Top 10 Best selling Newspapers in The World

Top 10 best-selling newspapers in the world by circulation in 2017,top 10 Most Popular Newspapers In The World

Best top newspapers: Newspapers are very important thing in the day to day life of the people. Every morning we need newspaper with our bed tea as from it we get the news of the whole world. We read these papers because from it we can stay up to date with the news of the social media. It is very important that we keep all the news in our hand otherwise you will stay backward in the society. Thus we have to pick up some of the best newspaper from the market to get the important news of the world.

List of 10 best newspapers of 2017 which created real sensation among readers

Imagining a life without newspaper is just next to impossible for any civilized educated person in this world. We can call newspaper as one of the oldest medium of sharing information from all corners of the globe. Below there is a list of top ten newspaper which is best selling in the market. If you use this newspaper then it is for sure you will be getting the best and the most important news. Here is the list below:

1. The New York Times- It is the top most best selling newspaper in the United States. Readers get the most important and the valid news from this newspaper. In this paper you can get all types of news. The writing pattern of the paper is so good that it makes the reader happy and he gets satisfied after reading it.

The New York Times, The world's biggest selling newspapers

2. The daily Mail- The next top newspaper in the market is the Daily Mail which is very much popular in the United Kingdom. The paper is filled with all the vital news of the world. When the reader reads it he comes across all the recent news. If there is any important mail in the business market you can also get the mail in this newspaper.

3. The People’s Daily- In China we get another best newspaper. We all know that china is very famous for all its technical inventions everyday and thus from this newspaper we get all the information about the inventions of china and this is the reason it ranks in one of the best selling papers.

4. The Washington Post- From the name we can understand that it is the most important paper in the United States. Washington is the popular state of the United States and thus the press over there always presses the important news of the whole world in it. A reader gives the best review after reading this newspaper.

5. The Daily Telegraph- The Daily Telegraph is the best newspaper in the United Kingdom. This newspaper is read by the people of all over the world. The newspaper gives the most imperative news from the every ground of the society. The content of the news is so good that the reader gets a mental piece after reading it.

The Daily Telegraph, Top 10 best-selling newspapers in the world by circulation in 2015-2016

6. The Guardian- The United Kingdom provides much best newspaper in the world. One of them is the The Guardian. The type of report of this newspaper is very good. It also gives the best sport report and the reader who is very fond of sports can get this newspaper.

7. USA Today- In this newspaper you get all the blasting news. This paper is read by all the readers of all age. In this newspaper you will get all types of news. Such as news of films, politics, sports etc. Thus the paper is filled with all the excellent news. Reader when read the news feels a mental relief.

8. The wall street journal – This newspaper not only popular in United states but also they are very popular in the rest of the world. In this newspaper you will get all the auspicious news. When the reader is getting all the important news from the paper then he will tend to buy it.

9. China daily- This newspaper is very popular in china. All the daily news of china is published in this news paper. The news paper is famous because of the writing style and the type of content present in it. The paper also gives many beautiful pictures to attract the reader.

10. Los Angeles times – Unite states provide us with one of the best selling newspaper. It gives all the special news which is very important to know to the reader in the daily life. Thus it gives all the news of the important sections of the society.

Los Angeles times, Top 10 Most Popular Newspapers In The World

If you want more information about the best selling newspaper then you search on the web for in detail information about it. There are many such newspapers which are popular and doing good business across globe but only a few among them managed to make their place in the top ten and competition is too high in the world of media.

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