Top 10 Cheapest Places to Live in The World

Top 10 Of The World’s Cheapest Places To Live in 2017, The cheapest countries in the world.

After working for years in a hectic atmosphere everyone want to get settled down at some place where living cost is comparatively low and happiness is more than enough. In short these places are dream places and in reality too here can be lived. Many people still do not have any knowledge about the existence or the benefits of such places. You can get a peaceful atmosphere and an economic lifestyle with all your needs fulfilled there. Check out the list generated as per the 2017 international survey.

List of cheapest places according to 2017 survey

They are many places that exist but you may not have idea about them. If you are planning to get settled internationally or just planning an economic tour then you must have a look at the 2017 list of cheapest places to live. After seeing the list you will not able to control yourself visiting these places.

1. ECUADOR: This is the best place to spend life after retirement or for a permanent settlement. Once you visit this place, we will not be able to leave it. Many people from different parts of the world just visited once this place and decided to spend rest of their life here. By spending an amount of $450 for rent and $1500 for surviving there, you can get all the happiness without running behind the money unlike the big cities.

ECUADOR, 50 cheapest countries to live in

2. PANAMA: After Ecuador, Panama is the second cheapest place to live. The people who want to spend the retired life or a peaceful life after tiring working lifestyle, this place is like heaven. You can experience the best view of nature and can live a beautiful life without many expenses.

3. MEXICO: After Panama, Mexico comes next in terms of cheapest Fooding and lodging. You can spend your whole life at this place without thinking of money issues. People around here are friendly and fun loving. They will help you in every problem unlike the busy and developed cities where everyone is busy with their life. You can get cheaper properties too in comparison to other places.

4. MALAYSIA: A lot of people from various parts of the world choose Malaysia as their holiday destination. There is an obvious reason for choosing it. Malaysia is located in the lap of nature. The beautiful scenery there will steal your heart. You can raise your children with good education and live a healthy life in an economic price in Malaysia.

5. COSTA RICA: With better amenities, integration and entertainment spending a lesser amount of money in comparison to other places, Costa Rica has still maintained its position among the cheapest and best places to live. You can get cheaper and best quality of health care, cheaper education, amazing democracy, ultimate behavior of people and attractive climate in Costa Rica.

COSTA RICA, The Cheapest Places to Live in the World in 2015-2016

6. MALTA: When it comes to the quality of food and best health care, how can one forget Malta? Malta is one of the most popular places where best quality of health care is provided in a cheaper rate. Malta is also known for its tasty dishes. With all the best facility in cheaper rate for survival and lower crime issues, Malta is simply fantastic place to get settled.

7. SPAIN: Whether it is a movie or an international holiday planning; Spain can’t be ignored. Spain has such a magical atmosphere. From the local people to the amazing climate, everything is impressive in Spain. It has all the best facility for living. It may not be that much cheaper but it is a beautiful place to spend the entire life for sure.

8. COLOMBIA: Colombia is also very popular among people who want to spend rest of their life at some beautiful place. People suggest living here because of its low cost of living. As per a survey, with just $1200, a couple can happily live there.

9. PORTUGAL: When it comes to the best climates in the world, Portugal is definitely considered. With the soft and pleasant climate along with the low living cost, Portugal is chosen by a lot of people for living peacefully.

10. THAILAND: Thailand is a place where you can find amazing people and beautiful culture. The innocent people over there will make you spell bound. Once you visit Thailand and taste the food there, you will not want to come back from there.

THAILAND, World's 10 cheapest cities to live in

Thus you can live at your dream place where happiness is more important than money. We will keep updating this list on regular interval, so keep visiting us to stay updated about the cheapest place to live in the world.