Top 10 Largest Airplanes in The World of all time

The top 10 Biggest Airplane In The World Till 2017, The Largest Airplane Ever Built.

The Airplane, the most convenient way of traveling, have progressed beyond anyone’s expectations since the Wright siblings first took flight in the early 1900’s. From those days, the airplane has become larger as well as faster and now could cover much longer range.

Presenting the list of top 10 largest airplanes known so far Till 2017

But which airplanes are the biggest? Which ones have the capacity to Carrying the largest amount of passengers? Here is a list of 10 biggest airplanes of the World based on the shape, size, and the seat of the passenger. Note that airlines listing may change based on their own requirements.

10. The Airbus A300-600F

The Airbus A300-600F, the World's Largest Plane

The member of Airbus Industry, A300-600 has the huge-capacity. This is actually a transport airplane version and has the capacity to carry huge tonnage on its main deck, and also in the large under floor holds. The A300-600 development of the earlier A300B4 incorporated a number of significant improvements and refinements, foremost being a two crew flight deck and increased range. The A300-600 was further developed into the longer range A300-600R, its extended range courtesy of a fuel trim tank in the tailplane and higher maximum takeoff weights. First flight was on December 9 1987, first delivery was April 20 1988 (to American Airlines).


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  1. This is so inaccurate lol. How do you forget the worlds largest military aircraft the Lockheed Martin C-5 Galaxy of the U.S Air Force.

    • Well, you’d be surprised by how much lift is provided by both the thrust (from the engines), and the wings. With this combination we can have machines like this leave the ground.

  2. You need to update this information as soon as possible… it is no at all enough to get posted on facebook or other media

  3. how can you keep finding such awesome list. I’ve found this site so useful and I know this can be my go to whenever I need some unique info. This is a great list. Never knew any shit about these planes.

  4. I didn’t even know any of these stats before. Gosh. This is amazing. How can they even fly? They are so huge. They are the size of ships and they fly. Just can’t believe.

  5. not just the parts.. we learn about the history of the planes too… such a usefull list it is.. nice work.. but i think it must have a updation once..

  6. haha.. list is like we are learning about airplanes at schools.. like lessons about planes.. because we only travel and check for the luxuries of the plane.. but never think of those engines and the parts inside..

  7. I can’t even imagine the size and weight of those mighty planes. They are so huge and they’ll require the most powerful engines to fly. So true that such huge planes have caused a revolution in aviation.

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  9. This list is a surprising one for me. Never knew all these before. Very interesting facts too. But I wonder how these can even fly with so much weight and how much power they need.

  10. These are so huge and majestic. I seriously can’t imagine such sized how can even they fly and what is the power required to make them fly. It’s all out of my imagination.

  11. I haven’t seen any of these in my lifetime, maybe just the Boeing 747. I was feeling how huge that was but after seeing the list I feel how majestic the largest airplane might be.

  12. Astonishing to see this list dude.
    Just brilliant is human effort in making such big things to fly. This is the mark of man’s superiority in the ecosystem. We have been able to create things that are awesomely fantastic.

  13. In my life I haven’t been in largest airplane in the world but I used to hair they there’s the biggest airplane in world but I don’t know in which country it is

  14. Ukraine got whatsapp and they have also hot the world’s biggest planes! Just striking to see this huge airplanes. That will be awesome to see em flying high I guess.

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  18. Loved this list. A very good one and I never knew that there were such gigantic planes. I only knew of Boeing 747 and these are much much bigger. The Antonov’s are so huge and majestic.i believe It is the greatest achievement of mankind.

  19. It is a very interesting list but the author should improve on the features and technical aspects about the planes. It is very unique and very helpful but more information will be much better.

  20. Dang! This big airplanes? Never had imagined!
    They are so majestic and I can’t even think of such planes flying. They might have the most powerful engines to drive them higher. A good list.

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    • Yeah!
      Dang!look at those. The wings are so vast and the build is majestic. The creators take a bow for using all the technologies to build one perfect aircraft.

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    • Yeah. The Ukrainian built planes are so huge and monstrous in form. That being the stand out of these planes. I definitely want to witness the take off of these huge planes. The sound would be huge also I suppose.

  25. Airbus is so very huge! Omg!
    Unbelievable! I have seen Boeing 747, but not other bigger airplanes. I’m so eager to see all of them,especially Airbus 340 series.

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  28. I never thought about comparing size of Airplanes but this is really amazing getting to know the biggest planes in the world and they seem huge

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