Top 10 Largest Airplanes in The World of all time

9. Tupolev ANT-20

Tupolev ANT-20 largest airplane till 2016

This 9th largest airplane was dedicated to the 40th anniversary of Maxim Gorkey literary and also the public activities. The ANT-20 was the biggest airplane to have utilized the Junkers, made with sheet metal which is used to manufacture the many airframes. The Ant-20 was designed By Andrei Tupolev and two aircraft were built between July 1933 and April 1934. As a tribute to writer Maxim Gorky and his forty years of public work, it was named after him. It was the largest aircraft of its time, with a wingspan of 63 meters and almost 13 meters high. The power plant was eight Mikulin-engines of 900 hp each, and it had a flight crew of 11. If transportation on land was necessary, it could be dismantled and carried by railway.