Top 10 Cheapest Places to Travel in The World

World’s cheapest cities for budget travelers in 2017, The top 10 cheapest countries in the world.

Travel the world by knowing the top 10 cheapest places to travel in 2017: The summer has arrived and people from different parts of the world are planning a vacation in domestic as well as international locations. Some people just don’t think about the budget while planning a holiday tour as they earn a lot. Most of the people in the world think about the budget and then plan a vacation tour. There are a lot of places where you can travel with lesser amount of money. Now everyone can plan a tour after seeing the list of top 10 holiday places. So just let you family enjoy the holiday without thinking about the budget issues.

List of cheapest traveling places which you can explore in year 2017 for a great vacation at a cheap rate

There are many cheapest places in the world about which you may be unknown. People just get to know the names of many travel locations and make a wrong perception about that place. Now you will come to know that a dream holiday tour can be made with your loved ones in a cheaper rate. Check out the list of cheapest places to travel in 2017.

1. RUSSIA: From 2017, hotel and food rates are quite down in all the international travel locations. You can visit the various cities of Russia within a less amount of money in comparison to other parts of the world. The average hotel rate is $80 per night. In 2014 it was 45% more than the present rate. Now you can enjoy the vacation in Russia at a cheaper price.

RUSSIA, World's cheapest cities for budget travelers in 2015

2. Ukraine: Ukraine is always been a popular place in the terms of beautiful people and beautiful climate. You can definitely choose it as a holiday location as you will get the average rate of $71 per night in any hotel. The accommodation rates have fallen by 38% since 2014.

3. Sweden: Sweden is a much admired place among the tourists. The beautiful atmosphere and nominal cost of living wins everyone’s heart. You can enjoy the night stay at $151 which is decreased by 19% since last year. Although it is comparatively costlier than the above two places, here you can definitely get a better environment for your holiday.

4. Norway: You can choose Norway as you holiday location. Not many people choose it as a tour place but you will surely find some amazing places here at a less cost. You can have a nightly stay at $173 in a normal hotel. Previous year it was 17% more than the current price.

5. Poland: Poland has an amazing climate. You can find various places to visit which are worthy of your holiday plan. You can have a night stay with just $67 which is down by 16% from last year price. At this much rate you will rarely find a place to stay.

Poland, The top 10 cheapest countries in the world

6. Romania: Like Poland, Romania provides a cheaper stay too. With just $65 you can have a night stay there. In the year 2014 it was 16% more. Encourage the travel in such places to maintain their existence in the holiday location lists.

7. Bulgaria: Bulgaria is also a cheaper place to stay. With beautiful climate and locations, it also provides a cheaper night stay at $64, which is down by 14%.

8. France: Nobody in the world is unknown about this place. This place is known for its beautiful language and culture. A lot of spectacular folk events occur every month in France. Whether it is the climate or the people, everything is special about this place. You can have a stay at $109. At this price, a vacation at such place cannot be easily expected.

9. Morocco: The hotel price has come down to $106 in Morocco. Previous year it was 12% more.

10. Uruguay: Uruguay may be a place about which many people are still unknown. But you can visit this place for your holiday vacation as it too has exotic locations to visit. Here you can spend a night in a hotel just paying $131.

Uruguay, Cheapest Places To Travel in the world 2015-2016

Till now you have seen various places some of which are known and some are unknown to many people. You can plan a cheaper holiday tour at these places this summer. In coming time we will keep on updating the list of cheapest destinations to explore. We will insist you to keep visiting this section and regular interval for more and quality information.