Top 10 Cheapest Airlines in The World

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Travel the world with top 10 cheapest airlines 2017: Today almost everyone prefers flight for going from one destination to another. Whether it is a domestic travel or international, we always search for cheapest rates for flights. We contact different agents and compare rates at various websites to get the best deal. Many of you people may know about the cheapest flights in the world but there are a huge amount of people who do not know about these flights yet. After looking at the top 10 list of the cheapest flights, you may change your regular airlines.

Presenting the List of cheapest airlines in the world in 2017

For domestic and international travel, there are lots of flights available but when it comes to budget, we go for selected airline only. There are a huge number of airlines which you may not know which provides the cheapest air journey in the world. People who have money, only prefers the airline which provides best service throughout the journey no matter how much is the fare. While a large number of people search for economic flights that just reach the desired destination in less time and less fare. Check out the list of cheapest airline services according to the 2017 survey. Now you can enjoy all the flights, both costly and economic, for domestic and international journey. Some airlines provide you best service in cheap rates to increase their networking.

You can look at the cheapest flight and decide which one suits your journey.

1. FIREFLY- This is a Malaysian airline. It costs an average of $44 which includes all service tax and other extra charges. You can enjoy an amazing journey with Firefly at a very less fare. The drawback of this airline is its limited destinations. It operates on 18 planes. The service provided by Firefly is in the destinations like Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand.

Firefly, Ultimate Cheap Flights, Airline Tickets

2. VivaAeroBus- This is a Mexican airline. You can have a beautiful travel in destinations like Mexico, Miami, Orlando, Chicago, Las Vegas and Texas. It provides services in very less destinations. You will be charged an average of only $69.

3. Air Asia- It is a Malaysian airline service. It costs you only an average of $72 for a journey. It covers most part of Asia during the journey from Cambodia to Japan. It has a stoppage in Australia and Abu Dhabi. You can have a great journey with Air Asia.

4. Spicejet- It is an Indian airline. It is the fourth largest Indian airline as it covers 42 destinations both domestic and internationally. It charges an average fare of $76. It operates 230 flights in a day

5. FastJet: It is an African airline. It charges a nominal fare of $77 for a journey. The operations of Fastjet are in the destinations like Tanzania, Uganda, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Zambia.

FastJet, Top 10 cheapest airlines in the world

6. Onur Air: It is a Turkish airline. It costs an average fare of $81 for a journey. The drawback using this airline is that it mostly focuses on domestic flights.

7. Atlasjet- It is a Turkish airline. It cost per journey an average of $91. It does mostly domestic flight operations. The other operations of Atlas jet are in the destinations like London, Iraq, Paris, Iran and Russia.

8. Tigerair- It is a popular airline based in Singapore. It is an award winning airline for its best service. It costs around an average of $91.50. It operates in around 36 destinations.

9. Pegasus Airlines- It covers around 97 destinations. It is a decent flight to use for domestic as well as international journey. It is a Turkish airline. It costs $94 as an average travel fare.

10. Ryanair- It is a Dublin based airline. It charges an average fare of $95 for a journey. It covers 180 destinations.

Ryanair, Cheap Domestic Air Tickets, Cheap Domestic Flight Tickets

You can choose any of the above mentioned flights for domestic and international tours. The flights of the cheapest rates can give you the pleasure for domestic journeys. Many flights provide you the best service that you can ever get but they charge little more dollars. If you are concerned only about reaching the destination in a low price then you can try any of the cheapest flights mentioned above.

Be it professional need or personal need travelling is a part and parcel of life these days and there is always a lookout of cheapest transport option which these above airlines are offering and making life simple for people. Give you flying experience a new height with these airlines.

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