Top 10 Biggest Dams in The World

Dams: are both the place of visit and a major power house for various commercial activities

Dams are very important place. You can visit the dams as a tourist place or you can use Dam water for professional, agricultural and electrical needs. The dams are mainly used for the purpose of irrigations flood control, Power generation, water supply, navigation, water diversion and many more. The dams also give the aquatic beauty. The dams are the place which should be maintained very properly as it is the place from where many important works are done. The dams also vary in sizes. More the bigger the dam more you will get facility from it. In this article there are some of the names of the largest dams.

List of top 10 largest dams in the world in 2017

There are many dams in various parts of the world which are developed by the governments of the nations for various commercial needs. We find out the list of largest dams which are present in various locations.

Below here is the list of top 10 dams in the world. The dams are really famous for its huge space covered.

1. Syncrude Tailings Dam (Mildred MLSB) – The dam is also known as the Mildred Lake Settling Basin. It is the largest dam in the world. The volume of the dam is 540 to 720 million cubic meters. The dam is 88 meters long. Two years was taken to build the dam. From 1976 -1978 the dam was made and it was again gone to under reconstruction in the year 1995. The dam is located in Canada.

Syncrude Tailings Dam, List of largest dams in the world

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