Top 10 Richest African Countries

Top 10 richest African Countries in 2016, List of African countries by GDP

Africa, being the second largest continent after Asia, possesses 54 countries. This continent is one of the most populous continents too. Most of the part of Africa is still under civilization. Most of these countries in Africa are poor counties in spite of existence of abundant natural resources. Still, there are some countries which are doing a good progress in the field of economics, education etc.

List of Top 10 richest African Countries in 2016

We can take a look at the top 10 richest African Countries in 2016. These countries are doing really well in the filed of education, sports, culture etc. Many countries in the world are doing business with these developing countries in Africa.

10. Algeria:

Officially known as People’s Democrat Republic of Algeria. This country is situated in North Africa. This country has developed nicely and in recent days this country has become the second largest oil producing country in the world. Present GBP of Algeria is $ 7500 per capita which is extremely remarkable. Besides crude oil, this country is one of the main suppliers of various minerals such as Iron Ore, Copper, Zinc etc.

Algeria Richest African Countries 2016


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  1. can you please explain this how come south Africa on number six and all those countries on top while their people keep leaving their countries to come to south Africa for jobs and money I don’t get that whoever did this top 10 please explain to me

  2. I hear that you’re talking about the power of your countries, but are you forgetting that we have South Africa in this continent, the engine of Africa , I’d consider Nigeria as the second

  3. God almighty ,let you Resurrection power speak for my country Nigeria and make it Great again , give the Leadership good heart ,wisdom,knowledge and understanding to make My country great ,father in heaven what soever causing misunderstanding within my country leaders that are to make the country great again,if it’s chain of set back, let that chain be cult off in Jesus name Amen ,if it’s patlock that Nigeria will never move forward ,I command that Patlock to be open in Jesus name Amen .i love my country (Nigeria) .With God all things are possible.God is with us .

  4. mmmmh kenya is wow nd soon it will appear in top 3 sinc da country itself is small with a tiny ppulation bt succesfuly developing economically

  5. Africa is rich in resources. we need to improve on our technology to make Africa a better place. I am working on a website that Africans and African Lovers can meet ,ask questions,share their opinions and contribute to make our continent a better place.
    I will welcome contributions from alll.
    I love Africa I love my country Cameroon.

  6. Hmmm, I don’t knw much abt those countries who made it to the top 10, bt all I knew is dt nigeria is a gr8 country blessed with so many mineral resources. The only crucial prblm we had is our leaders.

  7. Comment* I ‘m a Nigerian bt i hate d country due to corruption we ar seriously livin in penury here as a result of bad govn

  8. Comment*
    you should all watch out for Kenya.. as much as its smaller in size it cant have the biggest economy in the continent it’s way developed in infrastructure than countries like Nigeria

  9. Why didn’t these nations use all their resources and get rich before.? Omg. They are so prosperous and they are self sufficient too. I guess, now is should say that it is a gifted continent.

  10. African nations are always showcased as not so developed everywhere. But this list shows their development and the richness they have. Africa has always had the greatest of the resources but were drained to the nations who ruled.

  11. I had no clue about these nations and their economy and wealth. They have rich resources and all of them are developing in faster pace. That is a positive sign for whole world’s wellness.

  12. Comment*hmm nigeria,nigeria the great african trees where every bird lay their nest to survive,a country no countries in d word establish with great profit’nd still her masses are,i think we have score to with this so-called the leaders

  13. A good list this. I had no idea about these countries. These seem to have huge resources in them and now discovered the way to effectively harness them.

  14. are you kidding me Nigeria has the biggest “MOVIE” “MUSIC” entertainment in the whole africa and one of the go to place, and the net worth is 4.2 $billion, and when you search up rich countries in africa it pops up, but nahhh, it’s not the top 10 richest country here though??

  15. To me, Ghana is best country in africa. It has stable economy for the past 3 decades and is peaceful. It is the best country to do business with in africa

  16. Happy to see this list. Usually the resources of African countries are drained to European countries. But now almost all countries are being developed and that’s a great sign

  17. Comment* Am happy we all are seeing how order countries are developing but due to the greediness of our leaders (Nigeria leaders) we all are suffering… I reject Nigeria as my country

    • And Nigeria doesn’t need cowards like you who can’t do anything to improve your economy not even pray…but all you can do is complain and remain in your problems….grow up fool!!..i love my country cuz despite everything we always pull through and that’s what makes us unique among other countries…bottom line is Nigeria doesn’t need you it needs fighters not cowards

  18. I realy visits severals countries in africa and many of them are good and considerable in business more especialy south africa i apreciate that country

  19. Nigerians should be hopeful in the sense that we re blessed, only if we can utilize our utilities, we should be really proud of this amazing country NiGERIA

  20. Let’s not deceive ourselves African is still far far behind… And until we accept this fact, we still remain where we are.

  21. African nations are also seeing growth in economy with boost to their development. They are being industrialized and using their natural resources well.

  22. I love south africa is such a beautiful country and it is the first and the only african country to host the world cup

  23. I guess the great thing about Seychelles is the nature and the beauty. It has wide spread resources and is a hot tourist destination in Africa. The nation looks rich and the NPI of the nation is high, maybe due to the more working population.

  24. I love the beaches of Africa and the tourist destinations of these places. They are so close to nature and a great place to spend holidays away from the rest of the world. 🙂

  25. These African countries are rich and have great natural resources. They also have like beautiful scenes and attract tourists. Diamond, petroleum, minerals are found vastly.

  26. The picture shown about South Africa is actually a bird’s eye view of Sydney, Australia. Come on now, what a silly mistake to make

  27. Seychelles such a beautiful place with beautiful beaches and island lovely clear water and sun really a dream destination no wonder the richest of the world go there to party in privacy

  28. Namibia is really amazing country I have been there its so soothing and now they are even earning so much money coz of there natural mineral reserves

  29. who cud ever think that Africa will have such rich countries everyone see Africa as tribal and all people talk about how poor they are

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