Top 10 Most Expensive Paintings in The World

Top 10 Most Expensive Paintings of all time, The top highest paid and successful paintings of the year 2017

Painting is the most creative expression of an artist who paints the emotions of a man with the stroke of the brush. The painters need to devote them a lot in bringing life to any painting and making it appealing to the eyes of the viewers.

Presenting you the latest updates of the most expensive paintings of the world in 2017

Creative Art can do big business. In this creative industry millions of paintings are being sold. The list below is the name of the paintings which depicts the most expensive emotions more than the cost it is.

The list is as follows:

1. Will you marry me? : This is the painting that is entirely painted making use of oil paint. The cost of this painting is about $ 300 million which was fully paid by the family of the Rudolf Staechelin.

Will you marry me, Top 10 Most Expensive Paintings

2. The Card Players: The cost of the painting is about $259 millions. This is among the most expensive paintings depicting the psychology of the two opponent men who are indulged in the game. The private collection of the Greek Shipping is just the right one stop version with the card players.

3. Le Reve: The cost of the painting is about $48.4 million. The focus of the painting is centered upon a 22 years old mistress. This has been one of the expensive of all the collection. This is the painting by Pablo Picasso.

4. Three studies of Lucian Freud: The cost of the expensive painting is about US$ 142.4 million. The painter is an Irish born British painter named Francis Bacon. He is an able writer as well a superb painter of his times. The last collection of the painting was sold in the year 2013 in the month of November.

5. No.5 1948: the price of the painting is about US$ 140 million. The best part about this painting is that it depicted the most drastic scenario of war using right colors and brush strokes. The first sold price of this picture was $138 million.

6. Woman III: this is the painting that was painted by the eminent painter Willem de kooning and has made a trade of about $137.5 million. This painting managed to express the true emotion of a painter.

7. Portrait of Adele Bloch Bauer: The panting portrays a Viennese salon lady, the fan and close friend of Gustav Klimt, representing the golden phase of life. It is being displayed at the gallery since July 2006. After a proper family settlement, the creation of the artist was sold at US$135 million for Nuere Galerie to Ronald Launder in June 2006.

8. The Scream: this is one of the haunted paintings that have gained great accolades all over the world. The price of the painting is US $119.9 million. This is one of the most popular paintings by Edvard Munch. This painting was in the museum since 1983.

9. Flag: The cost of the painting is about US$ 110 million. The painter of the masterpiece is Jasper Johns. This painting is described as encaustic which became the cause for John’s fame. John although has painted over 40 US Flag but with different variants during the period from 1960s to 1970s while the museum of modern Art first tried to buy it after Philip Johnson has purchased it and then donate to the museum.

10. Nude, Green leaves and the Bust: The auctioned cost of the painting is about $106.5 million. It is a painting that is a fine piece of art by Pablo Picasso. This was done for his mistress and muse Marie-Therese Walter in 1932.

The above mentioned are some of the leading paintings of the world which are highly expensive and purchased by people against a high pay. The painters who painted the above listed paintings need to dedicate themselves completely in making the paintings highly demandable and full of emotions. These paintings represent the true quality of the painters and their capability towards making the ultimate use of paint and brush. To stay updated about more information about these paintings we will insist you to visit this page again.