Top 10 Hottest Most Popular Real Estate Markets in The World

The world’s hottest luxury real estate market in 2017, best places to invest in property.

Throughout many decades, the housing or real estate marketing is seeing many ups and downs. The unbalanced shaking graph of this business is causing lesser profit from many years. Many of the old investors have pulled their hands off the business. The only hope to take this business to the unexpected level is those buyers and investors who are still unaware of the past situation.

The hot real estate markets which became the area of attention for investors across globe in 2017

Though everything is available on internet but the inside stories regarding the real estate markets are not available even there. Buyers and investors still take risks as it can only give them an unexpected profit. The higher is the risk, higher may be the profit.

Check out the list of top 10 most popular and hottest real estate markets in 2017 below.

1. ATLANTA: The present growth of economy and development in Atlanta is quite noticeable. It has shown. The probable increment in employment here in 2017 may be quite decent. There will be approx 6% increment in the household business in 2017 in ATLANTA. Many investors are investing in new home projects and many buyers are buying new homes here. It seems that in spite of showing a low growth in past, ATLANTA is gaining some speed now.

ATLANTA, Hottest Most Popular Real Estate Markets in The World

2. DALLAS: The economy status of DALLAS has been quite stable in even the worst period of business in comparison to other real estate markets. It may show 3% employment growth in 2017. The future of the real estate business in DALLAS seems quite promising and the economy will also increase due to more employment opportunities.

3. DES MOINES, IOWA: This market has shown lots of loss in the past years. The unemployment rate was quite noticeable in the past few years. Now you can look at the extraordinary business development at this place. The markets are increasing and investors are investing in various projects. Unemployment rate is comparatively lower than previous year.

4. DENVER: The highest business growth of 14% in real estate market can be expected here in 2017. The unemployment rate has decreased and more jobs has been provided to increase the economy of the real estate markets.

5. HOUSTON: Houston is focusing on job opportunities. In 2017, the highest growth in employment can be expected in Houston. The investors believing in various projects and many industries like Oil, energy and construction has been targeted for the growth. The increment graph of the real estate business in Houston is quite impressive.

6. LOS ANGELES: It is one of the most expensive places to buy a house. The population here is already increased more than enough. Getting a home here is a big challenge. You have to pay quite a large amount of money to buy a house or property in comparison with other housing businesses.

7. MINNEAPOLIS: The homes here are available at a very affordable price. The investors are making cheap and strong homes for the new buyers. The growth in housing industry is very much promising in Minneapolis in future. The unemployment rate is quite low and the new job opportunities are helping to build the market economy of Minneapolis.

8. PHOENIX: After the drop of share market and the real estate market in the past, the home and property prices have also dropped in PHOENIX. You can easily buy a home or property here. This is the chance for new buyers to buy as much as possible properties here according to your financial strength. Till 2017, a great growth of 22% can be seen here in real estate market.

9. SAN JOSE, CALIF: The increasing job opportunities in San Jose will definitely increase the sales of home to 7% in 2017. The prices are very high for properties due to the demand and huge population. Investors are planning for some bigger housing projects and the unemployment rate is also decreasing superfast.

10. WASHINGTON, D.C.: In past few years Washington D.C household and other business has shown a drastic loss due to several unfavorable conditions. The market here is still holding its position and fighting for its growth. Big projects are being introduced here to improve the economy. Unemployment rates are being lessened. The future of real estate market will definitely rise in 2017.

The world household economy or real estate business will see a promising profit in 2017 from these leading markets. This is the correct time for investment and believe it the future is really impressive.

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