Top 10 Largest Cities in The World

Top 10 Population Wise Largest Cities Of The World To Make Their Ways To The Top List Of 2017

Ten Largest Cities Of The World Witnessing Population Growth Rate In 2017:Whether a city is big or small is determined based on two factors namely the area of the land occupied by the city and the population density of the city. Now, it is not necessary that an area wise big city shall be population wise bigger too and vice versa. Thus, in this editorial we shall rank the top ten cities of the World which have made their way to the top chart as biggest cities of 2017 base on the population density and growth rate.

Population density and growth rate contributes to a city’s ranking in the top 10 largest cities of the World in 2017:

In order to have a clear knowledge about the segregation of cities based on population and eventually, their rankings, two most important factors have to be clearly defined.

• Population Density: Geographically speaking, in case of humans, population density is calculated as the number of people residing on per square kilometer or mile of an area. Population density is ideally calculated as a part of population census of a region, state, country, continent, and the World.

• Population growth: The rate of increase in the population of living species (animals, birds or humans) in a particular area, region, province, state, or continent is termed as population growth rate. Increased growth rate contributes to population density and thereby, contributes to the raking of a city as the largest or biggest one.

As per the population census of 2017 the aforementioned cities of the World hold the top 10 positions as the largest cities among the many others.

List of World’s top 10 largest cities in 2017

10. Guangzhou Of China:

In the list of top 10 largest cities of the World, the 10th position goes to the city of Guangzhou of China. The city has a population density of five thousand per square kilometer, a land area of around three thousand square kilometers, and a population of 17 million.

Guangzhou Of China Largest Cities 2016


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  1. I want to tell someone who can’t accept this information: Don’t have any bias, if you’ve never been these cities. Many cities in Asia are more busy and crowded than you think, why is it impossible that Tokyo and Seoul are in the high rank? Because the cities of USA are popular doesn’t mean that they are always best in the world.

  2. Highly usefull article in terms of informations.
    I really appreciate the work of the editer who did this.
    It has lots of informations about demographics of major citie.

  3. To be specific in fact, Jakarta is a beautiful place to stay.
    I really recomand this place as this is a huge place with nearby beach and it has very kind hearted people..

  4. Its not a bad article as mentioned in the above coment made by suma jois. It has enough information regarding population densities, and othe demographic informations. Its actually a good article.

  5. Not at all a good article. Common we need some more information about all cities. But here it has ver poor information. You need get updated. You really need to get updated.

  6. Very good article.
    This artice highly informative. Taking ino account all these information it can be considered as the best article ever.

  7. I didnt expect it. How come tokyo be in the 1st rank?? Common.
    Oh my god. I thought so.e American city wi be in the 1st rank.. but tokyo??.

  8. Delhi!! Ye hamaara deh ka capital he bhai!! Feeling very proud for being in the 5th pisition of world ranking. It is a very good list. Very good article. But we needed more information about all cities!!!

  9. Seol is the best city according to me. Its so huge and it is so beautiful. And it is in our country, south Korea. Feeling proud to be the citizen of south korea. Wow….

  10. Jakarta!!! I didnt know tha it is the second largest city in the world. Omg!!
    Is ut really true?? As Indonesia is no that big city how come Jakarta be???
    Its a very informative article.

  11. Tokyo is one among the greatest cities in the world. I really want to take a tour to tokyo in my lifetime. And ill do it.

  12. Guangzhou is a beautiful city and highly populated too. Industries are concentrated at the place and it is one of the highly modernized cities of the world.

  13. Tokyo is a beautiful city that is huge but quite densely crowded owing to the limited area of the island. It has achieved huge success and has been a big Centre for trade and technology.

    • In a small country like Japan, Tokyo has stood tall and has found a recognition in world stage. It is a main Centre for science, technology, trade and industries. Even after being stuck by natural calamities, the city hasn’t lost its charm.

  14. It should be Djakarta as per the native writers. Anyhow, it is a big city but very prone to earth quakes and cyclones. Still then it has made great progress. The poplar Garuda Airlines hails from this city.

  15. Seoul is a great city, wide spread and is with a lot of industries and startups. The city hosts a huge resources and has provided a good space for developments.

  16. Tokyo is a great city that shows both the culture of Japan and it’s great development. It is very greatly populated and still the manpower of the nation is so good that they work very hard. Even after many earthquakes,they have grown well again into a strong nation.

  17. Manilla is quite populated but it’s really happening place I have visited this place and really its one of the best experience in the world

  18. Living in China is like the most populated country in the world and that’s there some position scored by China and I am used to see many people around

  19. Shocking that Tokyo came on top of the list not any city of China I didn’t expect that I thought that the top population city will be either from china or india but it’s quite shocking that Tokyo is most populated to the area they have

  20. Omg amazing facts about population and growth rate I think half of the total population of world is just living in these 10 cities I never thought about it untill I read it real information I think everyone should be aware of such stuff nice work guys

    • Really. Do your math. The USA has a total population of about 370 million so I truly doubt these 10 cities are half the population of the world which is over 3 billion. Duh

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