Top 10 Largest Airports in The World

The top 10 Biggest Airports in the World in 2017, Largest Airports in The World by size and area.

Transport is the main and vital thing in daily life. Air transport is the vital one between them. Nowadays Air transport is becoming the largest part of transporting. That’s why there are many various types of huge airports all over the world. At present time people loves to travel in air very much because of its comfort journey and take short time for journey. And also Airlines Company provides the huge accommodation and good hospitality for all travelers in the air.

Presenting the list of Top 10 Largest airports of the world in 2017

These days it’s very common to learn about international Air travels. People from different corners of the globe are travelling to rest parts of the world for various reasons. We made an attempt to know in details about the biggest airports of the world which made their place in the top 10 list.

10: Beijing Capital International Airport (2330 ha) –

Beijing Capital International Airport situated in the northeast of Beijing’s city center surrounded by suburban Shunyi District. It has an area of 2330 ha and has been owned-operated by state controlled company, Beijing Capital International Airport Company Limited. It considered as one of busiest airport in the world for passenger’s traffic. This airport is very luxurious because of its fantastic construction style and elegant departments while 86,130,390 passengers have been passed through approximately having 581,773 registered flights movements.

Beijing Capital International Airport, The top 10 largest airports in the world 2017

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  1. I never has come across such info before. This is a very unique article. Not only this, many other in this site, impressed me with the way topics have been chosen. I’ve gained like a lot of knowledge by these.

  2. I had no freaking idea about all these. I had been a few of these airports but I didn’t know any info about them. In my opinion, airport size is very essential when it comes to connection with several countries

  3. I wish there were more interesting stats given here. That would have been awesome then. Because that interests readers and gives a clear cut idea.

  4. Never knew all this Stats. These look like they can accommodate huge number of planes and passengers with good accommodation and amenities. Its not very greatly written. Or else it’s quite interesting and unique.

  5. Here not much info about the airports is given. That makes it a bit boring to read. It’ll be better if written well. It is rather a very unique list and would have been much more interesting.

  6. The Chinese airports are so well equipped and they connect almost every part of the world. They are excellent in service and amenities and are of top class.

  7. Get some more info about all the amenities and facilities provided and the way these airports connect, their size and everything and that’ll do the best for your site. A good list in a wider sense but more information will be perfect.

  8. Dammam, dubai connect the east and west. It is a place from where numerous international flights take off and it serves a major port for the Gulf countries too.

  9. A good list though. Never knew that these were the largest airports. Better if you had provided info about the area, space, Facilities so that I won’t have to look up Internet.

  10. More details about the airports has to be given I guess as info now are quite misleading. It helps to improve knowledge too and we can use the stats elsewhere also.

  11. A good list but I guess a better information could have been provided. A lot more improvements on the language and production should be taken care of.

  12. Dammam is the largest, but Dubai airport is the busiest. I insist the author to mention regarding what basis it is written. Or else it is very misleading.
    I also wish that the author can make a list of busiest airports in the world. That’ll be fine too.

  13. The infrastructure at the dammam airport is quite magnificent. It is very spacious and planes that connect people all over the world come here. Even for the passengers, Facilities and amenities are great at the airport.

  14. The dammam airport has connections to places all around the globe. Even the huge planes can accommodate easily and numerous planes Land here and connect people to other places. This connects the east and the West.

  15. Wow Egypt having that big Airport I think it’s because to many people coming there to watch pyramids all round year

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