Top 10 Most Expensive Brands in The World

The World’s Most Valuable Brands List in 2017, The X-factor about the Top 10 most expensive brands.

In this advanced world, we can never think of stay without using advanced branded products. It maybe a mobile or home appliance or it may be food stuffs, in every field we like to use only branded products. In such a situation, we can observe different types of brands have become well recognized all over the brand. Today if we take a look at the article of Forbes, to have a detail regarding the top most expensive brands in the market.

List of top 10 most expensive brands 2017

Many brands have developed in recent days and are running successfully all over the world. Here we take a look at the top most expensive brands in the year 2017.

1. Apple: The brand value of Apple is more than twice of any other brands in recent days. The present brand value of Apple is $145.3 billion. This brand has captured the market of Smartphone nicely and almost 74.8 million smart phones have been sold in the last quarter of the year 2017 all over the world.

Apple, The World's Most Valuable Brands

2. Microsoft: Microsoft is considered as one of the top brands besides Apple. Present brand value is $69.3 billion. This company has made an investment of $11 billion for carrying on research and development work. Accordingly, there is a good news to us that Windows 10 will be released very soon.

3. Google: Google is the most favourite search engine site for people all over the world. Hence, it has a great brand value too. At present Google has a brand value of $65.6 billion. It is pioneer among all the search engine sites and this brand has a market share of 64.4 %.

4. Coca-Cola: Another Brand name that we like the most is Coca-cola. This soft drink company has gained immense goodwill all around the world and its present brand value can be calculated at $56 billion. In the year 2014, it faced a volume gain of 0.1 percent. At present Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway is the owner of 9.3 percent stock of Coca cola.

5. IBM: We all are well known about the brand IBM and like to use the products of IBM. The present brand value of IBM is $49.80 billion. The sales were down during last 12 quarters but still it is maintaining its prestigious position due to the product quality.

6. McDonald’s: Till today this renowned brand has served to 69 million of people all over the world. However, due to changing food habits in the US and a concerns over food safety all over Asia, the brand has planned to close down nearly 700 restaurants in China, Japan and in the US due to underperformance. Still, the brand value of McDonald’s is $39.5 billion which is quite noticeable.

7. Samsung: We all are accustomed to use Smartphone from Samsung. The present the brand value of Samsung is $37.9 billion. Though, recently it is facing huge challenge from Apple’s iPhone. Samsung has planned to launch S6 phone which can give better challenge to Apple’s iphone.

8. Toyota: In the automobile industry, we can take the name of Toyota with utmost pride. Research revealed that Totyota is the most profit making company in the automobile industry. During the last financial year, Toyota earned a profit of $19.8 billion. Again, during past seven years it has sold huge numbers of cars and only in 2014, it sold 10.23 million of cars and this is a record itself. Hence, the brand value of this company is noticeable. It has a valuation of $37.8 billion.

9. General Electric: Present brand value of General electric is nothing less than other top rated brands. At present the brand value of General Electric is $37.50 billion. The company has earned a good profit and is capable to return $90 billion dividends to the stake holders.

10. Facebook: Facebook being the most popular social networking site has a brand value of $36.5 billion. Over 936 million of people are active on Facebook throughout the world. Facebook is a good competitor of Youtube in relating to sharing of videos. Only in the US, Facebook has at least 1.44 billion active users.

Hence, those above are some top ranked brands of which we are daily user and we expect that these brands will do far better in near future.

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