visit!

7. Affected By Global Warming

Affected By Global Warming Top 10 Most Amazing Facts About Antarctica 2017

If there is any continent that has adversely been affected by global warming, Antarctica is the best example. Global warming causes depletion of the ozone layer. This has in turn led to increase in temperatures. The ice that once covered the larger part of the continent has since melted even though we still have some.Melting is still going on. It is feared that if the situation continues, there will be loss of biodiversity.

6. Largest Ice Bergs In The World

Largest Ice Bergs In The World Top Famous Amazing Facts About Antarctica 2019

Antarctica has many beautiful icebergs which attract thousands of tourists and researchers from all over the world. What will make you marvel at the icebergs is their size. They are so big. You will find no place on earth with icebergs which are as big as those found on this cold continent. There is one that measures 295 km long and 37 km wide. It has a surface area of 11000 km2.

5. No Time Zone


There is no time zone in Antarctica. This is a fact that many people may not believe. But it is the truth. The day cycle on Antarctica is different from other parts of the world.Time on earth is set with reference to Greenwich Meridian whose latitude is 0 degree. Antarctica is found at the poles. This makes it difficult to set time in reference to Prime Meridian. People who travel here set their own time. This is one of the Top 10 Most Amazing Facts About Antarctica.

4. Mars Resemblance


Astronomers have noted a number of similarities between planet Mars and Antarctica. The landscape is similar in appearance. The valleys found here resemble those on the surface of Mars. Some people call it the ‘’Mars of the earth”. If you want to have an idea of how Mars looks like, just visit Antarctica.

3. Cold And Dry


Antarctica is the coldest and driest place on earth. It is cold because it experiences very low temperatures. Temperature can drop to as low as negative 89 degree centigrade. This is why you must put on clothes that can keep you warm so that you don’t freeze to death. You cannot dress in ordinary way when visiting Antarctica. In addition, it is dry because it rarely receives rain. Its valleys are ever dry.

2. Presence of Natural Resources


The fact that Antarctica is located at the poles does not mean that it doesn’t have any natural resources that are useful to man. In fact, there is a lot of coal and oil in this incredible continent. As minerals continue to become scarce in other parts of the world, there is possibility that people will shift their attention to Antarctica. On top of that, it has fresh water.

1. Long Days And Nights


This is the most amazing fact about Antarctica. It has the longest days and nights. If you visit Antarctica during the day, you will wonder if you are still on earth. A day takes up to 6 months. The same applies to night.The continent is located far away from equator where the duration of day and night is 12 hours each.

The above are the top 10 most amazing facts about Antarctica in case you didn’t know. There is no government, day and night takes 6 months, is very cold and dry, has rare animal species, resembles Mars planet and more. Make a point and visit if you can. You will love the experience.