Top 10 Countries With Highest Robberies in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Countries With Highest Robberies in The World 2017. When traveling abroad, you most likely would love to bring your camera, phone, laptop, some nice jewelry and some money, but according to the internationals crime statists, bringing these things with you when traveling can be dangerous and most probably expose you to theft. In this article, you will earn about ten countries with the highest cases of robberies.

The types of crimes that the article concentrates on involve theft and other robbery-related cases. The list of countries was made with regards to the number of the offenses reported in the state in a particular year.

The crimes include car thefts, housebreakings, street robberies, armed robberies, pickpockets, and other crimes that involve the loss of your property.

Below is a list of countries that report the highest crime rates in 2017 so far. The list starts with the least and finishes with the country with the most crime rates.

List of Top 10 Countries With Highest Robberies in The World 2017

10. USA

usa, Top 10 Countries With Highest Robberies in The World 2017

America reports the highest crime rates in the world so far. Up to now, we have seen Detroit labeled as one of the most violent places with frequent cases of theft of valuables and armed robbery, occurring on the roads and the subways.

9. Uruguay


It has also been the declared that the rate of crime in Uruguay, robbery to be particular is also quite high, in this area, you can get a gun easily. It also reports the frequency of the smash and robberies. The world bank also terms Uruguay as one of the worst places with theft. Trinidad and Tobago appear as two of the most reported theft rates in the world, with 4,000 robberies in 2012.

8. Ecuador


Ecuador, or popularly known as the Republic of the equator reports frequent cases of nonviolent robberies. However, recent reports show that the theft is getting violent every day. Due to the widespread political instability, aggressive crimes, and armed robberies are common incidents in the country.

7. Belgium


While Belgium is sometimes considered the safest country due to its low rates of violent crimes, it is among the worst places you can find yourself in, regarding theft and robberies. According to statistics, Belgium reported a total of 191,145 thefts in 2012.most of them involve car theft. Research also reveals that most of these thefts occur at the transportation hubs like train stations and the metro to take advantage of distracted travelers.

6. South Africa


South Africa is violent. We all saw home invasion and the effects it had on the country. It is among the top countries that report prevalent cases of armed robberies and car thefts. South African rowdy teens are known to cause havoc regarding gang crimes and the use of guns to rob shops and home. People break into other people’s homes and steal their household goods.

5. Costa Rica


Us department state recently released a statement warning that Costa Rica is one of the top countries with rampant crimes. Pickpocketing is very prevalent especially in a crowded area where locals and tourists can even get mugged or have their wallets snatched. It also reports cases of car breakings. So, when you are visiting the country, make sure you do not leave your valuables in the car. In 2012, reports indicated a total of 25,000 crimes. This is one of the Top 10 Countries With Highest Robberies in The World 2017.

4. Mexico


Mexico is one country favorite for drug trafficking. It is also known for cases of human smuggling. The country is popular for armed robberies, kidnapping, and even smuggling. The situation of crime in Mexico is critical. Thieves use guns to corner people in the streets and make away with their valuables.

3. The Dominican Republic.


In 2015, statistics and reports showed that the Dominican Republic had a crime rate of 67.7. Most of the robberies included highway jacking whereby robbers would rob vehicles and pedestrians. Armed robberies where are also prevalent in the transport sector whereby gangsters take advantage of tourist and travelers.

2. Argentina


Argentina is the eighth largest country in the globe. It shares borders with Chile. Even though it is also the seventh wealthiest country, it also has an alarming crime rate. Armed robberies, street crimes, and theft is a common phenomenon in Argentina. With most of them reporting the use of guns and other dangerous weapons.

1. Chile


Chile stands as the 38th largest country in the globe. Regarding population, it is the 62nd most populated although it has a stable economy that can support that number. In addition to this, the country appears in the list of countries with the highest robbery rates. It is barely two years ago that robbers took off with over 10 million dollars from an armored car. The country registered a total of 81,654 robberies in 2012. This rate was almost double of the rate that the country had six years ago.

These are the top countries that report the highest number of crimes and robberies in 2017. It is advisable to always be careful when visiting these countries. Although not all regions of a country are infested with crimes, it is good to be mindful when visiting some particular towns. Otherwise, the governments of these countries should start working on getting rid of this pandemic.

