Top 10 Countries with Highest Divorce Rate

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Countries with Highest Divorce Rate in the world 2016-2017. Most of the current world problems are caused by anxiety, anger and frustration, this leads to that world being at war, from the family level up to the political leadership level. In a family setting for instance, it leads to two previously loving partners choosing separate paths in relation to their love life as divorce is seen as the ultimate and final solution to their marital problems. Significant difference and low level of tolerance causes emotional wreck between the two. Due to liberation of culture and religion, many countries in the world currently socially and legally accept divorce, in such countries, the divorce rate is quite high.

List of the world’s Top 10 Countries with Highest Divorce Rate 2016-2017



Due to the media, many people believe that USA has the highest divorce rates, well it is tenth on this list according to reports of Census Bureau. In USA, a divorce happens in every 1 in 6 seconds. This has led to the USA having a divorce rate of 53%. In USA people tend to wait longer in order to get married or enter into marriage and then in the end they get divorced. Some the states in USA that have low divorce rates include New Jersey and Massachusetts. Arkansas, Oklahoma and Nevada have the highest divorce rates in USA.


france, Top 10 Countries with Highest Divorce Rate 2016

if you thought that France being the land of love will not feature on this list then you were mistaking as it features on this list. Despite it having the Eiffel Tower which allude to romance and couples, it is ninth of this list. In France, it is accepted and liberal to divorce due to the country being very open to divorce. This is major reason why many marriages in France never last. The country has a 55% divorce rate as per statistics revealed recently.


cuba, Top 10 Countries with Highest Divorce Rate 2017

Cuba is a 3rd world country but it has very high divorce rates that all the countries found in Latin America. Due to this Cuba has constantly been subjected to criticism. the major reasons that cause Cuba to have such high divorce rates is due to terrible housing systems and high levels of poverty. Due to the large population, there has been strain on the countries resources hence leading to the high divorce rates in Cuba. Its divorce rate stands at 56%. Cuba has enacted laws to curb this high divorce rate.


estonia, Top 10 Countries with Highest Divorce Rate 2018

In Estonia, there is always 6 divorce happening out of any ten marriages that occur. This has led to the divorce rate in Estonia being at a 58% rate. Estonia is a former state of the Soviet Union where divorce has remained legalized since it left the Soviet Union. This has led to divorce being socially accepted.



This is another country that many people believe is on this list. It is located among 3 countries Germany, France and Belgium. Even though it is one of the smallest countries in Europe in terms of population, it has a very high divorce rate of 60%. For the parties to divorce they must have been married for over 2 years and also they must be 21 years and above. The people who divorce more in the country are between the ages 40 and 49 years.



Due to Spain moving away from it religious and cultural heritage, Spain finds itself on this list. Divorce is Spain is widely accepted. This has led to even to new legislations that help to improvise divorce like the two parties mutually accepting to go on separate ways. This law has been named Divorcio director. The high divorce rate in Spain is also perpetuated by the financial crisis in the country.



Czech Republic is found in Europe; it has one of the highest divorce rates in the world. Out of 11% of the men and 13% of the women are divorced. In Czech Republic, the marriages are only dissolved under amicable terms between the 2 partners. The country has a divorce rate of 66%.



One of the things that Hungary is most famous for if of its high divorce rates. The institution of marriage in Hungary has been slowly deteriorating in Hungary. In Hungary, the court gives permission to both partners the right to the consensus mutually. The percentage of women who are currently divorced in Hungary is 12.4% and the percentage of men is 10%.



Portugal has made to number two on the list of the countries with the highest divorce rates in the world. It is the neighbor of Spain and it seems to be setting the pace for Spain in terms of the number of divorce rates it experiences. Portugal as a country has deviated from its Catholic religious teachings due to the number of divorces it has in a year. It has a 68% divorce rate.



The emblem of European modernity is Belgium. Despite it having a rich history concerning the marriage institutions in Belgium, marriages never seem to last in Belgium. Most marriages in Belgium end up divorced. The number of marriages that sign up for divorce currently stands at 32 thousand. This has led to the country having a divorce rate of 71%, the highest in the world.

So, this is the list of the world’s Top 10 Countries with Highest Divorce Rate in 2016-2017. Most of the countries in this list used to be countries that treasured marriages as it seen that marriages were scared institutions but currently due to modernity and liberalization, none of those notions are obeyed.

Top Ten Most popular Terrorist Attack in The World of All Time

Take a look at the below list of the world’s Top Ten Most popular Terrorist Attack of All Time till 2017. In our current world a day cannot pass without one hearing from the news about a bombing of civilians in shopping malls or offices by the radical group of Al Shabab or Al Qaeda and a more recent extremist group known as ISIS. What is even worse is that even with all the efforts being pit to counter these terror attacks they are stills on the rise especially the Muslims who uses their members to conduct this terror attack claiming to be a holy war. At this moment we should follow the quote by Noah Chomsky “Everybody’s worried about stopping terrorism. Well there is really an easy way: stop participating in it”. Below is the list of the top ten most popular terrorist attacks in the history of the world till 2017.

