Top 10 Biggest Yachts in The World, Most luxurious

1. Azzam –

Azzam, a renowned and one of the largest yachts, is owned by Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al-Nayan, the president of United Arab Emirates and Emir of Abu Dhabi. The Value of this gorgeous vessel is €480 million. This gorgeous yacht measures at 590 ft., the interior of Azam is decorated with impirial French style. This biggest ship was in 2013 by Lurssen, the world biggest shipyard. This is estimated to be world fastest yacht with 94,000 horsepower, so that it can reach 30 knots, or 56kph.

Azzam, Top 10 biggest Yachts in the world 2016

Top 10 Most Expensive biggest/largest Yachts in the World in 2015,2016,2017, And Their Billionaire Owners.

These are the ten biggest yachts in the world as of 2017. Considering the huge development and popularity of sailing all over the globe, we can expect bigger and luxurious yachts which will be built in the close future. Most of the mega yachts above 100 feet are built in Germany.

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  1. These seem so very luxurious. They have great looks too. What I wonder is how it’ll be in there. That richness will be awesome I guess and I feel like I have to go in one such

  2. Article is good but what I feel lacking is the way it is presented and stats are no where. This could have been written in a better manner. Good luck

  3. These seem to be so very luxurious. I guess these are the palaces on sea. Everything is so great in them. The looks, interior are so good. Had heard about a few before.

  4. I can’t find any useful stats and infos about the yachts in an article titled largest yatchs. Do some effective research before writing and that’ll reflect in the article.

  5. i had been to azzam yatch once witn my frnz.. its so beautiful just like heaven.. such a luxurious place..once i saw the place i was really not willing to come bck home haha

    1. Really? I don’t know which one to choose of these. I want luxury and I want to experience that luxury in the middle of the sea. That will be super awesome I guess. I wish there were more info about each yatches in this site itself.

  6. woww.. i never knew therz sumthin beautifull lik this too..yatches contain such luxuries too?? tats pretty good.. i must visit such yatches once..

  7. This is a great list. A very unique one and I found many other good articles. Well done. This article is very informative.

  8. Has no idea about this thing. Never even imagined that the yachts will be of this huge sizes. It’ll be fantastic to be in one such amidst a peaceful sea on a windy day I guess. I wish to travel once.

  9. This is a unique list I guess. It’s very unusual and very informative. These Yachts are so majestic. These seem like the kingdom of the sea.

  10. More than the size what fascinates me is the things one yacht includes. It’s like an apartment or even like a shopping mall. It has it all. That would be really cool to spend time in one of these.

  11. The list has to contain enough information, specifications about the yachts rather than mere exaggeration. That would be more informative and seeks attention.

  12. The list has to contain enough information, specifications about the yachts rather than mere exaggeration. That would be more informative and seeks attention.

  13. This is a pretty good list, actually a unique one. Not usually we find this list and it is very informative. A bit more light on technical aspects would have been much effective.

  14. Just look at the Dubai yatch! It so huge and the build is mighty. It’ll be awesome to cruise in it I guess. The luxury is top class and it is the second largest one in the world. So I just can’t imagine the size.

  15. I love the Azzam yatch. It looks so luxurious. It would be great to surf on it across the sea. The build is muscular enough and it is very powerful to get good speeds.

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