Top 10 Cheapest Places To Retire in The World

Top 10 cheapest places to retire in the world 2017, World’s Best Places to Retire.

People who are retiring from their profession should always find the best place to live after retirement. Although it is never an easy task to retire overseas, still if a best location is found, it can be a best decision. Here is a complete view of the climate, health care, and cost of living at various places of the world. People can pick the best place as per their choice and enjoy life after retirement overseas.

List of top 10 cheapest places to retire in the world in 2017

Finding the right place for retirement is not always an easy task, here is a list of all the top cheapest locations of world where people can enjoy healthy life after retirement.

1. Ecuador: – This is the best place in South America that is considered the best heaven for retired people. The main reason for high preference of this place is its diversity and beautiful location. Moreover, various discounts that are available on various facilities such as transport, entry to movies, events, utilities, etc, this is the main reason for making this place the best and cheapest in the world for retired population.

Ecuador, Cheapest Places To Retire in The World

2. Colombia: – This place is considered to be the best place that provides low cost of living. People of North America who are deciding to move to south mostly prefer this country. This country provides the best and cheapest health care system and discounts of various utilities and services. People can easily afford to enjoy various facilities like swimming pool, tennis, water skiing, scuba diving and much more at cheapest rate.

3. Panama: – This place is highly preferred by retired professionals of North and Central Americans. It offers various retirement programs and ensures that the cost of living here is very low. Starting from visa to electricity, phone bills, etc heavy discount is provided to retired personnel’s.

4. Mexico: – This place is the best suitable for Americans, as English is spoken here and people can find American food, products, items and facilities. Moreover, this place also provides best locations for parties, entertainment and adventure. The services are available at discounted rate for retired professionals that make it best heavenly location for such people.

5. Malaysia: – This is the best and cheapest location in Asia. The cheapest rates of all the products, housing and entertainment makes it highly preferred location for retired people. It provides quality of lifestyle at affordable arte and all the elements that provide pleasure are easily available here. The real estate of this place is also affordable and rent is also low.

6. Thailand: – This place provides lot of entertainment, adventures, and low cost of living. Thus, it is suitable heaven for retired people. It provides culture of North America and people can easily find Asian cuisines. People of this place are popular for their hospitality and welcome their guests. People will find local friends very easily and will love sending time here.

7. Spain: – Another European country that can be preferred by the retired people to enjoy life at low cost. This place provides the best and affordable night culture, fun loving location, wonderful cuisine, and people with friendly nature. Thus, all these elements make it suitable for retirement.

8. Malta: – This place provides the best quality of life that is full of adventure and thrill. People find it highly suitable for retirement due to various activities, entertainment, low cost of living and its culture. This tiny island will provide all the basic elements that will keep its population busy and entertained.

9. Costa Rica: – This is another Central American country, which has gained high attention from retired personnel. It provides best loving environment and is the rain-forested location. The cost of living is very low and people get discounts on various entertainment and facilities. It provides best beaches and bio diversity locations.

10. Portugal: – This is the best heavenly location that provides best retirement locations to everyone. This southern European country provides low cost living to retired people who can enjoy various aspects of life at an affordable arte. This is culturally rich place where people can have best time of their life.

Therefore, all the above-mentioned locations are highly suitable for retired people from all over the world. They provide basic facilities at low rate and people can purchase house at low cost. Thus, people retiring in near future can find these locations as the best for their stay after retirement.