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  • Phantom, New upcoming Bollywood Movies

    Top 10 New Upcoming Bollywood Movies

    Top 10 new upcoming Bollywood movies in 2015-2016, all time best most popular Bollywood movies list. India is a place with a very strong traditional base. Bollywood is regarded to be a tradition in India where entertainment has no limits. The Bollywood movies are filled with power packed action, emotion, drama and many more. The […]

  • Dhoom 3, The Most Expensive Bollywood Films

    Top 10 Most Expensive Indian Movies

    The Most Expensive Bollywood Films in 2017, Most Expensive Movies in India ever made. The top 10 expensive movies till 2017: Bollywood is probably the most talented and the versatile platform where you can easily make it the most commonly used in the era. Among hundreds of movies, the list below states the most expensive […]

  • Deepika Padukone Most Beautiful Indian Actress 2016

    Top 10 Most Beautiful Indian Women of 2017 – Top 10 List

    Who is the Most Beautiful Indian Women of 2017, In India, beauty of women is always being embraced since the advent of civilizations. We have seen beautiful stone carvings of women in our monuments, the paintings of Ravivarma or MF Hussain or the beauties like Shaakuntala, Damayanthi, Raadha, Seetha and many more. A woman’s beauty […]

  • Salman Khan, highest paid Bollywood actors

    Top 10 Most Expensive Actors in Bollywood

    Top 10 Highest paid Bollywood actors in 2017, The top exclusive list of the actors who are expensive in Bollywood: The world of Bollywood is just the right venture for entertainment and sports. These days the Bollywood actors are really very expensive and there are pretty good number of actors who charge hefty amounts for […]