Top 10 Cheapest Foods in The World

Top 10 cheapest and most nutritious food in the world in 2017, Cheap Foods that are Good for health.

Buy cheap foods: but get the best result from it- Normally people want to have foods which are rich in protein and vitamins. Nowadays people are very health conscious and thus they always try to find out the food which is most affordable but they should give the best result after having it. There are many foods which are normally available in the market and they are also very cheap. We basically need foods which have high protein in them. These protein foods allow us to keep us healthy. There are many people who cannot afford expensive health drinks thus for them if they have these foods it is for sure that they will stay healthy.

List of top 10 cheapest foods in the world in 2017

Food is one of the ultimate energy sources for human life. With rising cost of economy these days’ people prefer to buy cheap but good food. We made an attempt to find the list of 10 cheapest foods available in the food market.
Below here is the list of top 10 cheapest foods which are found in the market. Though the foods are cheap yet they are rich in protein.

Thus here are some foods which are cheap but very healthy for health.

1. Canned Salmon- Salmon is a healthy food and it contains fat in them. It is suggested for the people that those who are suffering from high cholesterol problem they can have canned salmon and bring it in control. This food also prevent from the heart attacks. The price of the food is 3.09 dollar for 14.75 ounces.

Canned Salmon, cheapest and most nutritious food

2. Chicken Breast- The price of the food is 5.99 dollar per 3 pound bags. Chicken contains lean protein which is very good for health and thus chicken is very useful for kids and also for the older people. The best way to have it in the boiled state.

3. Natural Peanut Butter- The butter is made of whole grain which is rich is carbohydrate. You can have it in your breakfast with bread. You can also have it with smoothies and yogurt. The price of the food is 3.39 dollar for 16 ounces. This butter is very good for health.

4. Canned Beans- The price of the beans are 84 cents for 15 ounces. The best way to have the beans is in the cooked way. You can cook the beans in the stew manner. These beans are very good for kidneys. You can also have the beans with lemon juice and garlic.

5. Eggs- This is the easiest food which you can cook faster. Not only you can have the food in your breakfast but also you can have it in your lunch also. You can have scrambled eggs it is very tasty and also good for health. The price of the food is 1.99 dollar for per dozen. The yellow part of the egg is high in protein and if you have it regularly then you will have strength in your body. Eggs are very good for children.

Eggs, cheapest foods

6. Dried Lentils- The price of the food is 1.39 per pound. It is the food which is full in protein and fiber. Those who are suffering from the obesity problem they can have this food as they will help you to lose your fat. You can also have this in soups. You can also make it in the spicy way. But you will get a healthy result from the food.

7. Almonds- We all know that almonds are very rich in vitamins. The nuts have the amino acids in it and it is very beneficial for the hearts. The prices of the nuts are 8 dollar per pounds.

8. Frozen Fruits and berries- If you want to have your breakfast in the low cost then it is suggested to you that you can have frozen fruits and berries. These are rich in vitamins and very healthy for your health. You can have the food with bread also. The price of the food is 2.99 dollar to 5.99 dollar per pound.

9. Apples- The cost of the apple in the market is 1.39 per pound. You can have apples in your breakfast as well as in your lunch. Apples are full of antioxidants. They also prevent us from cancer. Apples are also very good for kids and the aged persons.

10. Bananas- Cost of bananas in the market is 48 cents per pounds. This fruit can keep you healthy. They have high calories in it. Bananas are very good if you take it after the work out.

Bananas, cheapest foods to make at home

Thus these are the cheapest foods in the market and they also give the best result. Thus you can have it to stay fit.

Top 10 Best selling Food Products in The World

Top highest Selling Food and Beverage Products of the world in 2017, Best Selling Items in foods.

Foods are an important part of life. Without them, it is just impossible to survive. Thus, to stay healthy you should know how important it is for a healthy survival. One should know the important of the food products and the reason why it is being sold on a higher scale making they rank in the top best selling food products of the time.

Presenting the list of foods which made their place in the Top 10 bestselling products in 2017

Food products that are certified organically ensure that they are up with the production rate delicate to the growth. Everything from the process of processing to that of the packaging is important for the food products to stay healthy and perfect. Thus, the food industry is growing faster and bigger all over the world. The lists of the top 10 best selling food products are available all over the world.

The list is as follows:

1. Honey Nut Cheerios: The food can generate low cholesterol within the body so that you do not gain fat and lose the enthusiasm to work with load. The generated sales is about $555,897,00 in the recent times.

Honey Nut Cheerios, Top 10 Most Popular Fast Food Items

2. Frosted Flakes: The sale of the food is about $446,240,300 and the percentage is as high as the unit sales of 6.29% since the previous year. Among the kids this food is as cool as its taste.

3. Honey Bunches of Oats: Honey is the best food supplementary that is good for health and also it keeps energy stored inside. The sale of the Kellogg’s food is about $364,088,200 for the period. The percentage of the food has gone high about 5.92% in the previous year.

4. Cheerios: The toasted whole grain oat guarantee that the wheat grain is superb in taste and also perfect for the diet no matter whatever age you are in. This product has a sale of about $364,088,200 in the recent time. The unit sale has gone up to a percentage of about 5.92% since the last year.

5. Cinnamon Toast Crunch: This Cinnamon toast crunch is as good as the kid’s food plan. The most important part is that the sale of this product has gone up to about 8.04% of the food so that it can get the best assistance all together. The cinnamon toast crunch is the perfect dish indeed to remain healthy.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch, The Year's Best-Selling food products

6. Special K: This special food of the brand of Kellogg’s which is said to have a sale of about $281, 460, 00 with a percentage of 0.68% in the market. The daily diet plan with this cereal food intake remains perfect to stay healthy. The generated sale in the world food market makes it superior.

7. Frosted Mini Wheat: Kellogg’s have become the market leader in the world of food products. The frosted wheat cereals are a perfect solution to the latest food dietary habit that is just the best way to deal with hunger.

8. Lucky Charms: the name as its suggests is one of the luckiest charm, which is about $259,247,700 That estimates the best range of the food that is accumulated about 2.88% of the total percentage in the world. They are magically delicious compared to the other food products in the world.

9. Froot Loops: This is also a product of the Kellogg’s which has a sale of about $176,349,800 in this world. The percentage of the sales is about 5.54% making the brand the most adorable of the today’s cereal food to control the diet and the food accumulation within the body.

10. Raisin Bran: This is the one that is used for one who is good for the health. The unit goes up to 5.27%. This is the product of Kellogg. This is a very good fat reducer. The sale of the product goes up to $169,878,500 according to the recent era.

Raisin Bran, best selling food products 2015-2016

The above mentioned food products are wonderfully taken care of while packaging and also processing. This list might help you choose your food according so that you can plan your diet products owing to the requisites of your body and of course your choice. Thus, what are you waiting? For start choosing today to let your foody nature be in control and eat only that does not spoil your health.