Top 10 Most Expensive Tanks in The World

The Most Expensive Tanks in the World in 2017, Most Expensive Military Tanks in the World.

The battle tanks are the crucial component of the army for a nation. Often organized into units, armored vehicles the tanks are provided with that of the direct fire unleashed to the enemies. They usually stand in front of the infantry units’ burnt into the shells of the enemies. Thus, an active protection system is currently set with the probability to destroy the incoming enemy missiles.

The list of the expensive battle tanks in the world 2017

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Below is the list of the top exclusive and the expensive tanks of the world’s army where they can easily combat with the foreign attacks. The list is as follows:

1. AMX-56 Leclerc (France): The best and the supreme antitank greatly depended on the modular conservative to ensure the survivability. The cost of the tank is about $23 million and even more. The crew is highly trained so that they can run he tank in the time of the real emergency to protect against the foreign attack.

AMX-56 Leclerc (France), Most Expensive Tanks in the World

2. Type 10 (Japan): Japan is the house of the latest technology and thus the discovery of latest technology yet expensive missiles is not at all a factor. This is so because the cost of this tank is about $9.4 million. This newest tank is entering the services domestically made with that of the ammunition or NATO compatible rounds.

3. K2 Black Panther (South Korea): This is cost around $8.8 million. The best part of this tank is that when compared with Leopard and Merkava, the K2 is the best and more capable of operating an active protection system to destroy incoming attacks from the other foreign missiles. The crew consists of the under development similar to the Russian loading the gun done by the autoloader.

4. Challenger 2(Britain): This is one of the exclusive and the expensive tank in the country of Britain. His is the best indeed and thus is used for the protection to a higher level. The service is since 1998. The service in Bosnia, Iraqi, tank faced all this latest techniques. The additional panels of the explosive are well complicated on all sides. The 69 tons of the tank costs around $8.6 million.

5. M1A2 SEP (USA): The tank is one among the top most exclusive and is standing in the position of 5th. The tank is further upgraded with that of the Tank Urban Survival Kit (TUSK) that adds to the reactive armor to the sides, slat armor to the rear and remote control machine gun on the turret roof. The cost of this tank is about $ 8.4 million.

6. Leopard 2A6 (Germany): The leopard in Germany is one of the exclusive and the most expensive designs in the world of tanks. It is well classified with the latest specifications that propel up to A27+ model and now is currently being tested with the estimated amount of $12 million per unit.

7. Arjun MK II (India): This is one of the exclusive and among the best expensive tank established in India. The newest tank in India was introduced with the Russian and the western designs. The tank uses about 120 mm rifled guns that can fire around conventionally with the latest ammunition and is guided well by the missiles.

8. Merkava IV (Israel): In the current version, the composite 120mm main gun. The armour of the tank is about steel and the ceramic modular in design along with the extra benefit of the protection just with the motive to destroy the enemy.

9. T-90AM (Russia): the cost of this tank is about $4.25 million. During the cold war, the Soviet Union was in the policy of building of about building about two types of tanks. The cheap mass was produced in the version of suitable for export. The higher ends are nearly twice as expensive currently serving with the Russian army. The tank is an evolution of about T-90 Am currently.

10. ZTZ-99 (China): This was introduced in the year 2001. The Chinese tanks borrowed the designs of the Soviet T-72’s appearance with the use of 125mm main gun. The angular welded turret with the 1500 hp diesel engine showing the latest western influence which cares to start the incorporated laser defence system. The cost of this tank is about $2.6 million.

All these tanks are the most expensive yet the ones which protect the country and the nation to get the best protection indeed. Thus, surf online to find such news that helps you to know the advanced optics and the computer systems make this one of the best tanks in this world and the expensive.