Top 10 Largest Tornadoes All Time Ever

Top 10 most powerful largest tornado ever, world’s strongest tornado till 2017.

Tornado is basically a natural phenomenon which can allow the world to face big disaster. Due to Tornado, there are lots of cities, village were ruined within few minutes. Actually when Mother Nature strikes on the planet, she shows no mercy. US alone experience several tornadoes in every year which can make huge loss for this country.

Presenting the list of top 10 largest as well as deadliest tornado of the world

We wish that we never get the chance to see anymore tornado on this earth. It is one of the deadliest negative effects on the earth which not only kills lives but also destroys several other properties on this earth.

Here are is a list of 10 most deadly tornadoes.

1. 1989 the Daulatpur-Salturia Tornado – This was considered as the most deadly tornado till today which was happened April 26, 1989 Daulatpur-Salturia, Bangladesh. Due to this big natural disaster the areas were smashed and 80,000 were injured. According to the report, the estimated size of the tornado was 1 mile wide. Within a minute, this horrific twister took lives of 1,300 people and made 12,000 people injured.

1989 the Daulatpur-Salturia Tornado, Top 10 LARGEST TORNADO EVER

2. The 1969 East Pakistan Tornado – The 1969 East Pakistan Tornado takes the second position. More than 660 individual were killed and more than 4,000 people were injured on this April 14, 1969 disaster.

3. The 1996 Madarganj to Mirzapur Tornado – On May 13, 1996 over 700 people in Bangladesh were killed when a massive tornado reached on the land from Madargani to Mirzapur. Due to this massive Tornado, left 30,000 homes completely damaged. This takes the 3rd position among the list of 10 biggest tornado of the world disaster.

4. The 1925 Tri-State Tornado – Tri-State Tornado , which is considered as the 4th largest Tornado of the world and most deadly as well as destructive tornado which has ever been seen in the United States. Tri-State tornado was occurred on March 18th, 1925. Destruction started from Reynolds County, Missouri, after that moved through five other Missouri counties, then went through five counties in Illinois, and finally it completed its journey ion Pike County, Indiana.

5. The 1973 Manikganj, Singair and Nawabganj Tornado – Bangladesh is considered as one of the most tornado-affected countries in the globe. In the year of 1973, the major areas of Bangladesh including Manikganj, Singair and Nawabganj. These 3 areas were destroyed when a massive tornado hit these places. The whole big village of Balurchar and major parts of nine other places were totally wiped out due to this Tornado. And it takes 681 people’s life.

The 1973 Manikganj, Singair and Nawabganj Tornado, world strongest tornado

6. The 1951/1956 Valetta Tornado – Taking the sixth position of the world, Valetta Tornado is one of the most deadly and disastrous tornado which ever occur in history. This disaster was happened on 1951. In 1956 it occurred again on Bangladesh. Estimated 600 lives were taken when the Tornado hit the Grand Harbour, the total place were destroyed by the tornado.

7. The 1851 Sicily Tornado – This was as similar as 1951 Comoro Tornado, because this tornado which struck Sicily on 1851 originates from waterspout. This disaster happened on the time when very limited technology was introduced, so that very few details were recorded. Through this detail, it is estimated that over 500 people died on this day. This Tornado is in 7th ranking.

8. The 1964 Narail-Magura Tornado – Through this 8th largest Tornado, more than 500 people either died or missing when the tornado strikes the cities of Narail and Magura in Bangladesh in the year of 1964. Seven villages were totally smashed. Estimated 400 hundred individual from the village of Bhabanipur were missing.

9. The 1951 Comoro Tornado – The archipelago of Comoros which is situated on the eastern coast of Africa was very badly hit by massive tornado in the year of 1951. It was believed that this 9th largest Tornado started as a waterspout and after that it gained huge strength and killed more than 500 people when struck on the land.

10. The 1977 Madaripur-Shibchar Tornado – This 10 largest tornado happened on April 1, 1977 which was basically April Fool’s Day, but massive disaster made the world fool. This destructive tornado hit on Madaripur-Shibchar in Bangladesh and the place was very badly affected, that resulted to more than 500 deaths and over hundreds of injuries.

The 1977 Madaripur-Shibchar Tornado, most powerful tornado

History demonstrates that tornadoes are actually a natural phenomenon. Elsewhere in our planet, any countries are not safe from Mother Nature’s wrath. There are various places in different countries which have observed as well as experienced the worst and deadliest Tornado. As per the report, one fact is clear, most of the tornado first started as a waterspout after that it gain strength and become full-blown tornado when it hit any land.