Top 10 Best and Great Day Tours of Seville

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best and Great Day Tours of Seville 2017. Going for a tour is a great thing especially when your loved one(s) accompanies you. It is a fabulous experience with a great feeling. For a person who loves touring and traveling a lot, you need lovely place and an attractive touring spot to spend your time. Seville is a wonderful place in Spain which you cannot just visit in one day. It is not easy to go around the whole place in a day because there is a lot to see and a lot of fun to experience. But you can manage to visit the top great places in Seville and have great fun in that one day. All you need is to plan for your time for the day and the places to visit in that day. If you prepare your schedule well you will enjoy most of the fun and great places in Seville and spend your day quite well. The following is a shortlist of the Ten Best and Great Seville’s Day Tour.

List of Top 10 Best and Great Day Tours of Seville 2017

10. Breakfast at Horno de San Buenaventura

breakfast-at-horno de san buenaventura, Top 10 Best and Great Day Tours of Seville 2018

This is not a very classy restaurant but the one of the best places you may want to start your tour from early in the morning. Having breakfast at this place will kick off your day well. It is always great to start your day with a delicious meal. Have your favorite breakfast, be it eggs, French toasts, serrano ham and all those mouthwatering dishes that are best for you.

9. Visit Museums and Other Historical Building

visit-museums-and-other-historical-building, Top 10 Best and Great Day Tours of Seville 2017

You might be a fan of historical places and buildings. There are ancient monuments like churches and museums that are near Seville that are amazing and it would be great if you visit such wonderful places. These are churches and museums have so much to know about Seville’s history and traditional values. In church you will get to see and understand the religious values of the residents of Seville. And in the museums you will learn a lot about the precious things of ancient times of Seville.

8. Walk Around the Streets of Seville

walk-around-the-streets-of-seville, Top 10 Best and Great Day Tours of Seville 2017-2018

When people go for a tour, they always drive from place to place visiting the most attractive sites and spend most of their time on a vehicle. It is good to be a little bit different and just walk around a place into the streets. Seville is a place you will enjoy walking around its streets. It has spectacularly beautiful streets. The parks, buildings, bridges, beaches and areas of residence are just amazing and you will really enjoy wandering into these streets of Seville.

7. Go to Torre Del Oro


This is a tower that is also referred to as “the tower of gold”. When you visit this place and enter its premises is when you will understand why it has been given that name. It is also a historical monument and a very wonderful place that most people love to visit when they are around Seville. It has a perfect combination of traditional and historical values which you will love to see. It is a very gigantic tower and people are advised to climb it with great care. While on top of it you will get to see the wonderful view of Seville’s beauty and the cities around it.

6. The Amazing Granada


Granada is the highest mountain near Seville located in Iberian Peninsula. It is next to Sierra Mountains and gives you a clear view of Seville city from the mountain’s peak. At Granada, you will definitely get to enjoy tapas and other sweet refreshments. Granada is an amazing place to visit which is always full of lovely people especially during weekends.

5. Cadiz Magic


Cadiz is a very ancient port town near Seville in Spain that you would not dare fail to pay a visit. It is built on a small strip of land that is mostly surrounded by the sea. The place is a very lively place that most people like visiting for its lovely beaches, nice historical sites, perfect climate and delicious fish at any food point in the town. It is a more convenient place when you are planning for a day tour from Seville. This is one of the Top 10 Best and Great Day Tours of Seville 2017.

4. Maria Luisa Park


It is a public park in Seville and it is one of the best interesting places to tour in the City. It is a vast place with the area of about one hundred acres. It is also a historical place which is beautiful and all green. It has other great monuments in it that make it such an amazing place to visit like the Water-lily Pool and the Fountain of Lions.

3. Lunch at Hotel Alfonso XIII


This is an historic Five Star restaurant in Seville, Spain. It is actually in Calle San Fernand and it is a spectacular and wonderful place go and have a delicious meal. With the Fresh and varied menu of different types of Classy food, you will leave to wish to back to Seville. Your appetite will be satisfied fully and you can come back and visit the hotel any time since it operates 24 hours a day, throughout the whole week.

2. Exciting Cordoba


Cordoba Is not far from Seville Town and should be in your list of day tours of Seville. It is an old historical town popularly known for its great Mosque, Mezquita, which is the biggest attraction site in this small town. The place is rich in a lot of traditional, cultural and historical values. This is why most people like to visit and to be associated with this place.

1. Have your Supper at Extraverde.


This plaza is one of the most interesting and most visited sites in Seville City. It is a famous and an amazing to check in for a meal, say Supper. Salmorejo Puree restaurant is available and ready to deal with your hunger when you are at the plaza with its yummy and sweet dishes of prawn, flakes, etc.

Seville is a great City to visit if you love touring. You can plan your day tour to make it easy for you to visit most of the sweet places and buildings since now you know the Top 10 Best Day Tours of Seville 2017.