List of the world’s Top Ten Most popular Terrorist Attack of All Time till 2017

10. University terrorist Attack


This is another attack on the African country Kenya. It happened on a Thursday, April 2, 2015 where the Al Shabab terror group attacked university student in their hostel premises in Garissa, Kenya claiming the lives of at least 147 students and many other more injured and traumatized by the worst terror attack that has hit that country.

9. Israel Massacre Terrorist Attack

May 15, 1973 is one day that will remain unforgotten in Israel’s history when terrorist group from Liberation of Palestine attacked Israel and took 115 people hostage. Of the 115 hostages 25 were killed and 66 others injured. This attack led Israel into mourning for the lost lives.

8. Flight 841 Terrorist Attacks


This was the worst air terrorist attack as it was not a hi-jack but bombing of the Flight 841. It occurred on September 8, 1974 when the plane was on its flight to New York from Athens, in the middle of its journey the plane suddenly crashed into Lonian Sea. Initially the crash was blamed on engine failure and pilot inefficiency but it was later discovered the crash was due to bombing by the Abu Nadil Terror group. The bombing claimed the lives of the 80 passengers in the plane who were found dead on the Lonian Sea.

7. Chechnya Border Attack


This terror attack occurred at Chechnya a border between Russia and European countries on March 24, 2001. It happened as a bomb last in three cars and Russia was more affected although it happened at the border. Both countries shared a death toll of 20 people and 100 other critically injured persons in the car blasts. It had diverse effect on Russia as they had terrorism under control in their country.

6. “Letter” Attack

This is one biological terror attack that was conducted without involving the use of bombs or any weapons. It was just a letter containing Anthrax spores which was sent to officials of the government like Senators and media officials. It occurred on 18th September 2001 but its effect happened after several weeks claiming the lives of five innocent individuals and 15 other injured persons. It was blamed on Al Qaeda but with the continued investigation it was blamed on one Doctor Ivins who later killed himself creating more suspicion among government officials who went on antibiotics in fear of similar attacks.

5. Wall Street Bombing


This is amongst the earliest and worst terrorist attack of all time till 2017 which occurred on Wall Street in New York. It happened around 12pm on 16th September 1920. It led to the death of 38 people and 143 other injured. The terrorists behind these attacks were not known but Galleanists were the most doubted team to have been behind these attacks. This bombing had adverse effect on the Financial Sector in New York City.

4. 1998 US Embassy Bombing


This was one of the biggest and terrific terrorist attacks on the US Embassy in Nairobi Kenya. It happened on 7th August, 1992 and claimed the lives of 213 people and left at least 4000 more injured in the attack. It was a very big hit on that country that there are memorial ceremonies held in the memorial park for the victims of the attack every year.

3. Oklahoma City Bombing


This was a terror attack conducted by terrorist Timothy McVeigh who attacked Alfred.P.Murrah Federal building with bombs on the 19th of April, 1995. It led to the death of about 170 people that included 20 children leaving 680 victims injured. The terrorist was arrested, imprisoned and executed to death after 6 years.

2. Hotel Taj Attack


This was one of the biggest terrorist attacks that hit the highly populated country India specifically in Mumbai. It occurred on 26th November in the year 2008 a date that is still fresh in the mind of most Indians, where the police were involved in a 64 hours long gun battle with the terrorists inside the Taj Hotel as terrorist bombed several times in the hotels claiming the lives of 100 innocent civilians. On the same day there were other ten attacks in several areas in Mumbai but the one on Hotel Taj had the biggest impact.

1. 9/11 Attack in the USA


This is considered the worst terrorist attack in the history of the world till 2017 as it appeared to have been a well-planned terror attack. It happened on 11th September 2011 where a group of 19 Al Qaeda members hijacked four passenger airline planes and were to flow them onto the twin towers of the World Trade Centre in New York City but only two of the planes hit the twin towers while the others one hit Washington Pentagon and the other crashed onto the field of Summer set County. It claimed about 3000 people including the 227 passenger of the hijacked planes. In 2004, Osama Bin Laden admitted to have been responsible for the attack although he had initially denied being responsible.

So, these are the world’s top 10 most dangerous Terrorist Attack of all time till 2017. These terrorist are an evidence of the kind of unrest that has not just started now but as early as 1920s. The terrorist group especially among Muslim radicals is more involved in terror attacks as evidenced in most of the terror attacks hence government of all nations should invest more in their security programs in order to ensure that no similar attacks occur in the future.